Nakatashi Tamiyo, Ninth Seat of the 12th Division (last name, first name)
Riatsu + Speech Color: Sienna
Age: 297, though her physical appearance is a 40-year-old woman
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 148lbs


Appearance: Alongside her many ostentatious and unusual counterparts among the Shinigami, Tamiyo appears incredibly normal, to the point that she is often overlooked, forgotten or simply ignored. Tamiyo is slightly below average in terms of height, and is a bit overweight, though she insists that she is simply stockily built. She has lightly tanned skin that has a rather sallow tint to it. Her figure is somewhat attractive, as she is reasonably endowed, but her hips are too wide to be considered attractive and there is little definition to her form. Her face is unremarkable and not altogether attractive, with a long nose that seems to have been broken once, dark brown eyes set deeply beneath eyebrows that have been plucked to the extent that they are practically nonexistent. Her lips are colorless and perpetually chapped, and she has some age lines begining to appear around her mouth and eyes. Her shoulder-length black hair is liberally interspersed with streaks of grey, and is always neatly tied back in a low ponytail using an inoffensive black elastic, though a strand or two always manages to escape. She wears the standard black Shinigami robes neatly, with no personal decoration save for a short length of faded red silk braid tied around her left wrist. Her sandals are also standard issue, though they are a tad worn and perhaps a bit too large.

Personality: Tamiyo has always tried to be as proper and respectful as possible, especially around those of a higher rank than herself. Still, for all her efforts, this is not her true nature. Though she is naturally dedicated and hardworking, which is how she has managed to attain her current status, she is naturally a childish individual who is prone to sulking and fits of irrational giggles. She wonders if this may be in part responsable for the decidedly untraditional and somewhat irrational nature of her Zanpakto. Her efforts to be a proper and mature woman have led her to despise her Zanpakto, but this is one of her deepest secrets. It should be noted - When Tamiyo keeps a secret, no-one ever finds out. She is not at all prone to gossip, and talking about her private life or the lives of others (regardless of how well she may know them) makes her extremely flustered. She is disinclined to be romantic, and though she still secretly enjoys the flirtations of men, those sort of events have become so rare now that she has been able to dissasociate herself with romance. Suffice to say that, in keeping with her proper personality, she does not entertain thoughts of a romantic relationship. Overall, she is a strange hybrid of girlish immaturity and formal propriety.

Abilities: Tamiyo has chosen to focus her combat abilities on the Binding Arts (Kido) and on hand to hand Combat. She is proficient in both to a greater extent than the average 9th seat, but this is not to say that she is in any way exceptional in either field. She is capable of using Bakudo spells up to level 61, and they decrease to half power if she does not utilise the incantation. She cannot use Hado or any healing kido proficiently. Her swordfighting ability could politely be described as abyssimal, and she goes for months at a time without so much as drawing her blade. Simply put, she loathes the concept of fighting with it. Her shunpo is average, and she can use perhaps two dozen consecutive flash steps before becoming exhausted. In combat, she tends to hang back until she can gauge the strength of her opponent before entering into close combat. She prefers to use Bakudo only after she has already weakened her opponent, and resorts to her Zanpakto only in dire straits.

Rank and Division:
Tamiyo joined the 12th (Science) division because she was told upon graduating from the Academy that this was the area in which she could excel given her unique Zanpakto release. She spends a great deal of time working diligently in the lab, but more often as a co-colaborator on large projects than as an inventor and scientist in her own right. Though she does have a genuine passion for science, she would still rather spend time completing paperwork rather than performing experiments. As a result, she has become the 12th division's unofficial secretary. She attained the rank of ninth seat nearly a half-century ago, after a great deal of hard work and a concentrated effort. She barely made the cut, and oddly enough, after attaining the rank, she has never applied for promotion nor shown any signs of further ambition. Her increase in maturity also coincieded directly with her achievement of said rank. Her loss of interest in experimentation and newfound dedication to the more 'mature' persuit of secretarial paperwork duties has also coincided with her ascension to ninth seat. She rarely elaborates on the matter, but due to her competence and respectful behavior, none have really thought to question it.

