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    Detective Henry Rheims Coleby, Sharp-Eyed Investigator

    Name: Henry Rheims Coleby (just Henry, for short)
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Type: Spiritually Aware Mortal/Spiritually Active (if he's unlucky enough)
    Speech Colour: Dark Grey


    A fit, healthy man of 41 years of age, Henry has a slightly softer tone in his straight short brown hair nowadays, and the beginning of frown lines in his face. He can be found wearing his work clothes (dark blue suit, with appropriate markings) most hours of the day, truncheon (Smuggled from England) concealed and his shoes somehow kept immaculately polished at all times. A believer in doing things by the book, Henry keeps a a set of cuffs on him at all times, and his weapon is not much used. He's not trying to be fancy, or fashionable, and is therefore not a particularly interesting sight out of work, wearing a grey coat with blue shirt with plain blue jeans.


    Detective Coleby is the ultimate in unfazeable, at least in front of others. When duty is to be done, there's no time for slack-jawed amazement, although he often finds himself questioning his sanity in private. Deeply apathetic about life, he does what he can every day till the day he can do no more, not really truly in need of a reason to live. Not that he really has one. He is trained in self-defense skills, and in fact runs a club for those who wish to learn the same on weekends. He himself is tutored in kickboxing, as well as taking regular trips to the shooting range, as a way of relieving the monotony of life.


    A young man emigrated from England and took up police cadet training in Japan. He was an excellent shot, disciplined, controlled, alert and obedient. His name was Henry Rheims Coleby, and he was one of the most promising cadets the academy had seen in a long while. Two years later, he proposed to a young girl by the name of Margaret Thompson, also an immigrant. With a copious salary, excellent prospects, and respect from his colleagues, life was beginning to look good.

    Ten years later, it was all gone.

    The slide started one pupil-black night, doesn't know or care when, or where, when Henry was trudging home from work. He'd had an average day, all things considering, and was looking forward to going home to his doting wife, when he spied something glimmering in a field, nearby. Drawing his torch, the young investigator crept over to the disturbance... Next thing he knew, he woke up in hospital, mind completely blanked of anything that had happened since he saw that light. But something had happened, and it had changed Henry. From that day forward, he could see spiritual beings, out of the corner of his eye. He heard voices, or more appropriately noises, and half-saw things that made his blood run cold.

    Bit by bit, this spiritual world obsessed Henry, and his life began to unravel as this spiritual awareness became stronger. His bosses noticed his strange behaviour, and the smiles around the workplace became more and more forced. The marriage with Margaret became more and more stressed as Henry became more and more distracted with the ... things that were clarifying in his vision. He locked himself in his room for a week. This was the final straw, and soon afterward Margaret left him, taking a taxi to the airport. She never got on that plane, as the taxi was involved in a crash, killing the only woman in the world Henry had ever gotten truly close to.

    Henry's life and career imploded shortly after that, with his drinking and bouts of rage stemming from his utter inability to cope with his wife's death. His mental health deteriorated, and he was soon in a mental health ward locked away from society. His behaviour varied wildly, screaming nigh-incoherently at people no one else saw, sometimes spiralling off into utterly nonsensical rants about ghosts and spirits destroying his life. Most worryingly of all was his tendency of just blanking out and staring at the wall, not talking or even
    acknowledging the existence of anybody else.

    Eventually he was discharged. He was able to get a position on the force, but his career was shot. The rest of his life would just happen, as the collapsed tower of cards that was Henry just didn't care anymore.


    Mundane abilities:
    Henry is fairly strong and skilled, as mortals go, and is an accomplised kickboxer. His roots lie in the streets, however, and his fighting style can be best described as "barroom brawl martial arts".
    One of the best marksmen in the force, Coleby, on the rare occasions he has a firearm, is a force to be reckoned with. Well, if you're a mortal, anyway. Henry has the traditional patrolling and investigative duties down to a fine art, and usually gets the job done and the case solved.
    It's nigh-on impossible to openly terrify or astonish Henry, as he generally doesn't go in for emotion.

    Spiriual abilities:
    Spiritually Aware
    Henry has a level of spiritual awareness few mortals match. If he concentrates hard enough, he can view the various spiritual beings as though they were perfectly visible and tangible. He can even interact with them as such. He is utterly loath to do this, due to the memories it brings.

    Latent Spiritual Potential
    20 years ago, Henry wandered into something that he really shouldn'tve. All he can remember was a flash then waking up in hospital. But there was more to the incident than a simple flash of light, and Henry gained more than just spiritual sensitivity from it.

    The Full Story


    For Henry was not actually knocked unconscious by the flash. He was momentarily stunned, and when he came to he could... see something in front of him? Something big, and something person-sized... doing something. Fighting, maybe. It was rather hard to tell, considering he had had about 5 seconds to adjust to his new spiritual senitivity. So, with this limited information, Henry makes quite possibly the worst decision in his life ever.

