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    Yuuki Miyagawa: 2nd Division Captain, Leader of the Onmitsukidō.
    Name: Yuuki Miyagawa
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 167 lbs.
    Hair: Lilac. Got a problem with that?
    Eyes: Golden
    Actual Age/Apparent: 170/26
    Reiatsu/Speech: Golden
    Division: 2nd division
    Seat: Captain

    Appearance: Yuuki Miyagawa is tall and lanky, but still muscular. He has long, straight lilac-coloured hair. It usually appears light and flowing, to his annoyance-although he is saving up for a deluxe hair straightener. He has very long bangs. His eyes are golden, which makes for an interesting combination with his hair. He wears his captain's haori at all times. He always can be seen wearing a black beaded necklace with a shark fang and a worn cloth bracelet with the kanji for, "Forever yesterday". He usually wears a somewhat apathetic expression on his face, but when he needs to, he looks serious.


    Personality: Yuuki is many things, but he is definitely NOT a workaholic (cough lazy cough). When in a fight, he will only get serious once he knows that his enemy will do the same. His unusual appearance has been the source of many discussions among female shinigami. But he doesn't seem to mind this, and in fact, rather enjoys it. However, he can't stand other men commenting on his hair and eyes. Oh yes, and he is always treating people to dinner so thereís less of a hassle over the bill. Could be why he doesnít have enough money for that $300 hair staightener...

    History: When he was a mortal, Yuuki was a general in the Japanese army, and died of a fatal bullet wound when he was 33. Upon arriving in the Rukon district, he became well-known for avoiding senseless fighting but protecting whoever he could. He came to the Academy 21 years after arriving, graduated at the top of his class, and went on to the second division 87 years ago, as well as the Onmitsukidō. He became a captain through recommendation 14 years ago, and became Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō almost immediately after.

    Abilities: Yuuki is a highly skilled assassin, and is very proficient in the areas of stealth, agility, and speed. His shunpo is the second fastest in the Seireitei. He prefers not to use kido, however, his abilities in this field are unknown.

    Zanpakuto: Asuteka Hyou (Aztec Jaguar). Its sealed form is an ancient Mayan dagger about six inches long.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: Asuteka Hyou is a ten-foot long jaguar with grass-green eyes and sleek golden fur. He has black swirls around his eyes and is very serious.

    Inner World: Yuuki's inner world has the appearance of an ancient Mayan ruin high above the coast of an ocean.

    Shikai: Howl, Asuteka Hyou! After release, the dagger becomes two golden 'gloves' that cover Yuukiís hands. The gloves end in sharp claws that can be used as daggers in close combat. When Yuukiís claws cut into an enemy's flesh, they are capable of taking a little spirit energy as well as blood. Yuuki can take over this access reiatsu and use it as his own. His senses are increased enough that he can detect an enemy's presence should they hide using an illusion or in the surroundings. Also, he can hide his spiritual pressure so that is almost undetectable.

    Bankai: Giseitekina Asuteka Hyou Kishi! (Sacrificial Aztec Jaguar Knight) In Mayan and Aztec mythology, jaguars were linked to the spirit world. Now since Yuuki's already dead, he is able to manipulate things like shadows which are also associated with spirits. Some more changes happen to Yuuki's body: his hair becomes golden, and golden 'boots' form over his feet, ending in claws as well. In bankai, Yuuki stands on all fours, like a cat. He has various abilities in bankai:

    • Sonic Roar: Yuuki roars like a jaguar, creating a powerful blast of air that is harmful to enemies. Physical attacks have no effect on the Sonic Roar, although it is weaker against kido, cero, and bala.

    • Spirit Vanish: Yuuki can vanish from the physical world entirely for a short time in order to avoid attacks. If he is in the shadows, he can stayed vanished for longer amounts of time.

    • Shadow Grasp: Yuuki can use either of his golden gloves or boots to pin his enemyís shadow to a spot on the ground. In order to break free, the enemy must tear their shadow from their body (which results in physical damage). If an enemy is in the air and casting a shadow on the ground, Yuuki can use Shadow Grasp on their shadow as well.

    • Increased Senses: Yuukiís sense of sight, hearing, and smell become that of a jaguar. Combine this with his keen ability to detect reiatsu, and it is almost impossible to sneak up on him. Also, his strength, speed, reiatsu, reaction time, and agility are increased.

