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    Gender: Male
    Race: Nature spirit, in human form
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Age: 18
    Class: Plant nature spirit, in human form
    Power Rating: 5

    The one in the back with the red hair.

    Equipment: A lovely rose that never wilts or dies. With a flick of the wrist, it extends into a deadly thorn covered whip.

    Abilities: He can control plants, make them move at his will or grow at incredible speeds.

    Backstory: Little is known about him except he is good friends with Genkai.

    Now, some of you might be saying "Hey this isn't original at all, it's exactly like the YYH Kurama!"

    1)He has no Yoko Kurama form, unlike the YYH one

    2) He is much more powerul than the YYH Kurama

    3) His personality is completely different

    4) Even though I don't give you his backstory, because it is a secret that is to be revealed through plot, I promise you, it is absolutely nothing like the YYH Kurama's backstory.
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