    He approches the pair, cautiously trying to get their attention. He caught their attention alright, and an arm across the face from the large figure. After picking hismelf up sans a few ribs from a nearby tree, Henry against all advice tried to limp back up to the pair, this time shouting. He manages to distract the smaller figure enough to get it punched through a tree, and is rounded on by the other figure. A rather unlikely way to die all told, but Henry looked to be going that way anyway.

    Until he realises that the smaller figure dropped something - a sword. As the monstrosity in front of him prepared to turn him to mush, he scrabbles over and hacks desperately at the creature with all his strength. This proved to be surprisingly effective, inflicting deep gashes in the Hollow's leg...

    ...Distracting it just enough for the other figure to reenter next to Henry. He didn't know this at the time, but the form above him was a Fae, more precisely a Fian. And according to the rules of his kingdom, he really shouldn't involve mortals in his business. But this particular Fae is not under the rules of his kingdom, having left it as a Fian, and he figures he needs the help. He didn't even like the rules anyway.

    Henry is no longer sure what the hell is going on, and his confusion is further compounded by the figure he had just helped out wrenching his sword from him and plunging it into his chest. Next thing he knows, he's standing next to the Fae that stabbed him with a flanged mace in his hand. With thousands of questions surging through his mind, he attacks the beast in front of him with his inexplicable new weapon. With a satisfying crunch, he lays the beast low with his 'friend's' help.

    But the Fae is having second thoughts about giving power to a mortal. As Henry turns to ask him what is going on he is stabbed again, there is another flash of light, and he is back on the floor. With a gaping hole in his lung. He soon loses consciousness.

    This may all seem irrelevant to Henry today. But if the impetuous young Fae had actually listened to his elders about the subject, he'd have known that you can't really do what he tried to do. So his attempt to stab Henry in a spiritual focus point resulted in Henry's powers being sealed away, and him losing all memory of his about a minute of being a spiritual warrior. It was a pretty strong seal, all told, but it wasn't maintained at all. As it wore away over the 20 years, Henry grew more and more spiritually aware, eventually reaching the level he is now. In fact, the seal is just about ready to break... All it would take at this point would be to regain that two minutes or so of memory that he lost all those years ago.

    Treoir Anam - Túr Cruach
    A flanged mace with a long handle. Seems to be made from steel with a vine pattern inlaid with oak on the handle.

    Spirit and Inner World
    Túr Cruach takes the form of a sarcastic brown-haired woman of about the same age as Henry. She wears flowing robes of green and carries with her a huge tower shield of granite. By all rights she really should not be able to even lift that thing but she seems to have absolutely no trouble with it at all.

    Shockingly enough, the tower she resides in is indeed plated with steel although the interior is stone. When Henry is not there, she spends her time in the uppermost throne room which is fashioned entirely out of copper. This may not seem a big deal, but outside the tower is storm shattered wetland that sees constant lightning strikes. When Henry is ready to recieve Rhyddhau, he must cross the throne room to reach Túr Cruach, a sort of test of courage.

    Rhyddhau (not achieved yet)

    "Quash them, Túr Cruach."
    Túr Cruach's handle lengthens and its head changes until eventually it becomes a 5 ft. steel maul. The heavier maul hits with greater force, allowing Henry to land some seriously heavy hits. This does however impair his swing speed and mobility because seriously, the thing's freaking huge.

    In addition, the maul crackles with electricity, delivering an electric shock along with the blows it lands. Attacks that Henry manages to block have a similar effect on the attacker, although the effect is resistable and if they know what they're doing the shock can be avoided entirely. The electricity also does absolutely nothing against energy attacks.

    The head of the maul can deflect energy attacks (he literally bats them away) up to a point. A Hado 10 could be knocked aside without much effort, a Hado 40 would be (just) doable but a Gran Ray Cero? Hahahahaha no.

    There is another use for this electricity- Henry can bring the maul down on the ground with an almighty thud echoed by a rumble of thunder in the sky. That's all the warning the target gets before it is smashed by a bolt of lightning from the sky that is between Henry's current unchanted and chanted Silakus ability ( so if he could cast Silakus 40 unchanted and 50 chanted the bolt would be around Silakus 45.) This ability tires him out after a few uses, however.

    Scileanna Laochra: Henry mainly uses his mace's hefty weight to block strikes and deliver devastating swings. In theory. In practice, since he's never taken a class in Medieval Weaponry, he can only really be called a novice at best.

    Ystwythder: You would think zipping around like a maniac would be bad when you were using a lump of metal on a stick as a weapon. You would be right. Henry is frankly lucky that he doesn't leave his liver behind when he uses this technique. Most definitely on the low(...est) end of the spectrum - it's apparent that this will never be his strong suit even from day one.