Zanpakto: Moebot

Tamiyo's Zanpakto takes the form of a sturdy Nodachi that seems abnormally heavy even to Tamiyo herself, as the weight is notably disproportionate to the blade size. A series of five evenly-spaced diagonal grooves run parallel along the flat of the otherwise ordinary blade, making it seem as though it might be segmented (though it is not). The crossguard is square and made of the same silvery metal as the blade, and it is decorated with an inch-wide strip of white lace trim that runs along the outer edges of the square. The hilt is made of the same metal as the rest of the sword, and is wrapped with lengths of pink and white satin ribbon that dangle as twin streamers from the end of the hilt. The overall appearance is quite feminine and childish, and seems intended more as some bizzare showpiece than as a functional weapon, though the appearance has little impact on it's effectiveness.

Shikai: "Flirt, Moebot."

When Tamiyo says her release command, her Zanpakto dissintegrates in a burst of pale pink particles of light. Then, in a somewhat stereotypical Shojou transformation, Tamiyo is transformed into the Moebot. First, her clothing dissolves, and then, beginning from her toes, a thin band of pink light travels up her legs, then moves up her abdomen, head and upraised arms. In it's wake, the light leaves her skin silvered and metalic, with segmented bands every few inches. When the light reaches the tips of her fingers, there is a flash of blinding white, and the transformation is complete.

Moebot is roughly four feet tall, with the figure of a thin girl perhaps twelve years old. Her flesh is no longer flesh but metal, segmented every few inches to allow her a human range of movement. There is also additional segmentation at the joints for much the same reason. Her feet are the only part of her body that deviates significantly from human form, becoming rounded, flat-bottomed stumps that taper outwards slightly. Her eyes become impossibly large and innocent, with her left iris a vibrant pink, and the right a bright caramel color. Though it is not immediatly apparent, they are also made of electronic components. Her hair, also metal, is now a shade of flourecent blue, with bangs that fall almost to her eyes and huge curved pigtails that fall to her waist, secured to her head with large, spherical pink clips. Delicate, frilly clothing also materializes from somwhere, though the origin is not immediatly evident. This clothing consists of a knee-length, sleeveless white dress with a three-flouenced skirt. The entire dress is richly decorated with cream-colored lace and pink ribbons, and there are matching 'detatched sleeves'. A hairband with similar embelishments appears tied between her pigtails, a lace collar encircles her throat, and significantly altered white patent-leather shoes encase her modified feet.

Though it is not certain whether this is directly related to Tamiyo's transformation, it has been noted that she acts far more childish and playful in this form, teasing her opponents, playfully mocking others and abandoning the mature persona that she has tried to cultivate. All of her inhibitions dissapear, and she tends towards flirtation, which can be rather disturbing considering her usual age and appearance outside of Shikai.

In her Moebot form, Tamiyo no longer has her sword, and her riatsu dinimishes to the point that it is nearly nonexistent. The strength of all Kido spells that she casts is halved, therefore any Kido that she casts without incantation will only have one-quarter of it's full potential strength. She also loses the ability to use Shunpo, though her overall land speed doubles, along with a proportionate increase in her reaction time. Her strength increases vastly, to the point that she can easily lift and fling in excess of 300lbs for a distance of more than 50 meters. This makes her unarmed attacks all the more lethal, and gives her the convenient ability to crush a Hollow's skull between her hands. She is also capable of leaping several meters into the air. Her metal skin gives her the resistance of a mid-level Arrancar's Hierro, and her resistance to physical attacks (and the number of 'lethal' attacks she can endure before death) also increases. She becomes extremely succeptible to water, however, and significant exposure to liquid can cause her circuitry to short out, knocking her unconcious and forcing her out of Shikai.

It should be noted that the reason that her body reacts as though it were a machine is because, in actuallity, that is what it becomes. All of her organs, bones, ligaments, muscles and other internal workings transform into mechanical parts. For this reason, she does not breathe, nor have any other human needs, while in this form, though she can technically 'eat'. As a result of these changes, she can be repaired as though she was a machine while in Shikai, which would be equivilent to healing her injuries if she were still fully human. The main pitfall to this, however, is that when she transforms back, she could die instantly if the extent of damage to Moebot is more than what her shinigami form would be able to endure, or if an wound would be fatal. This means that she must carefully judge the damage that she takes, and is careful to avoid being too badly injured.

