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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gah, I completely forgot to do this >.<

    Archmage Tyrion Lannister

    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Age: 203
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class (or approximation): Very powerful wizard.
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 6, bordering on 7
    Tall (for an elf) with Vaarsuvius-length wavy brown hair. Dark, forest-green eyes. His commonplace appearence is offset by his constant smirk and dark blue wizard's robe. He also has a dark blue staff with a bright blue jewel on its end and a black cape. Recently he gained a blue version of a "Red Mage" hat.
    Equipment and Abilities: Abilities: Extremely powerful Conjurer, with at least partial mastery over every other field of magic save Evocation. His preferred spells: Acid Arrow, Flame Arrow, Incendiary Cloud, Acid Cloud, and Cloudkill. His equipment is his robe, staff, cape, hat, and spellbook, along with a Bag of Holding which holds things he deems useful to him.
    Personality: Tyrion is a brilliant, yet arrogant, wizard who is against harm to elves (unless necessary) and buries the bones of elves (drow included) who fell in battle. Everything else, however, gets zombified by him or his spellcaster assistants. He hates those who gained great power through some loophole, or any way that is not earning it.
    Backstory: He was once a simple ambitious elven mage, but he rose to power by the mastery of a powerful Wizard: Fandral Staghelm. His power and his master's combined managed to defeat and usurp Corellon Larethian as God of the Elves, establishing Fandral as the new god. Tyrion was content to be simply King of Elves and High Archmage. As king of Norosa, he has conquered multiple lands and reunited the Drow to his race. Also, he has recently joined Magtok's organization, HATS, where he recieved his hat.
    Miscellaneous: Experiments on cats or elves will unleash an unstoppable rage. Often escorted by his diabolical companion, the Pit Lord Clegane or his four elite guards.
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