    Gan a Arm: Henry retains his kickboxing skills. With training, he will be able to improve this technique and maybe work some of his other spiritual skills into the mix.

    Ealaín: Henry, when he actually figures out that there is such a thing as Ealaín, will have the potential to become decent in Giresusu. Despite all of his efforts, though, he will probably never become that good in Silakus.

    Potential Abilities
    Scileanna Laochra: Henry mainly uses his mace's hefty weight to block strikes and deliver devastating swings. He'll become quite effective, although his style will by necessity never become quite as fluid as someone with a sword.

    Ystwythder: Henry isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but this is far, far from his strongest suit. He will become quite fast but afterimages will never feature in his battle tactics. Mostly because he'll never figure them out. A prodigy, Henry ain't.

    Gan a Arm: Henry retains his kickboxing skills and laces them with speed, strength and dexterity far beyond any mortals. This is definitely one of his better skills, but don't expect anything too fancy.

    Ealaín: Henry, when he actually figures out that there is such a thing as Ealaín, will be able to use Giresusu up to 82 with a chant and 60 without, and Silakus up to 65 with a chant and 45 without.

    Decima Sector


    The Decima Sector sits right next to the Primera Sector, although the Palacio is much smaller. At least, it's a much smaller part of the Sector. It's a tower composing of 10 floors with 10 rooms to each floor, and the Decima Espada's office is in the 10th room of the 10th floor. Apart from this adhesion to the number 10, there is very little actual styling. The rooms are sparse and functional, including meeting rooms and individual barracks for the Fraccion, as well as training areas and a War Room on the floor below the Espada's floor. From the outside, the building looks grey and soulless, like a large keep with almost no decoration apart from a balcony at the top and a large X chiseled into the side and coloured black. However, the building manages to stand menacingly above the Sector despite its blandness. The first two floors of the Palacio are open to soldiers for administrative work and other duties.

    This sector of Las Noches is devoted entirely to war. There are no civilian buildings here, no general residence. The decor is the same is the keep, monotone and dead. Several military offices not related to actual army work, such as the imposing prefecture, built in jet black and with the Decima Prefecture emblem, an emotionless iron mask, adorned over the imposing gate, and the forges where zanpakuto are repaired and war machines built, the Sector is comprised mostly of barracks. Each soldier gets basic accomodation, but no more, as the barracks were built for quantity, huge 5-storied affairs capable of holding 100 soldiers each, with a grand total of 6 buildings. The remaining space is taken up by practice grounds, roads and The Square.

    The attitude of this sector is different to most. Apolinar regularly checks for plotting against anybody, as it is considered the highest crime to be disloyal. However, ambition is not discouraged, as it is perfectly possible to advance via challenging your superior to a duel. All in all the structure of the place is militaristic, with the Commander in Chief being Von Geister, and the General being Apolinar. The Lieutenants are Fraccion, and all other ranks are assigned to Numeros who are believed to be deserving. Fraccion should watch out, as those below them often seek to surpass them.

    Law and Order

    The Ten Laws of the Decima Sector are as follows:

    1. Do not kill a comrade in arms unless a duel to the death has been approved at the Scribe's office, situated on the first floor of the Palacio.

    2. Theft in any form will be punished harshly. Any who cannot live on their own means are clearly unfit for a soldier's life, and on the same token he who cannot be trusted to do something as simple as keep his hands to himself cannot reasonably be expected to be trusted to stand alongside his comrades in battle.

    3. Retreating is forbidden, unless the odds became so stacked that further fighting becomes a waste of manpower.

    4. Conspiring to overthrow others is a crime. All attempts to ascend the ranks must either come from merit or from killing the man above you in an appointed duel.

    5. Prisoners must be taken only on orders of the Decima, the Primera or the King of Hollows. Mercy is an unforgivable sin. If Mei asks you to divert some prisoners to her for 'private purposes', DON'T. You'll never see them again.

    6. All Numeros residing in the Sector must train for at least 5 hours a day. Laziness will not be tolerated.

    7. The Prefects are the Decima's eyes, ears, and blades. Assault on a Prefect, no matter the circumstances, is a crime.

    8. Do not form any kind of relationship other than comradeship or friendship. To submit to lust is to submit to your enemy.

    9. Purposeful damage to any structure or anything inside it is a crime, as taking your emotions out on your surroundings shows a clear lack of restraint.

    10. A false accusation of breach of any of the above nine Laws is illegal and dishonest, and earns the highest penalty.

    A breach of any of the Above Laws, once proven, half of the time results in execution by the Prefecture in The Square, a featureless slab of onyx in the middle of the Sector, decorated by nothing more than a executioner's block. Torture is not a punishment, due to it's inefficiency. The other half, the (doubtfully) fortunate, are handed over to Primera Genoveva for 'processing'.