    Battle Stats:
    Physical Strength: 60. (Yuuki is trained to kill right away, rather than focus on sword fighting. However, he has mastered the art of Hakuda.)

    Offense: 100. (Yuuki has mastered the art of Hakuda to make him more than capable at hand-to-hand combat, and has very quick reaction times, notcing blind spots or weaknesses automatically.)

    Defense: 80. (His defense relies on the ability to dodge and counter-attack, as supposed to blocking.)

    Mobility: 100. (A master of shunpo, Yuuki's prowess at speed is unmatched by everyone except the Commander-General himself.)

    Intelligence: 70. (Yuuki is fairly intelligent when it comes to deviating plans, routes, and battle tactics, but his ability as a strategist is rather lacking.)

    Kidō/Reiatsu: 50. (Yuuki is of average abilities with kidō, using bakudō as supposed to hadō, in order to draw less attention to himself. He doesn't use it often, and certainly never practices, though.)

    2nd Division Proposal
    The 2nd Division

    The 2nd Division is known and feared as the Seireiteiís assassination squad. As a result of this, many members are skilled in the art of Hakuda (hand-to-hand combat). They are tied directly with the Onmitsukidō, which is a special strike force with five different units, each with their own different purpose and duties. The 2nd Division is relied on when dealing with skilled attackers that threaten the Seireitei, such as rogue shinigami or enemy scout missions.

    The 2nd Division has close ties with the 8th and 10th Divisions, as well as the Onmitsukidō. The 2nd Division acts as the covert police in the Mortal World and the Soul Society along with the 10th Division. They provide enemy surveillance and collect data in foreign locations that can be used at the 8th Division's strategic planning sessions. The Onmitsukidō is not directly part of the Gotei 13, but with Yuuki Miyagawa (the 2nd divisionís captain) also captaining the Omnitsukidō, it is effectively under the Seireiteiís control. Each 2nd division member from the 5th seat up controls a different division of the Onmitsukidō. For example: the 2nd Divisionís current captain is usually the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō; the 2nd Divisionís vice-captain the Corps Commander of the Onmitsukidōís Security Unit; and the 2nd Divisionís 3rd seat is in charge of the Reconnaissance Unit.

    Captain Miyagawa entered the 2nd Division 87 years ago. At the Academy, his skill was exceptional and became a seated officer almost immediately after entering the division. He worked his way up the ranks until he became the captain of the division. His skill was recognized by many of the Gotei 13ís captains, and became a captain by recommendation 14 years ago. He went on to become Commander-in-Cheif of the Onmitsukidō almost immediately after that. More captains thought that he should captain the division than his predecessor. Since Yuuki became captain, he has radically changed the division. He has put lots of effort into making sure that each and every one of his subordinates is the strongest that they can be. He believes that his old captain did not work hard enough to make sure of this. He runs a tight schedule, also taking on the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, which the previous captain did not actively participate in.

    Division Size: The 2nd Division has a total of 236 shinigami, making it the Seireiteiís second smallest division (only the 1st Division is smaller). Out of these, 20 members (including the captain and vice-captain) are seated, and the remaining 216 are unseated. One of the reasons that the division is so small could be because of the strenuous and difficult tests required to join the division that no other division in the Seireitei enforces.

    Flower: The 2nd Divisionís flower is the tulip. The meaning of the tulip is, "Fame, charity, and one-sided love".

    Motto: "If you see your allies losing, that is your chance. Do not step between them. Take the enemy down from behind. And if the enemy is so strong that you cannot do even that, then watch your ally be killed. This is what it means, to be an assassin."

    Stealth and Assassination: The main duty of the members of the 2nd Division is stealth and assassination. If the Seireitei has designated that a rogue shinigami is to be tracked down and killed, it is left to the 2nd Division to do this. These missions usually given to members between the 12th-5th seats of the division, but if the opponent is highly skilled, it will be given to a higher seated member. However, these duties are almost never carried out by the divisionís captain or vice-captain. This duty has earned the 2nd Division its nickname: "The Assassination Squad".

    Undercover Operations: During strategic planning sessions, if it is decided that an undercover scouting or data-collecting mission must take place, this duty is also given to the 2nd Division. These shinigamiís stealth and prowess at remaining undetected makes them top candidates to sneak into enemy territory to scout and gather information. This information is then given to usually the 8th Division to be used in weaponry and defence planning sessions.

