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    PERMA DEADTIME on account of being an overpowered jerk ass

    Name:Paul Johnson aka Fallout
    Class: Nuclear Toxic Mage (shadowrun build)
    Alignment:Chaotic Evil
    Race:Homo sapiens mutans
    Power level:B-
    Equipment and Abilities: Fallout can summon Toxic spirits, spirits that have been corrupted by Evil and Pollution of Nature, but he specialises in radioactive fire spirits. he is immune to all radiation and Toxins himself, and even radiates slightly himself (strong enough to register on a Geiger counter, but to week to do any harm without prolonged contact). his spells are all intoxicated (fire turns to radiation, water to acid, air to smog).Fallout has several cybernetic and Biological implants that enhance his bodily functions, so he can fight in hand to hand combat effectively along with his spirits. he carryes a heavy handgun with him at all times
    Background:to be written soon
    Apperance: 5'8'' tall, white skin,red eyes, hair fallen out due to radiation, accompanied by a swarm of cockroaches wherever he goes, most of them in his clothes, wears a black robe
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