    The Prefecture is comprised of 10 Prefects. Enveloped in a black cloak with substantial armour underneath, they carry a staff topped with a skull and wear a unique mask. In descending order of rank, the Prefects are Blank, whose mask is the emotionless one featured on the Prefecture's emblem, Rage, whose mask is a rusted red and twisted into an expression of rage, Comedy, who wears the mask of ancient Greek comedy, Tragedy, who wears the ancient Greek tragedy mask, Death, who, as can be imagined, has a skull mask, Pain, whose mask has been contorted into one of suffering and agony, Fear, who wears a terrified face, Distrust, who wears a mask on the front and back of his head, one smiling, one grimacing, Silent, who wears a mouthless mask in the grip of some horrible frustration, and Slumber, who wears a glass mask with closed eyes. These 10 are trained from the volunteers among the strongest of the Numeros and are only slightly weaker than the Fraccion, although noticeably so. These men and women have forsaken career advancement to uphold the law for whatever reason, and although their main duty is to keep the peace, they can be called up to fight if necessary, or sent on missions, as the Fraccion can assist with keeping the law. The masks are provided by the Decima Espada, so the masks correspond to set ranks rather than individual agents. If they seem overly dramatic, remember that Apolinar's dad was an artist and actor, so they probably are.

    General Apolinar Rodriguez, Privaron #110, Commander of the Ciudad Baja Army


    Age: 452 years old, counting mortal life (422 afterwards)
    Height: 6'1"
    Aspect of Death: Pride/Honour
    Allegiance: Privaron Espada, Las Noches
    Weight: 189
    Reiatsu: A dark blue, tinged with dark red and smelling faintly of the ocean
    Speech colour: Navy
    Tall and somewhat imposing, Apolinar is never found without his armour and helmet, or without his 16th century Spanish soldier's uniform. A fairly lean man who looks to be in his thirties, he sports black hair, a beard and moustache of middling length and his Hollow Mask, which is a steel plate adorned with a depiction of crashing waves strapped over his left eye. His 400 years without an eye seem to have given him plenty of time to accomodate for this lack of depth perception, and he shows no signs of being hindered by the missing eye. Incidentally, the Hollow Hole is his left eye, in case anyone was wondering why he has to wear an eyepatch. The main standout feature is most definitely how haggard he looks. His skin is ghostly pale, and there is a definite... dampness about him. He looks slightly pruned, almost as if he had spent some time at the bottom of the sea...

    The general's temperament has always been reserved, polite and gentlemanly. Discipline is all with this man; he feels nothing but disgust for those who step out of line, regardless of punishment. When riled, however, he becomes a regular old dog of war, abandoning tact, social graces, but never obedience, in favour of uncompromising brutality. He owes everything to Las Noches, as his fealty to them gives him that all important reason to live, and would obey any orders except the ridiculous without question.

    Apolinar was born in 1558. His father, Roderigo, was an artist with a great love for Greek mythology. Despite his father's protests, Apolinar joined the Spanish Army, and became renowned for his strict sense of honour and discipline. However, on that fateful day in 1588, when the fire ships burned into the harbour at Gravelines, Apolinar found himself and the ship he was on in the heat of battle as the Armada was pushed into the Channel. There, his ship was shot to pieces and the men dived off like rats. Surrounded and basically alone on a sinking wreck, Apolinar cursed the evacuating sailors, and spat in the face of the captain as he climbed aboard one of the boats. He started to load the cannons himself, but a chain shot hit the mast and it toppled down on top of him. The ship soon folded up and sank to the bottom, and that was the last anyone saw of Sargeant Apolinar Rodriguez.

    Unfortunately, no one thought to check that last statement with Rodriguez himself. After several days wandering on the seabed, he came up, expecting to see the glorious Armada back on course. Instead what he saw was devastation. The glorious, invincible Armada... a spot on which Rodriguez had been preparing for his whole life... was in full rout. Helpless, he watched and raged helplessly as the ships dashed against the rocks, and thousands of his comrades died, not fighting gloriously, but begging for mercy. It hit him, starkly, in that moment, the sheer weakness of humanity, how easily it hid itself, no matter the punishment. It did not take long for him to Hollowify after that.