    Onmitsukidō: The captain of the 2nd Division is almost always also the captain of the Onmitsukidō, which is one of the two factions in the Seireitei that is not directly under the influence of the Gotei 13. However, if the 2nd Division captain is the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, then it will be almost completely under the Seireiteiís command. The Onmitsukidō and the 2nd Division are almost completely intermeshed, with many members holding positions in both factions. The Omnmitsukidō is made up of five separate units, each with its own duty to carry out.

    The leaders of each division are ranked as ĎCorps Commanderí, with the leader being the Commander-in-Chief. Usually, the captain of the 2nd Division is both the Commander-in-Chief and the Corps Commander of the 1st unit, and the Corps Commanders of the other 4 units are also mostly seated members, usually with higher ranks (most commonly from 5th seat to vice-captain). The five units are as follows: 1st unit, Executive Militia; 2nd unit, Security Unit; 3rd unit, Reconnaissance Unit; 4th unit, Assassination Unit; and 5th unit, Intelligence Unit.

    Necessary Skills:
    First and foremost, all members of the 2nd Division have to be stealthy, fast, and agile. The Seireitei relies on the 2nd Division for assassination and scouting missions, and without exceptional stealth, these missions are impossible. Each shinigami hoping to be a seated must display these qualities flawlessly. All shinigami of the 2nd Division, both seated and unseated, must have some skill in Hakuda, which is the art of hand-to-hand combat.

    In terms of zanpakuto abilities, a combat-type zanpakuto is vastly preferred over a kido-type zanpakuto. Usually, 2nd Division memberís zanpakutos release as small, mostly un-noticeable weapons which can be used for stealth and assassination. There is not a particularly large emphasis on zanjutsu either. According to Captain Miyagawa, ďItís best if you can kill without having to draw your zanpakuto. Donít release unless you need to. Itíll draw unnecessary attention to you. And when youíre an assassin, you definitely donít want that.Ē Also, any 2nd Division members wishing to apply to the Onmitsukidō must undergo a necessary 2-year stealth training program.

    The main criteria that the 2nd Division focuses on when considering the promotion of one of its officers is their assassination abilities, for example, stealth, agility, speed, and the ability to remain unnoticed. The promotion standards for the 2nd Division are very strict, which could be why it has such a little number of seated officers (one officer per seat). Yuuki looks for above average talent when promoting, and if an officer displays superior talent, they will be assigned to the appropriate seat. Another quality that a shinigami looking for a promotion must have is versatility. The 2nd Division has a variety of different duties, from gathering data in an enemy location, to dealing with rogues, to protection and security. If an officer shows exceptional talent in battle but cannot function in surveillance missions, they are unlikely to be promoted.

    Most 2nd Division members are handpicked shinigami who show talent in the fields that the 2nd Division focuses on. It could just be that they are a phenomenal thief. Captain Miyagawa tends to prefer shinigami who are refined, disciplined, and skilled in their art. For a promotion to a higher seat (from 5th seat to vice-captain), being a high-ranking member or Corps Commander in the Onmitsukidō greatly increases the chances of earning the promotion.

    Previous Captains
    Otori Takeo: Takeo was Captain Miyagawaís immediate predecessor. He held his position for the short time of 75 years. He was not the best of captains, and was a slacker. He didnít take promotions very seriously, and didnít provide much leadership for his subordinates. The divisionís vice-captain and 3rd seat at the time had to act as stand in captains and give orders of their own in order to keep the division functioning. The other captains of the Gotei 13 became aware of Takeoís failure and how his vice-captain and 3rd seat managed the division on their own. Both received promotions by recommendation and Takeo was forced to retire.

    Maruyama Naomi: Naomi was the 2nd Divisionís most important and respected captain. She held her position for the long time of almost 800 years. She ran the division under a tight schedule and was known for her bravery. She abided by the rules at all times and demonstrated superiority both on and off of the battlefield. She was promoted to the 0th division, leaving her vice-captain Takeo to take over the division. Since she was captain for such a long time, little to nothing is known about any captains that may have come before her.

