Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 526
Class (or approximation): Ranger
Power: C
Description: Tall, broad shouldered and well muscled (though not bulky), his tree bark-gray hair is cut short, just to the jaw line. His eyes are green and his ears are maple-leaf shaped.

Equipment: Lightly armoured with a steel-splinted cuirass, vambraces and helm, hes rather more armed with a handful of throwing knives, a short falcata, recurve bow and his shashka.

Abilities: Most of his talents lie in the field of scouting; from stealthy moving, tracking, ranged and close combat, his Elven heritage does give him some mild magical talents (mostly embodied in balls of light and minor telekinesis) as well as physical capabilities (slightly higher strength, quicker reflexes, sharper senses, and greatly increased stamina).

Backstory: For the past three hundred years, Malysh has served as a raider in the Elvish Legions. As a Leftenant, he was doing rather well for himself, commanding his soldiers in a variety of guerrilla actions against numerous enemies. All was going well, until an unfortunate attack on a cult; during the skirmish, Malysh was banished by the cult leader, sent spiraling through the planes of existence until crashing into this reality.