Shikai Special Abilities:

Cute Aura - In her Moebot form, Tamiyo exudes an aura of incredible, 'aww'-inspiring cuteness that affects anyone who looks directly at her for three seconds or more, enough time to take in the details of her appearance. This aura makes her foes or opponents less inclined to harm her, and reluctant to attack such an adorable little robot-girl by placing them into an almost trancelike state. Strong-willed individuals who are determined to cause Moebot harm are effected to a far lesser extent than the average foe, who will almost certainly become disoriented, lose all inclination to battle and stand stunned and awestruck by her cuteness. This aura is a permanent and constant effect that functions for as long as Tamiyo remains in Shikai. Those under its influence can break free through a concentrated effort, a shock (such as cold water, a slap or other direct attack), or by not seeing Moebot for a period of more than one hour. A blindfold or any other eye covering that prevents the attacker from clearly seeing Moebot, particularily her facial features, will negate the effects of this aura. This aura is used in combat for her to gain a temporary advantage over her opponent, entrancing them and wounding them before they even realize what has happened. The aura is not a visible spatial effect but rather an innate property of Moebot, though those under it's influence can be identified by a glassy-eyed stare, aimless confusion or other entranced characteristics.

Lazer Eye - Moebot has the ability to fire a lazerbeam from her left eye. This lazer does not need to be charged, and can be fired instentaniously and at will, but her iris will glow brightly for a second prior to its use. The beam is a bright pink, the same color as the iris of the eye from which it is fired. It is quite thin, with a diameter of less than a centimeter no matter how far it travels. It can either be fired as a continuous beam that has a range of two meters and a duration of ten seconds (that can be moved while firing), or as individual bursts that fire at a rate of five shots per second for ten seconds (though they can be spread over a longer duration). There is a one-minute waiting time between uses of the lazer so that it can cool sufficiently. In terms of strength, the beam is equivilent in strength to the bala of a low-level numeros. They move quite rapidly, but can be eveded through the use of Shunpo or Sonido. If concentrated as a continous beam for it's full duration on a metal surface with a thickness of less than half a centimeter, it can cut through fairly easily at close range. The lazer has only one 'setting' in terms of strength and duration. It can be blocked by hierro of sufficient strength, higher level barrier kido, skillful sword deflection, or the compression of riatsu to form the Shinigami equivilent of hierro. Moebot prefers to use the lazer for surprise attacks and to dispatch incapacitated foes without resorting to physical contact. Gouging out that eye, or at least the circuitry that comprises it, will prevent Moebot from being able to use the lazer.

Mini-Bombs - The two spherical, pale pink clips that are secured to the base of Moebot's pigtails are in actuality miniature bombs. Roughly two inches in diameter, they have a blast radius of thirty feet, though the shock wave that they generate may travel for a greater distance. The bombs activate upon detatchment, and have a five-second countdown time before detonation. They detonate without any obvious warning, and the countdown/detonation cannot be prevented. Though they can be easily caught and thrown back without any ill effect prior to detonation, most do not know the function of these spheres until it is too late, or cannot return them swiftly enough. Even with the clips removed, Moebot's pigtails remain eirily hovering in place on either side of her head, and do not seem affected. Even if both bombs are used during one particular activation of Tamiyo's Shikai, they will reappear the next time that she choses to use Shikai, regardless of the length of the duration between these activations. The spheres have a hard surface that appears to be enamel of some sort, and can be shattered with a sufficiently powerful blow, though this only serves to trigger the explosion immediatly. They contain some potent form of plastic explosive and a timed trigger device, though it is unlikely that anyone would have sufficient time to examine one before it exploded. The explosion cannot be triggered while they are still attatched to Moebot's pigtails, as the mechanism that holds them in place also keeps the detonator from activating by breaking the circuit.