    The Duties of the Onmitsukidō

    The Onmitsukidō is an underground stealth faction within the Seireitei that is separate of the Gotei 13. It is comprised of five Units, for which the 1st Unit has the most authority, and the 5th Unit the least; and each Unit has its own unique duties. Each Unit is led by a Corps Commander, who is an officer of superior experience and skill. The Corps Commander of the First Unit is the leader of the Onmitsukidō and their position is the Commander-in-Chief. The Onmitsukidō is directly under the control of the Central 46. Its duties range from reconnaissance, to assassination, to high-level security. If the Gotei 13 is considered an exterior guard, then the Onmitsukidō is an interior, covert guard.

    Over the years, the Onmitsukidō has become intertwined with the Seireiteiís Second Division, with many of its members holding positions in both the Onmitsukidō and the 2nd Division. It is normal for the five Unit Commanders to be higher-ranked seated officers from the 2nd Division, usually ranging from 5th Seat to Captain. If the 2nd Divisionís Captain is the leader of Unit 1, and therefore the leader of the Onmitsukidō as a whole, the faction is effectively under the Gotei 13ís control. In the past, two of the 2nd Division Captains have held leadership over the Onmitsukidō: the beloved warrior princess Maruyama Naomi, as well as the 2nd Divisionís current Captain, the young, enigmatic Yuuki Miyagawa. Little is actually known about the Onmitsukidō by non-members, for this faction conducts most of its operations in secret, although its presence can always be felt. Members of the Onmitsukidō are rarely seen in the Seireitei, with the exception of members who also hold positions in the 2nd Division.

    The duties of the five Units of the Onmitsukidō are as follows:

    Unit 1, Executive Militia

    The first branch of the Onmitsukidō. It is ranked the highest out of the five Units in the faction. Their main responsibility is to govern the actions of each of the other units, assigning missions, and communicating with other factions or Gotei 13 Divisions. They are also the torture Unit within the Onmitsukidō. They torture and punish any ex-comrades who have broken the law that have been apprehended by the Security or Assassination Units. The members of the 1st Unit dress all in black and are well-known for their cold-bloodedness and skill in Hakuda, which is the art of hand-to-hand combat.

    Current Corps Commander: The current Corps Commander (and Commander-in-Chief) of the Executive Militia is Yuuki Miyagawa.

    Unit 2, Security Unit

    The second branch of the Onmitsukidō. It is ranked the second-highest out of the five Units in the faction. The main responsibility of the Security Unit is to provide security to the rich or important. Most of these clients are members of the Central 46 Chambers. Every member of the Security Unit must have finely attuned senses and be skilled in the art of Hakuda. The members of the 2nd Unit also dress in all black and are the main mouthpiece between the Central 46 and the Onmitsukidō.

    Current Corps Commander: The current Corps Commander of the Security Unit is Kyasarin Shihan.

    Unit 3, Reconnaissance Unit

    The third branch of the Onmitsukidō. It is ranked the third-highest out of the five Units in the faction. The main responsibility of the Reconnaissance Unit (Recon Unit for short) is to gather information on enemies and enemy locations through highly organized spy missions. The members of this Unit may even be sent as spies to Hueco Mundo in the coming future, although this matter is still just a passing rumour. Every member of the Reconnaissance Unit must be highly proficient at stealth and all must have relatively good memories in order to be able to give accurate reports. The members of the 3rd Unit wear the customary black uniform and are always the first with new information, whether it is spy intel or simply happenings around the Seireitei.

    Current Corps Commander: The current Corps Commander of the Reconnassiance Unit is Sigint Kageen.

    Unit 4, Assassination Unit

    The fourth branch of the Onmitsukidō. It is ranked the fourth-highest out of the five Units in the faction. The main responsibility of the Assassination Unit is all in the title: the members of the 4th Unit are specially trained mercenaries tasked with hunting down and killing rogue shinigami. In rare cases, however, they are only asked to apprehend. When this is the case, the apprehended criminals are then handed over to the Maggotís Nest, and are placed under care of the Seireiteiís 10th Division jailers. The members of the Assassination Unit must be stealthy and must have the ability to track targets without being detected. The members of the 2nd Unit wear the customary black uniform and generally donít give much care who it is they kill, as long as the means are justified in the views of the Onmitsukidō and the Central 46.

    Current Corps Commander: The current Corps Commander of the Assassination Unit is Nao.

