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    Faction Profile: Evolution Electronics and Power

    Background: Long ago while the old GLoG base was intact, a certain psychic received six Zero-Point Modules from the Bushranger. These were powerful high-tech batteries, in a sense, capable of providing power for thousands of years, but with the capacity to destroy half of an Earth-sized planet if they overloaded. One went to power WATCHTOWER's airship, while one was often abused for firing gigantic lasers at targets DC really wanted eliminated. Eventually, DC got his hands on a temporary intelligence boost and modified one. This produced something called a Mass Acquisition and Conversion of Energy (MACE) Unit-modified ZPMs with far lower maximum energy capacity used to suck in ambient energies around them. In the Nexus, the sheer number of universes contributing to this produces a great amount, allowing the unit to provide power essentially indefinitely without the problem of ZPM-style destruction. DC went to the Ostari to make a deal-to produce more of these units as power for Inside. From there, DC formed the company now known as Evolution Electronics and Power.

    Leader/CEO/Owner/Whatever: DC, though this fact is not known to the public at large, instead known as a Mr. D. Halley, not publicly revealing his first name. Though someone might catch the reference in the surname, there.

    Headquarters: A tower-ish structure in Inside, by no means a skyscraper.

    Holdings: Aforementioned headquarters, a production facility/factory in Inside, and several sales buildings around the city.

    Class 1 MACE Unit: The basic version of the MACE unit, useful for powering small buildings, such as houses.

    Class 2 MACE Unit: A scaled-up version of the Class 1, needing a more dedicated installation. Useful for powering several small buildings, or a particularly large one.

    MACE Installation (Class 3 MACE Unit): A significant investment for all involved, these require construction at dedicated sites rather than normal production facilities. These could power a large section of Inside by themselves. None have been constructed as of this moment.

    Rates: Evolution charges very low rates for use of MACE units to supply power. This is due to the extreme ease of power output by MACE units-near no maintenance, and no ongoing fuel costs, for two examples. These rates will likely undercut most anything normal.

    Evolution Security: The company handles its own security with armed guards. These guards come armed with beam pistols and variable-energy rifles, both of which are notable for being former weapons used by DC. They come with light body armor, but nothing fancy. DC's not looking to start a real army.

    Secret!: DC's true purpose for the company is to provide resources for WATCHTOWER.
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