    Maybe the Fae were on holiday. Maybe he just didn't do that much. But after slaughtering his parents in a blind rage, Apolinar toured Britain, terrorising children as a malevolent Hollow spirit, even killing some, in a state of total anger. How dare they mock Spain!? How DARE they mock ME!? Eventually this slowly passed, and a new, yet at the same time old, feeling came back to haunt him: Guilt. He was a child murderer. Fratricidal. Matricidal. What had happened to the honour and chivalry that had guided him so far? Being a soldier, and not one to give in at that, Apolinar came to realise just how little these meant on their own. It is about this time that Apolinar became an Arrancar, somewhere around 50 years after his death. The souls he had consumed up to this point made him strong enough to survive, but only just. Making his way to Hueco Mundo, Rodriguez became a Numeros after pledging fealty to the King of Hollows. The next 400 years involved him getting strong enough to work up to Espada status, thanks to almost-obsessive training. His rise is made all the more remarkable considering the narrow timespan.

    Physical Abilities
    Apolinar is moderately strong, and very skilled at extreme close quarter grappling. He does not use punches and kicks much, and when he does it's really nothing spectacular, about the same as you would see in a street brawl except quite a bit faster.

    Standard Arrancar Powers:

    Bala- Apolinar does not really go in for Bala, and when he does, he usually uses it as a decoy before an actual strike. It isn't really that harmful, due to his lack of practice, but it is quite flashy, and may be of some offenisve use against unseated shinigami.
    Cero- Comes out of his mouth, and is essentially blood-tainted seawater, which may have once been coughed up from his lungs, in an energy form. Hard hitting and almost bullet-fast it's exceptionally hard to dodge, but it's by no means a killer blow and requires a couple of seconds charging beforehand, and he has to drop some hierro away from his facial area while he performs it.
    Hierro- Nigh-invulnerable. Easily one of the best, if not the best, among Espada. Anything short of a Vice Captain will simply not hurt him when he is at full capacity. At all.
    Garganta- Portal to other dimensions. Nothing more to say really, as Apolinar has an average skill in this.
    Sonido-His sonido is respectable, but still nothing compared to his fellow Espada. About as fast as lower-end seated Shinigami in a straight line, corners like a toboggan on ice. Certainly of little use in battle.
    Pesquisa- Fast (about 1 second), and far reaching, but quite indistinct, not giving anything other than direction. It's basically a sonar ping, in that respect. If he wants more detail, Apolinar can focus upon one person above all others, but only within about 50m.

    Zanpakutō: Precio del Deber

    Appearance: A battle-worn halberd, with an elongated tip which makes the weapon look more like a pike.


    "Rompan, olas, contra el acero del honor"
    ("Break, ye waves, against Honour's steel...")

    A fairly accurate description of what this entails. Scales form over Apolinar's skin, although this is hard to notice against the sudden thickening of his armour: suddenly a full suit of plate, as worn by feudal knights. It's heavy, but it feels significantly lighter to Apolinar; about the weight of his regular uniform in fact. Although this helps somewhat against attacks, the main defense increase comes from the fusing of his hierro with this armour, allowing him to treat it like his own flesh and blood for channeling his hierro, which is now strengthened significantly, making him basically impossible to hurt to anyone except the strongest of opponents until he lowers his defenses. He's still slow as all heck though.
    Glorious Fusilade: His strikes, although no faster, can, at the price of some fatigue, gain the force of a ship cannon's broadside. When this happens, the blade of his weapon glows white-hot, and the crashing of waves can be heard. He can alternately, provided he stands stock still and lowers his defenses, channel this energy into a heavy cannon bombardment. Think his cero, on fire, shot 20 times at once, wide to narrowish spread, depending on Apolinar's wish.
    Sea Control: Apolinar can do such things as raise up a wave to shield against incoming attacks, and cause eddies and currents to catch those in the water off balance, but really this is not anything more than the occasional fancy trick.

    Segunda Etapa (Can perform, but has never used it before)

    "Para su deber, todos los hombres deben estar dispuestos a morir..."
    ("For their duty, all men should be willing to die...")
    The armour from Resureccion explodes from Apolinar's body to the accompaniment of a large burst of seawater, revealing what is left of the man underneath. His height increases to 10ft and his skin becomes totally covered with scales. His face is now practically falling off his skull now, sagging down like a corpse lost in the sea for years. Hooked chains he has hidden under his armour since the day he became an Arrancar fly forth, ready to use. His voice is very clearly no longer human, although his general shape remains so. This is reasonably close to the form he had as a hollow, marauding England as a lost sailor's spirit consumed with rage.
    Chains of Servitude
    Apolinar's chains go where he wills and have a 30 ft. range. They are deadly weapons in their own right, as is his Zanpakuto, which stays in his hands, the one defining feature that tells between Hollow and Arrancar. They hit about as hard as he does, and he can use them to shoot cero.
    Insulted Rage
    Surprisingly, Apolinar's Hierro actually weakens to somewhere between normal and Resureccion, and his control of it deteriorates somewhat. This is offset by the fact that he hits a lot harder.
    This maneuver is preceded by Apolinar sprouting six extra chains beforehand. This takes a few seconds, and like Glorious Fusilade requires him to drop defenses somewhat, but once he gets started he creates a malestrom of spiritual energy, that drags his opponents in to within chain range, where Apolinar is spinning like a top with his chains spinning like a buzzsaw. The chains hit like they usually do, but many times in a short space of time, meaning that anyone in that area is going to recieve a colossal amount of punishment.

