Sophia Rilynt'tar

Gender: Female
Race: Human/Godspawn/Saiyan
Age: 15
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Of course she has Class.
Power Rating: 5 or B+
Description: A young woman with short blond hair that sticks up more often then not. She stands about 5'9" and is fairly muscular. She often wears simple clothing and a chain shirt, with a heavy cloak over that. She normally carries a lute in a case on her back.

Backstory: Sophia was born in Town, her parents were Lillah and Kyrian Rilyn'tar. She grew up quickly though not as fast as some of the kids of the Town. At an early age she knew she could take care of herself in most situations, and wanted to do just that. Though with two gods as parents that is often hard to do. So she made them promise not to interfere with her life, unless she died then they could save her soul and bring her back.

She has been traveling for a few years now, making a living with her musical talent and surviving with her fighting strength.