    Unit 5, Intelligence Unit

    The fifth and final branch of the Onmitsukidō. It is ranked the lowest out of the five Units in the faction. The main responsibility of the Intelligence Unit (Intel Unit for short) is to take information collected on enemies by the Reconnaissance Unit and process it into detailed reports which are then given to the 8th Division to assist with strategic planning sessions and to update their information gathered for preparation for a cold war. The members of the Intel Unit rarely engage in combat and spend most of their time in a headquarters separate from the Onmitsukidōís main headquarters and are rarely seen anywhere else, except when delivering information. The members of the 5th Unit are the only exception to the regular black uniform, and wear black pants, a loose-fitting white jacket with a hood covering most of the face, and a backpack stuffed full of data and report papers. Its members are highly proficient at interpreting and processing data.

    Current Corps Commander: Unknown.

    Feiyan Tewulan: 4th Division 3rd Seat
    Name: Feiyan Tewulan
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 116 lbs.
    Hair: Brown-black
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Actual Age/Apparent: 153/17
    Reiatsu/Speech: Sea Green
    Division: 4th Division
    Seat: 3rd Seat

    Appearance: Feiyan has relatively tanned skin, with a few freckles on her face. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and is almost always in a ponytail, which goes down to her hips. Her eyes are light blue, and usually wears cherry-coloured lipstick. Under her Soul Reaper robes, she wears knee-length khakis and a plain black t-shirt. Feiyan is relatively thin and wiry.


    Personality: Feiyan is strong-willed and good natured, but that doesn't stop her from being a little sadistic towards patients. Perhaps she enjoys scaring people? Feiyan is kind-hearted, and she would never betray her friends. Feiyan is also extremely stubborn. But perhaps her most unique personality trait of all is that she won't stand a man who flirts with her. Feiyan is generally not the boyfriend/girlfriend type. But this trait could be susceptible to change.

    History: Little to nothing is known of Feiyan's history, other than that upon arriving in the Seireitei, she lived in the Zaraki district with her parents and younger sister. Her parents were killed, and the whereabouts of her sister shall remain unknown...for now.

    Abilities: Feiyan is an expert healer, although living in Zaraki district has taught her how to fight as well. Her best ability, though, is terrifying her patients. She's well-known for it.

    Zanpakuto: Saezuki Megami (Three Moon Goddess). Its sealed form looks like a regular katana with a bronze hilt.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: The words that come to mind of Saezuki are, 'deluxe flirt'. Saezuki has waist-length spiky dandelion coloured hair. She has caramel coloured eyes. She wears a short, strapless, pink-purple dress, with fishnet stockings. She wears lime green shoes with an electric blue platform heel. She is always wearing makeup, and has a tattoo of a red heart on her right forearm.

    Shikai: Show your faces, Saezuki Megami! Released, it has the ability to manipulate reiatsu. First, it can discharge some of Feiyan's reiatsu in order to heal the wounded, and second, upon contact with an enemy's blade, can suck out the enemy's reiatsu.

    Bankai: Feiyan has yet to achieve bankai.

    Katarina Giugovaz, Arrancar #16, Fraccion to Pan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 227 years as a hollow, 198 years as an arrancar. Looks 24.
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 124lbs.
    Hair: Dark Gray
    Eyes: Brown
    Mask Fragment: Earrings
    Hollow Hole: Below the Waist
    Reiatsu/Speech Colour: Indigo
    Aspect of Death: Childbirth

    Appearance: Katarina's appearance is much softer and more fragile than that of most arrancar. Her skin is smooth and very pale. Her hair is dark gray and is always fresh, silky, and sweet-smelling. Her eyes are milk-chocolate brown and almost always seem sad. Katarina's facial expression rarely strays too far from looking either sad or shy. An exception is in the presence of her master. The remnant of her hollow mask is a pair of swirling silvery-white earrings.

    Katarina's arrancar uniform is made up of very loose and flowing white cloth, that seems like scarves. Her shirt consists of two white gauzy scarves crossed in a x-shaped formation over her chest and wrap around her neck.She has two white elbow-length gloves that cut off at the wrist. Her skirt starts as a scarf wrapped around her waist, and under this flows a loose white ankle-length skirt. Katarina usually walks around barefooted.


