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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    The Arbiter

    Gender: Varies, was originally Male
    Race: Human + Magical/Mechanical Life Sustaining bodily transformations
    Age: ??? (At least 100 by self description.)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral/ Lawful Good Publicly (Suspected to be Lawful Evil)
    Semi-Hidden Overlord of S.H.A.D.E.
    Class: 'Aristocrat'
    Power Rating: A- (Known Power)
    Probably a mechanical mass that vaguely resembles a person. Nobody has accounts of the Arbiter leaving his Fortress for years, and scarcely even leaves his room.

    Backstory: Kept deliberately hidden, but consists of a man who rose to power, attained an empire and has attempted to pursue immortality. (And still is.) Something a long time ago has caused him to recoil into the darkness, not much more than that is known.

    Miscellaneous: All known information technically falls under this category.

    This sheet is really representative of an npc, the 'big boss' for Locii and co. I'm not planning to use him in any plots under apocalyptic scale, but the character sheet is here for the records, as information is figured out, and since the Arbiter is an important enough 'quasi-npc' to get one. Should be obvious but I'll state that you generally have to be at least in the B's to stand a good chance, and anything lower has a high likelihood to help the Arbiter rather than hurt via morally questionable 'Lawful' spells.

    ((And hey, new page.))
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