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    Gary Tumack

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 32

    Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Good (He has elements of both, and won't always seek to go after or constantly be against evil beings)

    Class: Chemical/Mechanical Engineer

    Power Rating: D (without his vehicle and other preparations)

    Description: A man of average height and build, Gary's appearance isn't particularly special in many regards. He is lightly muscled, rather wiry, and has a paler skin tone than most men his age. His features are a combination of rounded and angular, with a short nose and cleft chin, but a smooth, round face. His head is shaved, almost bald but for a constant grey shadow of his hair that covers his bare scalp.

    His hands are callused and rough from his work as an engineer, and parts of them are scarred with chemical burns. You'll typically find him wearing work clothes, such as overalls, sleeveless white shirts (covered in assorted stains) and goggles for eye protection.

    Finally, his eyes are a solid, sharp grey. His eyebrows are very thin and rather light in color.

    Equipment and Abilities: Gary's most prominent possession is a large, rail-less train-like vehicle that he has christened the Nelle. It is composed of advanced, powerful Elven technology combined with Gary's own mechanical aptitude. It is a four-carred, lengthy vehicle with a combination of treads and tires to provide locomotion. These combined allow it to pass over or through a variety of terrain. He rides this train everywhere. It his his home and his greatest pride and joy, for a large number of reasons. Not only does it possess competent weapons systems, it can become an armoured instrument of death at any given moment.

    Upon this train he keeps his other possessions. Being a borderline pyromaniac and demolitions expert, he keeps a variety of explosive devices (all his own designs or stolen weapons) on hand at any given moment. Though he doesn't just randomly set things on fire, he enjoys a good explosion now and then. They are beautiful things.

    Besides these, he keeps three different weapons on the train. First, a small 9mm pistol, always by his hip. Second, a double barreled Ruger Gold Label shotgun by his bedstead. Third, a Russian-style RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launcher. Also by his bedstead. He's collected quite a few souvenirs in his travels. Some oddities, some dangerous, some powerful. He knows how to utilize very few of them, however. I'll elaborate more on what special items he possesses in character.

    His abilities generally consist of an extreme proficiency for mechanical and chemical engineering, allowing him to build or create whatever machines and weapons he requires. His chemical engineering is primarily utilized for the creation explosives, but he's found other ways to use it in the past. He tried building battle armour once, using all his skill... it didn't work out so well.

    After ten years as an adventurer, Gary also has some skill with firearms, about the average abilities of a standard human soldier.


    Gary was born to a low-class TOWN family. The Tumacks had been this way for generations, living off what they could get a hold of in the Slums. The last Tumack who'd made it big was Gary's grandfather, a weapons tycoon. Gary wanted to be the next. So he purposely excelled in school, just barely earning a scholarship.

    The first chance he got, he went off to the cheapest university he could find and set to work learning chemical and mechanical engineering. He loved it. Being a borderline pyromaniac, and part-time arsonist, he put most of his time into creating demolitions equipment.

    After he left school, he tried selling his equipment. Business didn't much pick up, but he got by.

    He soon found a new calling: as an adventurer. The work was exciting, dangerous, and several parties were desperately in need of someone with mechanical know-how. So he hopped in his RV and set out with some exploratory friends.

    For over a decade Gary travelled the multiverse, learning about the ACRONYMs, the different worlds, and the myriad dangers that awaited transdimensional travellers. The majority of two parties died in his presence, the rest disbanding or setting out on their own.

    It was with his third party that Gary happened upon a city of the Elves. It wasn't like other Elven cities: these were the elves of the future, possessing graceful, sleek technology and genius-level scientists. The elves welcomed adventurers, being an almost entirely Neutral Good city. This was where Gary first began to lean towards the forces of good.

    It was also where he met Nelle, the love of his life. She was a beautiful Elven missionary working to help the less fortunate races of her world. The two met when Gary unknowingly entered an Elven temple of Salaria, Goddess of Healing and Shelter.

    From then on they began dating. Gary's adventuring party left, refusing to stay to satisfy the desires of a single comrade. The relationship between the engineer and the priestess grew intimate after a time, and Gary asked Nelle to come back to TOWN with him. She declined, saying her place was here with those who need her. She made a counter-offer: for him to stay there, and to be with her.

    Gary was torn between a triumphant, happy return to his home and a life with Nelle. In the end, he decided to leave. Those years as an adventurer had produced a wanderlust in the engineer's heart. He had to know what TOWN was like so many years later. But Nelle swore she would visit Gary one day, perhaps when her work was finally done.

    Gary had become friends with many elves during his stay. He was a well-liked human amidst a varitable sea of immigrants. After a time, he had managed to get some friendly Elven engineers together.

    These Engineers helped him turn his RV into something amazing. It became the streamlined, powerful vehicle described above, a perfect tool for an adventurer. They even installed a Portal drive in the vehicle, allowing Gary to travel from world to world without the aid of others. Gary thanked his friends, said a long goodbye to Nelle, and set off back to TOWN.

    It would be another year before he finally made it back. And here is where a new chapter of Gary's life begins: here, at his home, in TOWN. He named his new vehicle after his elven love, christening it the Nelle and emblazoning the name on the side of the pilot's car. He isn't quite sure where he'll go yet. He's not even sure if he's still in a relationship with Nelle. All he knows is that there are some adventures to be had.

    Personality: Gary is paranoid. That is the very best description of his psyche. He is overly-cautious, obsessive, and often very panicky if things don't going too well. Not entirely fearful panic, either. Violent panic. However, this panic is often tempered by years of experience as an adventurer, so he can keep a level head in a fight where the odds are at least pretty favorable. If he's nearly killed more than once or twice, however, don't expect him to be all sunshine and rainbows.

    Gary is not an easy person to get to know. He often is very distrustful of people's motives, and he tends to be unfriendly if you make a bad impression. If he does like you, however, he tends to be a little chatty, if not hospitable. He may avoid telling you much about himself at first, but if you're nice, he probably won't have a problem. He has a particular like for elves after spending so long in one of their cities.

    Gary is also a borderline pyromaniac. Fire is beautiful when utilized correctly, or so he sees it. Explosives aren't just tools, they're art in his eyes. If he can get away with blowing something up for no reason at all, he'll probably do it.
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