    Personality: Katarina is a very shy figure and rarely speaks or makes eye contact with any other arrancar. She will speak to Von Geister and Queen Reene, but is always shy and reserved when she does so. She is very obedient and will obey orders without question. She is much kinder and acts like a mother towards her master because he looks like a child. The sight of younger arrancar makes her sad, because she died giving birth and desperately wishes for a child to call her own.

    History: Katarina died giving birth, and her regret for not being able to have a child was so great that she became a hollow soon after death. Katarina has forced all memories of her life except for her child out of her mind, because it pains her too much to think about it. She was an adjuchas-class menos when she became an arrancar, and has served Pan loyally ever since and regards him as the son she never had.

    Zanpakuto: Caballo Triste (Sad Horse)
    Sealed Form: Caballo Triste's sealed form is a small silver blade that seems to be a type of wakizashi. Katarina keeps this blade hidden under one of the may layers of her scarf skirt, and it is not visible.

    Resurrecion: Cry, Caballo Triste.
    Upon release, Katarina's legs disappear and she becomes a centaur with a dark black unicorn's body, complete with four legs and a long flyaway gray tail. In addition to this, Katarina's hair becomes tied up closer to her head to allow her to see better, and her shirt changes to a regular black shirt instead of two scarves.


    General Abilities:

    Close Comabt Skill: Poor. When/if Katarina has to fight, she fights long-range. In truth, her close combat skill is rather poor, as a result of her shy nature

    Hierro: Moderate. Works well against spiritual attacks but has little power in protecting against direct physical attacks.

    Sonido: Fast. During release, and going in a straight line, her speeds can sometimes match that of her master. However, the extra horse hooves do not help with precision turns.

    Garganta: Poor. Katarina's skills with the garganta are so inadequate that she needs someone else to open it for her.

    Pesquisa: Formidable. Katarina is able to sense reiatsu easily around her, but people walking can sometimes slip through it undetected.

    Cero and Bala: Formidable. Katarina can fire multiple ceros (one from each of her front hooves) and the speed of her balas is rapid and continuous. However, these attacks are a little less powerful than others and seem to focus more on speed as supposed to strength.

    Resurrecion Abilities:

    Force Field: Katarina can project a force field which blocks attacks such as kido, hado, or bakudo. She can create the force field in a translucent white sphere around herself which can block attacks for 10-30 seconds, depending on the power of the attack.

    Possible Connections:
    • Her master

    • Other fraccion

    • Most arrancar

    Rebecca 'Beck' Williams, High School Student and Quincy

    Name: Rebecca Williams, but call her Beck. Or else.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: Ha
    Hair: Dyed lime green and dark purple. Real colour is dark brown.
    Eyes: Purple-black
    Age: 17
    Reiatsu/Speech Colour: Teal
    Class: 2-3
    Powers: Quincy

    Appearance: Beck is an artist, and expresses it in what she wears. When not working to make rent, Beck assembles her rebelliously stylized wardrobe by shredding her own jeans, sewing on patches and otherwise altering whatever looked like it had some potential at the local thrift store. Her hair's real colour is dark brown, although she has dyed it several different colours. The top part of her spiky hair is dyed lime green, while the sides are dyed dark purple. Beck has several ear piercings and can always be expected to come to school wearing a mis-matched outfit, along with mis-matched bracelets, rings, and other accessories. The colours on her outfits don't have to match either; actually, Beck prefers it that way. Her eyes are so purple they are almost black, and her skin is rather yellowish. She usually wears a violent splash of lip stick and eyeliner, to further make a fashion statement. Beck wears her quincy cross at home as well as during school, simply dismissing it as a self-created work of art to fellow students and faculty.


    Personality: Not as scary as her punkish appearance and bored looks would lead people to believe, Beck is open-minded, calm, and personable. With courtesy superior to most, she has the patience to make friends with almost any type of person she meets. Beck is also an avid musician, and plays her guitar daily. She also takes her visits to her parent's house as a valuable opportunity to play their piano. Her main hobby is of course, salvaging new clothes that can be turned from dreary thrift shop finds into punkish artistic statements. And although she would never admit it, Beck loves to cook and is actually quite good at it.