    Noboru Hideyaki, 3rd Seat, 7th Division


    Name: Noboru Hideyaki (Family, Given)
    Age: 250
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 110
    Allegiance: Sereitei, 7th Division Soul Reaper
    Reiatsu: Dark, metallic and tasting faintly of oil
    Noboru Hideyaki is a tall, slender man who appears to be about 20, whose build could best be described as 'efficient'. There is literally not a single spare inch of fat between the muscles and the skin, no room for wastage allowed, only the bare minimum permitted. He wears his uniform almost canstantly, and has immaculately-kept short black hair. His face is gaunt thanks to his diet, although apart from that he seems to be in perfect health. His Zanpakuto, a naginata, is kept beneath his uniform at about hip height, with the end of the handle coming to his shoulder and the tip of the blade to his thigh. His uniform has been very slightly modified for ease of access.

    The one man in the entire Soul Society who makes Emet look downright bleeding-hearted, Hideyaki has exhibited very little emotion, and even then it's doubtful if he actually expressed it or it just sounded like he was. When addressed, he look his addresser straight in the eye, without any tells or even hints of untoward thought. Widely held to be nigh-invincible at poker as a result, that is if he'll actually play. The only thing that seems to be an annoyance to him is wastefulness, which in his eyes is anything except work.

    As might be expected, Hideyaki is an incredibly efficient worker with an amazing skill at mathematics. Ask him to calculate the exact angle of a ladder to a wall to minimize climb time, and Hideyaki will calculate the angle to three decimal places, and point out that this was a silly waste of a ladder, in the time it took your average Shinigami to stop scratching their heads in confusion. He finishes all paperwork assigned to him in record time, and oversees maintenance with mechanical precision. Has been called "Vice-Captain Calculator", although he hasn't noticed, or just ignored it if he had. He may in fact take some pride in it, though good luck trying to tell.


    You may be asking yourself, "how can a person behave this way realistically?" Well, they can't. This is not the true personality of Noboru Hideyaki. The name of the entity controlling his body is none other than his Zanpakuto spirit, Shinkeisuijaku. His personality is already well-described.

    Shinkeisuijaku took over from Hideyaki mostly because it was charged with his protection, and as Hideyaki was in great danger of destroying himself and everything around him, the Zanpakuto spirit took the reins, turning Hideyaki into the man he is today.

    Hideyaki himself is utterly insane. It is doubtful he is even sentient anymore. His mind was so broken by the events of the past it has shattered beyond recovery, consigning Shinkeisuijaku to a life of stewardship. It's wielder's shattered mind did not even seem to notice the takeover, stumbling into the void as soon as Shinkeisuijaku took control. Everyone is an enemy to Hideyaki, all must die, all must suffer, all must be driven into the same state he is. He's become a nigh-mindless force of destruction, which is a shame because he used to be a pretty decent guy all told.


    Hideyaki came into the Soul Society as a purified Menos 250 years ago. He quickly rose through the ranks of the 7th, soon becoming well known as a hard worker, dependable, kind and above all honest. However, 150 years ago that changed. It is unknown what happened to him, perhaps he walked in at exactly the wrong moment and had his mind deconstructed forcefully by one of the 13th's stranger devices, perhaps he was attacked by a Hollow on field work.

    About the same time, a female unseated Shinigami disappeared. Whatever happened to Hideyaki is vague, but the next bit of the story is clear. He had been seeing her for a while, and was actually about to marry her in secret. Unfortunately, whatever madness has taken root in his mind was flourishing, and rotting the rest of him. As a result, he lost control as he walked into her abode, drew his naginata and struck down the horrified and heartbroken girl in a single strike. When he came to, he realised what he had done, and well, it was a downward spiral from there.

    Of course, the only one who knows the truth is Hideyaki himself, because otherwise he would be in the Maggot's Nest or dead right about now. But in the end, this knowledge destroyed him more throrughly than an executioner's blade ever could. His Zanpakuto Spirit, a metal man with a singleminded focus on protecting his master, saw nothing wrong with intervening and removing control from the obviously unfit Hideyaki. After all, he was supposed to protect his master's life at all costs, and his master's mind was just one such cost...

    To the outside world, Hideyaki seemed to just... lose all feeling. His emotions died and his stare became blank, but he was now frighteningly efficent. Such men, such master beaureaucrats and mathematicians, could make a living in the 7th, and indeed he did.


