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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf(?)
    Age: 0
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class: Consumer/Artificer
    Power Rating: 2/E+
    Minor differences being in her hair and eyes.

    Locii's hair is a deep black, as per the color of the 'lower' body, it is also down to the middle of her back in length. She has strange hands that open up into 'pincer-esque' claws, with a 'gem' in the palms of her hand that opens into an 'absorber'. Her build is very Lithe and toned, at least on the upper half. The outfit Locii wears is generally the one presented, although she typically wears gloves and a dark crimson beret. She has a height of what would probably be approximately 4'7", but given her additional legs is likely another six to eight inches more. The girl's irises are colored as the vials on her pseudo-back but otherwise look normal.

    Equipment and Abilities:
    Equipment Log
    Jade Ghost Blade Hilt; Slices spirits and other incorporeal beings.

    Abilities as Listed
    Artifact Shape: Essentially the ability to make anything into an artifact, and shape current artifacts, power depending on time/force invested. Also covers a general knowledge of how magically enforced items work. Without 'seeds' this magic isn't truly effective.

    Artifact development is measured in hours, and always rounds down. 'Seed' investments are equal to 1 hour each. Artifacts can be made into actual objects, or built into Locii (and perhaps others). Those built in are more efficient, but cannot be used by anyone else.

    Self Built Artifacts
    Phantasmal Flicker Generator: Progress Complete | 3 Seconds | 1 Minute Recharge
    Phantasmal Personal Warp Blades: Progress 0/30 Creates incorporeal blades from Locii's hands that uses magic to hurt beings from a sword to lance long distance. Is 'super-effective' on incorporeal and otherwise untouchable beings.

    Artifact Compendium
    Phantasmal Flicker 0/10 Progress, Phantasmal
    Lets the user become incorporeal for up to 2 seconds. Recharge: 2 Minutes.

    Mimic: Can 'clone' an ability seen or viewed a short time after it is done, this ability quickly fades away, such as when you close your eyes and you try to imagine what you just saw in your minds eye. Collects 'seeds' and basic elements of the magic/technology though, and keeps them for general use/casting/imbuing into artifacts.

    Mimic Seed Compendium
    Phantasmal Seed (5/5)

    Backstory: Mostly unknown at this point, what is known is that she's created by S.H.A.D.E. (Secret House of Assessing Disaster Events) to collect all kinds of data for unknown 'Shady' purposes.

    Miscellaneous: Ironically, due to an error developed in her 'birth', Locii is deathly afraid of spiders and to an extent things that look like spiders. This has 'exactly' the implications you're thinking.
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