    History: Beck was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived there until she was nine, along with her parents and grandmother. Family troubles and the promise of a higher-paying job led them to move to Phoenix Town, Japan. Soon after the family moved in, Beck's grandmother died. After the funeral, Beck returned home to find a hazy image of her grandmother sitting on her bed. Ever since, she has been able to see ghosts. About a year after that incident, she finally went to her parents and asked what was happening, and why spirits kept following her. After some persuasion, her father told her of her quincy history and agreed to train her in order to protect her friends from dangerous hollows. When she was 15, she moved into a small two-room apartment, in order to be more independent. She still keeps in touch with her family and trains with her father on weekends.


    Bow: Beck's quincy bow takes the shape of a bow not unlike the kind used in modern-day archery. It is blue, like the standard quincy bow, but more on the teal side, to match her reiatsu. Beck's aim could be a lot better, but she is able to fire two arrows rapid-fire to increase her chances of landing a hit. Also, although her arrows are slow and her aim is a little lacking, the arrows pack a surprisingly strong punch.

    Lilianna Kane, Mortal
    Name: Lilianna Kane
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 115lbs
    Hair: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 34
    Reiatsu/Speech Colour: Brown
    Powers: None...yet.

    Theme Song

    Appearance: If being a happy-go-lucky character type means having no fashion sense, then obviously the person who thought it up never met Lilianna. A lover of nature, Lililanna prefers to stick to neutral clothing colours, such as brown or gray. She often pins up her curly blue hair in a bun, with a cute and colouful clip to keep it in place. She has a very relaxed and happy face, with laugh lines around her eyes. She has vibrant blue eyes that always seem to sparkle, and blue rimmed glasses that are always present on her face. She can almost always be seen wearing her lucky charm necklace, a lucky donut-shaped stone looped through a leather cord. She also likes to wear bracelets, and will often wear a light jacket on top of her shirt. She likes to dress 'young' because if she feels young at heart, why not dress like it, too?


    Personality: Some people are never boring, or just never bored. Certainly such is the case with Lilianna. Always able to find a way to entertain herself, Lilianna tends to enjoy life, the universe, and everything-usually with a skip in her step and an upbeat song stuck in her head. While she has a few close friends, there's almost no one who doesn't enjoy her company, as she effortlessly manages a precarious balance between serious and silly. So whether it's dragging her husband on wild spelunking adventures or concocting devious plans to get her friends to hook up-no matter what's happening, Lilianna can always be counted on to be having the most fun in any situation.

    History: Lilianna was born in the Bronx, New York City to a family that wasn't well off, but wasn't too poor, either. An exceptionally bright and inquisitive child, Lilianna was entered into private school at a young age. She skipped ninth grade and went on to study English literature at New York University at eighteen. In the fourth and final year of her university, she met the mysterious MIT graduate Josiah Kane, and quickly struck up a friendship which soon became romance. After a year, they were married and Lilianna had a daughter, Stephani, whom she loves to pieces. Recently, they family moved to Phoenix Town, Japan, where they currently live. She found work in the local library. She still doesn't know of Josiah's work with S.W.O.R.D. and knows only that he has some 'side job'. She does not have any spiritual powers, but she is affected by reiatsu and can see ghosts, but they appear blurry and unfocused to her.

    Abiliies: None yet, but she is affected by reiatsu.
    Her abilities will be related to the season she so loves, autumn. She has three different uses of her power: the red leaf, the orange leaf, and the gold leaf. She can use each power by calling out the power's name.

    Red Leaf: The power of red leaf is an offensive power. When Lilanna calls on red leaf, a wind will pick up, a wind that carries many 'leaves' of reiatsu at a moderate speed. These leaves are sticky and very hard to remove once they make contact with any part of the body. Once five leaves are stuck to the body, Lilianna can activate the attack, and the leaves will disintigrate the flesh surrounding them at a moderate pace, similar to the way fallen leaves are turned to mulch.

    Orange Leaf: The power of orange leaf is a defensive power. Upon calling out the name, a thick 'tree' made of condensed reiatsu will grow up from the ground. This reiatsu acts as a shield that can protect Lilianna and anyone else behind the shield. It works well on physical attacks.

    Golden Leaf: The power of golden leaf is to creat a diversion. Once activated, a dense swarm of golden 'leaves' will swirl around Lilianna, making it very hard for the enemy to see her. She can use this barrier as a diversion in order to escape. The leaves also stick to each other, and require considerable physical force to penetrate.
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