    Kido: Has some minor talent here. Can perform every type of kido up to 6.
    Zanjutsu: Very skilled in naginata use, not proficient in other weapons. Can wield a naginata at the speed most wield a katana.
    Hakuda:Has some minor skill here, but really not his forte.
    Hoho: Very fast shunpo. Not the fastest, but he doesn't exactly tire of it either, and it doesn't really disrupt him. Quite maneuverable, too.

    Zanpakuto: Shinkeisuijaku

    A long, straight naginata, with a serrated blade and entwining grey and black ribbons. The shaft is reinforced by steel and partially collapsible.

    Zanpakuto Spirit
    Shinkeisuijaku takes the form of a mechanical man about fifteen foot in height, with cogs visible in his torso.

    Inner World
    There is nothing here but a void with a circle of candles and Shinkeisuijaku standing in the middle, arms crossed over his chest and body unmoving. The candles form a ward against the invaders from Hideyaki's warped psyche. There used to be more here, until Shinkeisuijaku took over from Hideyaki. Now, having taken the madness gripping Hideyaki as his own burden, this is all that remains of his world, the rest having been corroded. When Shinkeisuijaku opens it's arms, then Shikai is activiated and the candles gutter. Space seems to twist around outside the candles. If Bankai is ever achieved and used, Shinkeisuijaku will blow out the candles, allowing the madness to claim him as he releases his full power.

    "I will smash your mind."
    Hideyaki mutters these words almost-inaudibly, mostly because he doesn't feel the need to talk loudly. Sometimes, he even does away with the words.
    First, a change of mentality seems to come over Hideyaki. He gets just a tad more emotive, and a lot nastier in his speech. His words begin to make less sense, and finally he gets a sadistic streak a mile wide. This is because when the Zanpakuto releases itself, it has to divert power from the seal keeping the real Hideyaki at bay. Y'know, the omnicidal maniac.

    As for actual power, the Zanpakuto begins to... flicker. The immediate area around the blade begins to twist and warp, and the blade only barely seems to remain in reality at times. Half-glimpsed figures of things that should not be dance across the blade, and a faint, offputting screeching, the kind that gets into your teeth, can be heard. When in this state, the blade does not cause physical injuries. Rather, it slices at the mind of its target, poisoning dear memories, defiling personalites, and eating like corrosive acid through conscious thought. The mental wounds are seeded with madness, which quickly turns them septic. This can be resisted, quite capably so in fact if the target has strong willpower. Alternately, if killing is the order of the day, the power can be channeled into Hideyaki's body, making him appear to be in several different places at once. The multitude of different Hideyoshis in the resultant blurred eyesore makes him quite difficult to hit, and he can even, when he shunpos, send off some images of himself in different directions. Right now, though, he can only do this once, and of course the blade just functions as in his unrealeased state if he takes this option, although he can switch.

    Unachieved. Probably never will. Expect things to get really nasty, though, if it happens. It'll be the end for Hideyaki as we know him, for sure.

    Roger Beaton, S.W.O.R.D Agent 02

    Gender: Male
    Age: 56
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 150
    Reiatsu: Green
    Faction: S.W.O.R.D
    Codename: "Steel Resolve"

    A shock of blond graying hair almost hides two bright blue eyes. His skin, although weathered, seems to bear mostly laughter lines, although closer inspecation may reveal that it wasn't exactly a pleasant kind of laughter. Nonetheless, he usually wears a grey suit with matching trousers and a white shirt, no tie, and posesses the kind of smile that says "Don't worry yourself now, Uncle Beaton's gonna make sure it's all right."

    At 'work', he looks much the same, except he now wears sunglasses, and seems to carry some kind of wallet around with him in his pocket at all times. He is often seen with a suitcase and although it cannot be seen by all but the most perceptive, he has a long slender revolver holstered on the left inside of his jacket, along with some small round objects that resemble metal snooker balls with buttons. On the right inside there is something that looks like a laptop kept in a specially-made pocket.


    Beaton is a friendly and outgoing man who likes nothing better than to help the citizens of the town he lives in. Steel Resolve is a cold, distant individual who sees only 'threat' and 'not threat'. Roger likes to regale the local children with stories of his hiking across America and Britain, while doing favours for the locals. Steel Resolve doesn't do stories, and views the locals as misguided sheep.

    Such is the nature of this man, two personalities that are so utterly in conflict with each other that it beggars belief how he stays sane. Perhaps he doesn't. Any who know him would be astonished by the man who actually helped a mother deliver in his own garage before the ambulance arrived, and then, when on duty, simply walked across the other side of the street when a speeding vehicle mowed her down before speeding off. He even grieved at the funeral later, as Roger Beaton, without even the slightest remorse or guilt.

