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    Allighiero di Antonio
    Faction: Enclave
    Position: Hunter
    Speech color: Sienna
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 150 lb.

    Allighiero tends to wear the most expensive clothing that he can afford, getting a bit upset if anything happens to it. As such, he doesn't tend to take it well when he's assaulted off-duty. On-duty, he generally wears more practical clothing.

    His hair is well-oiled and black, and his skin a bit swarthy. He has surprisingly good teeth, and brown eyes that generally burn with conviction.

    Backstory: Allighiero is another of the Enclave members that managed to escape all those centuries ago. Due to personality issues, he was not even considered for the rank of Knight.

    Allighiero is absurdly arrogant. He never takes his missions seriously, and is firmly of the conviction that he can accomplish his aims with a metaphorical hand behind his back. He is a braggart, and prone to overinflated speeches.

    Despite all this, however, he has a good heart, and, when he realizes that he needs to buckle down, always gives his all for the cause. He is always the last to retreat, unless explicitly commanded otherwise by a superior officer. Further, his claims are overinflated, but they are not all hot air: he is, in fact, a highly skilled, fairly powerful combatant.

    Unlike many members of the Enclave, Allighiero specializes in only one weapon; the immense maneuverability conferred by his Decursus and Tabernus runes generally make secondary weapons unnecessary. His favored weapon is a leaf-bladed spear.

    Levitas: This glyph, stored on the soles of his shoes, allows Allighiero to dramatically improve his jumping ability via a powerful updraft. Further, it also allows him to hover in place, essentially replicating basic airwalking functionality.
    Decursus: These glyphs, extremely minor ones inscribed on several points of his hunting jacket (essentially at every joint, as well as several points along the torso), allow him to maneuver much more quickly than he could otherwise via quick bursts of air. Using these runes in conjunction with Tabernus essentially allows Allighiero to fly with nigh-perfect maneuverability.
    Reconcilio: The standard Enclave hollow-hunting rune is affixed to his spear.
    Efflectum Turbo: His most powerful rune, Efflectum Turbo generates a powerful blast of wind at the tip of his spear. This can only be used in conjunction with Tabernus; using Decursus at the same time requires too much concentration. The cyclone can be used as a ranged attack, though its power quickly drops outside of fifty yards, or it can be used to add punctuation to a physical blow. It can also be used, if there's no concern for collateral damage, as a propulsion technique. Allighiero can only use this technique once every ten seconds or so.

    Battle Stats:
    Physical Strength: 40. While considerably stronger than the average human, Allighiero is small fry compared to any shinigami of Vice Captain level or above.
    Offense: 60. Allighiero is actually very skilled in close-quarters combat, and his spear is a force to be reckoned with, but his human limitations do ultimately prevent him from reaching the power of high-level shinigami or other such forces of nature.
    Defense: 20. While Allighiero's spear provides considerable offensive power, no such augmentation exists for his ability to take hits, forcing him to rely on his own raw toughness and ability to roll with blows.
    Mobility: 70. Allighiero's greatest strength, against even foes considerably stronger than he is, he remains very hard to pin down.
    Intelligence: 50. Allighiero isn't stupid, and has a fair number of tactics, but he is routinely overconfident.
    Runic Skill: 50. Allighiero is able to use multiple runes simultaneously, and his single powerful rune multiple times in relatively short succession.
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