List of all Characters Currently in the Timeskip:
  • Nerine: The sea goddess currently only makes a few trips into HALO now and then when she is needed. Now that she is married and has a baby to take care of, she's on the sidelines for now.
  • Roxy: This Jack Russell Terrier is no longer a puppy. In fact, she is almost an adult. She is still as happy-go-lucky and free as ever. She is able to transform into a teenage human with the help of a device made by her adoptive father. She is currently in a relationship with her long time best friend Nathan.
  • Hannah: This is the daughter of Nerine. She has come back from the future she was in to the timeskip. No one except the other future children have any idea why. She is courageous and fun but seems to be followed by a very dark shadow. She has also taken a Vow never to be with another person physically.
  • Kiyo: No one knows much about this half dragon except she is the messenger and adviser to the dragon king.
  • Jezzie: Jezzie now has twins like her sister Ari. She is not yet married to her boyfriend and the father of her children who happens to be Cruik.
  • Charlie: One of the four year old twins of Jezzie's.