    Steel Resolve's loyalty to S.W.O.R.D is unquestionable, and his comittment to its goals unshakeable. His role as combat engineer, inventor and repairman is a role he takes up with relish, or at least with determination. He doesn't give much of a clue which. His only concern during action is the wellbeing of his comrades and of the faction. Having said that, his allegiance to S.W.O.R.D outweighs his allegiance to his allies, and if Agent 0 commands it, he would turn all his devices on his comrades and friends.

    Roger Beaton worked as a medium in Britain, taking advantage of his spiritual sensitivity to make a decent living. Of course, most spirits didn't hang around, but that didn't stop Roger. Upon immigrating to Japan, he opened his garage in Pheonix Town, taking advantage of his education at home. It was soon afterwards that he came to the attention of S.W.O.R.D., who promptly took him in. As he rose through the ranks, he gradually developed the personality that became Steel Resolve, slowly becoming more desenitised to his work. Meanwhile, he developed his identitiy of Roger Beaton to be one of the most morallly upstanding people in the town. No, ol' Roger would never do anything like that, would he...?


    As he frequently has to travel thanks to the nature of his work, and thanks to his duty as an engineer and inventor, Steel Resolve has both the widest selection of tools and one of the most subtle. He is geared more towards combat support, although he does have a pistol and a knife, and very special ones at that. The knife and dial are kept on his person even when off duty.

    Spiritual Shock Knife
    A perfectly ordinary steel blade, this knife has a curious device on the hilt that acts very much like a mini-dial. When used on ordinary mortal targets, it's just a knife. When used on spiritual targets or mortals with any spiritual powers to speak of, it absorbs a decent amount of energy very quickly. The small device can't hold this energy for more than a millisecond, so it is fed through to energy converters in the base of the blade that turns the energy into a nasty electrical shock. An average Hollow would be hit with about 200 to 300 volts. However tbis function can only be used twice at most, before the device shuts off to prevent burnout.

    Tag Revolver
    This revolver fires reishi bullets or normal ones, depending on target. It also has a tag function which works with whatever devices Agent 2 has built. It paints a target on the victim, which amplifies their Reiatsu's visibility. As the turrets. suppressors and such work on Reiatsu recognition, this meants it will be extremely difficult to hide from their gaze, or that of Agent 2 himself. It also works on his teammates. Steel Resolve carries ten of these tag rounds with him at all times.

    Kept in his wallet. No different in function to others.

    The shades that this agent wears aren't just for style. They in effect amplify his spiritual awareness and allow him to scan and record individual data logs for each spiritual entity met, cross referenced with the weapon database for tactics and weaponry that are effective to use. All in all, a excellent tactical resource.

    Personal Augmentation System Mark 5
    This is the laptop-like device, and it is this which sees the most use in general. Upon application to an arm, the device spreads out, providing lightweight flexible armour up to the shoulder that can take a few hits. Its main use lies in strength amplification and other utilities, however. The arm which the device is applied to has its strength augmented to inhuman levels, and the Augmentation System also builds tools into the gauntlet part of it. These are mostly things for engineering, like a welder, screwdriver, stuff like that. This device is used on the field for emergency repairs and battlefield assistance.

    Apart from the spiritual radar built in, the sleek black car is mostly used to storing things in. Like the emplacements. It's mostly an ordinary car, which some may find surprising.

    "Combat Engineer" isn't just a meaningless title. He can deploy, after maneuvering the kit into position, a defensive structure within 15 seconds flat. His car can only hold 2 at once, but he has a wide variety to choose from.
    Landmines - Reiatsu sensing, come in packs of 5. It's pretty much the same as a mortal landmine.
    Reiatsu Turret - Reiatsu sensing. Same principle as the Shock Knife, in fact it was the knife's predecessor. It drains spiritual energy from the target, then transfers it back along the spiritual link as a heat ray. Keeps some stored, so as to weaken the target's spiritual ability. Huge capacity, although upon destruction all energy is transferred back to the original owner.
    Spiritual Suppressor - An indiscriminate suppressor of spiritual energy. It's basically S.W.O.R.D's answer to seki-seki, and works much the same way, creating a spiritual dead-zone in a medium-sized area around itself. This does include Agents, however.
    Gatling Turret - Visual sensing, it works on infrared. It's self explantory, really. See target, tear it to shreds. Does not benefit from tagging.

    This is the basic array, but as an inventor nothing's stopping Steel Resolve from making up more.

    General Abilities

    Close Quarters- Roger is a decent fighter, although he has to rely mostly on his knife.
    Ranged - A good shot with his weapon, but nothing spectacular.
    Mechanic - Roger is an expert at all kinds of machinery, and is the go-to man for gadgets.
    Strength - Good, for a mortal. Relies once again on his tools, though.
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