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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    List of all HT characters in one place for her convenience. This post does not need to be indexed. Power ratings in parentheses.

    • Alice Delisle - 1st Lt in the ISF, assigned to Mortal Coil as an adjutant of sorts - 1st husband was emotionally abusive and she divorced him. 2nd husband was a fellow soldier named David who died in combat
    • Dr Burnett - psychiatrist with an office on the 17th floor of a posh Harley Street office building
    • Cecily - a Jaeger with a spiffy hat who owns a walking hut as her hat shop, created by Trollfinger, Ironpick & Greencheek, Mining & Engineering (C)
    • Charity Evans - artist / chromamancer / hedonist / binge drinker. Member of GLoG. (E)
    • Charlotta - girlfriend of Sue of Mortal Coil, mother of 6 year old Lottie, cheating on Sue with a man named Mortimer
    • Chelonie "Happy" Amakirr - shapeshifter barbarian and sorceress, retired president of GLoG (C)
    • Darcy Diavolo Brightember - AMEN member, sorceress, not-so-secretly Turtle Brightember in disguise (B/C)

      Equipment: Everfull shot glass, candygram
    • Decker the Catgirl- far future version of Lady Dekaros who became a catgirl to be with her one true love Butler. Returned from the afterlife a few months after Butler did.
    • Decker the Younger - 11 year old devil swanmay. character sheet needs updating. (D+)
    • Elias Larmette - apprentice baker (E) to Master Dahl
    • Eglarast - Ostari elf
    • Dr Ferris Fitzhenry, research fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford University, inventor and explorer, and his clockwork daughter Molly (D)
    • Gus Acre - ladies man
    • Hope - Huntress of Kuori, barbarian human and friend to Cessie Mithar. Has a Wolfen mate named Promise, and two adopted children, Goldie and Isaac
    • Jake Stevenson - watchmaker
    • Lauretta - Priest of Dalachrech (E+/D-)
    • Lorraine Godolphin - werewolf
    • Mainframe - sentient artificial intelligence tasked with protecting members of GLoG (B in robot body)
    • "Missy" Submission-In-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax - member of Remnant's Praetorian Guard, helped blow up Zee's brain (At Trog's)
    • Moff Four - One of The Moff's clones.
    • Moff Thirteen - Minion to Dalev. Insane even for a Moff
    • Oscar Urimbauer - demon of light (B/C)
    • Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley - 500 year old drow vampire who is a bit batty and ever so devoted to her family
    • Roxie - A pixie who works in the COMBAT arena, as a handler for combatants, as well as a healer. (D)
      Roxie's pets (not a complete list):
      • Fluffy (Half-dragon dire rancor, played by Wolfbane)
      • Tweetums (Saurornitholestes, played by Vampire Rot)
      • Mr Buttons (sabre tooth tiger, played by Reinholdt)
      • Lord Squishington (tentacled hermit crab, played by Beans) returned to the wild when the character retired
      • Golden Boar (Benny)
      • Roc (Buster)
      • Slepnir (Prissy)
    • Shae - androgynous winged fae who has come to the Nexus for a year and a day to investigate mortals.
    • Sunny Evans - mentally disabled and agoraphobic machine empath. Works for Magtok Remnant. (E)
    • Tia Eiranikos - Innamorata succubus Normal human (E)
    • The Trickster Rabbit - A cross between Bugs Bunny and Gunnerkrigg's Coyote, this creature exists only for random lulz and chaos.
    • Vasilisa - Aspect of Mother Eve. Married-ish to Adam, for purposes of breeding catpeople (D)
    • Vinicio "Vino" D'Angelis - an unturned human member of the Riverside Vampire society. Great great etc nephew of Ramiro. Has a past with Rose. Licensed vampire hunter and Air Adept. Has a wife named Claudia and a son named Petros.
    • Winslow Warwick - Villainous industrialist who has a past with Magtok. Runs Warwick Works Inside. (E)
    • Xifra - a woman who is hard to notice. Her brother Algu has the opposite psychic condition.

Mostly NPCs:
  • Councillor Veriswen Hiriloth of the Ostari Elves, diplomat for the Acro-Imperium (E+)
  • Ostari Elves - faction profile. Tolkeinesque elves who have lived in the city here as long as anyone can remember
  • Baby - the dwarf who believes she's an orc. Trog's bouncer. NPC. (B)
  • Basil - a minotaur who works as a receptionist at the Acro Imperial Government Complex. Friends with Charity. (C-)
  • Suffering - a very very old Emotion, of ambiguous gender
  • Merlina - the mermaid who lives in Phoenix lake
  • Ian - a little boy ghost who lives in an underwater cave with his adopted mother Merlina. He died of drowning and is too terrified of water to return to the surface.
  • Heather - An athletic teenage ghost who also died of drowning. She likes to play sports, but is unable to affect the material world.
  • Jase - A teenage boy ghost who is wrapped around Heather's ghostly little finger.
  • Ironbeard - A dwarven ghost who has been at Phoenix lake since before the campground existed. Feels responsible for the other ghosts.
  • Nurse Piper - The former camp nurse, now a ghost who continues to work in the infirmary.
  • Mei Li - little Chinese woman who works for Warwick Industries
  • Grass-bringer - Slave caravan plot, seer boy
  • Whisper - Slave caravan plot, fae girl
  • Purna - slave caravan plot, drow priestess
  • Ezra - slave caravan plot. Centaur owner of the caravan
  • Barlin - merchant caravan plot. elven woman and caravan master
  • Salome - sacrificed to Slaanesh by Xifra
  • Aleida - maidservant at the Hartwater Inn, and descendant of the great King Titus of the House of Toray
  • Rescued Slaves

Dead / Retired / Deep Deadtime:
  • Gersemi - former seidkhona who trained Melody (E)
  • Deryni Ironwood - Chosen One of a death god (D-)
  • George Shackleton - cleric of Thor, off somewhere with Czernov (B)
  • Jedwiga - Crone Aspect of Eve (C)
  • Tessa Camlar Fairley - Archivist of Woden and Guardian of Balance. Now dead. (A)
  • Simone Isandwani - teenage pickpocket. Character sheet needs updating (E+)
  • Ingileifr of the Western Peaks (Ingi)- Sky Dragon and friend to Raven/Hrafn. Shares a telepathic link with Raven's runestones. picture (B+) Killed by Cynthia
  • Coralei - Former Maiden Aspect of Eve. Seven year old who lived in the slums of Inside. (C) Killed by Ted Brando.
  • Ghavrion - diviner wizard who uses sympathetic magic (E+) left Inside
  • Dag Ingasson - son of Ingileifr, juvenile sky dragon
  • Peter Raven - uncle of Happy Amakirr, great-uncle to Melody. Died and returned as an Einherjar of Valhalla (B+)
  • Hannah Snow - Professor Affidavit's loyal minion. A skilled torturer who is addicted to Liquid Agony. (B/C)
  • Acacia - Rogue who was raised by wolves. Literally. (C)
  • Ashley Dodson - astrologer and vampire retconned to be an albino

Faction entry: Hell
Faction entry: Sacred Order of Cunningham

About Apocaplots

Random npcs:
Ezra................ |Purna.................. | Grass fey girl........ | Seer boy

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