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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Ok this is my first stab, so here goes:


    Gender: Female
    Race: Werecat
    Age: 19 (will likely grow up as I play with her)
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Class (or approximation): Priestess/Courtesan/Bardess (priestess to a love goddess with a holy instrument)
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 2 in combat situations, probably a 4 in other areas...will attempt to talk her way out of things, and flee if that fails
    Appears *mostly* normal, however has blue cat-eyes and bluish-grey hair. Her cat form is that of a normal russian blue housecat. Has the supernatural ability to do anything while wearing high heels and a ridiculously impossible dress. Also immune to getting dirty, tearing clothes, etc. except in "artful" ways.
    Backstory: Daughter of a noble family that was on the wrong side of a civil war. She was sent at 15 to study at the temple of freya so as to protect her. As a priestess she renounced all worldly titles and is no longer considered a political threat. Because of her upbringing she is highly cultured in the ways of high society and is extremely diplomatic and persuasive, however she is rather clueless as to how the lower classes work.
    Miscellaneous: specializes in non-combat or defensive spells, although she does know a few buff spells. Very skilled at mind-control and at healing. Has a magic bracelet that contains miniature versions of several different instruments, each of which can be pulled off and turns into a normal-size instrument, and goes back into the bracelet when she is done with it. She can access a harp, a lute, a flute, a tambourine, and a piano this way.
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