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    Hueco Mundo Character Post
    (Soul Society Characters, Mortal World Characters 1, Mortal World Characters 2, and Organizations & Miscellaneous Things)

    Vicente, Fraccion to the Cuarta Espada
    Name: Vicente Ortiz
    Gender: Male
    Age: ~600, counting his short mortal life, and his days as a non-Arrancar Hollow. ~475 years as an Arrancar.
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Reiatsu: Dark Slate Grey (OOC: Speech also bolded)
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Aspect of Death: Darkness

    Hollow Hole: 1 inch in diameter, in the place most people have a belly button.

    Mask Fragment: A 1/2inch strip of bone going over both eyebrows (and the space in between). At the outer edges of the eyebrows, it angles up at 45 degrees for 3/4inch (here it sticks out on its own, rather than being attached to his face/scalp/brow). Branching off from the middle and down his nose is another strip, 1/4inch wide. It runs just past the tip of his nose, curving a bit, somewhat like the beak of a bird of prey.

    Some might almost call Vicente "handsome". At the very least, he might be considered "striking". Tall, fairly lean, and always serious, he tends to cut his way through a crow with little effort. His black hair is kept on the shorter end, parted from the left. He wears a pair of yellow-tinted glasses, citing a light case of farsightedness. These glasses occasionally seem to reflect available light, generating a somewhat intimidating effect for observers.

    Vicente tends to wear fairly simple clothing. Loose pants, a loose long sleeved shirt. Simple, rugged military-style black boots. He does have an ankle-length black hooded cloak with a white interior that he's rarely seen without. Whenever people see him, he does not have the hood up, and the cloak is worn such that some mistake it for a cape. He also wears a pair of pure white gloves. If someone were to remove his shirt, they'd see he also wears bandages around his lower abdomen, covering his hollow hole.

    Finally, Vicente has taken to wearing a sturdy belt with a large number of pockets and pouches on it. These seem to be made to carry his various inventions he's developed for the purpose of combat. (OOC:Devices detailed further down.)

    Complex. On the surface, Vicente seems to be all-business, interacting with other residents will cold professional courtesy. Most people have never seen him smile; some swear he can't.

    He can. Very occasionally, it's a smile produced by debating things with Alejandro, or some other stimulating intellectual conversation.

    Otherwise, he's smiling due to some cruel plan of his coming to fruition. While not the "experimenter" some of his fellows might be, Vicente is know to occasionally take captured enemies, or those who break more minor laws in Las Noches, and experiment on them. Most often testing various poisons, acids, gases, and even weapons on them. Not for the sake of cruelty, but to test the results.

    Of course, even that isn't the full picture. Science is not an end in itself, but a means to a further end. That of sharpening his abilities in the fight against Soul Society. And the occasional hunt for souls, of course.

    In truth, Vicente is a rigid man. He believes in following the rules of Las Noches, at least by and large. Those he doesn't agree with, he will obey in letter but not spirit, often seeking loopholes. He freely uses cruelty, intimidation, torture, murder, and a whole host of other horrid deeds to accomplish his end goals. Outside of a very tiny group of individuals, he is completely willing to backstab, betray, and belittle his comrades. And even "superiors" in the form of other Espada. Vicente crafts multiple plans and contingencies to deal with everyone from the lowest Numeros, to the Primera. He dares not plan against the Ghost King, but he doesn't wish to at any rate; Von Geister is one of the few he genuinely respects, alongside Renee and Alejandro. (OOC:Perhaps others as I get a better feel for characters).

    General Abilities:
    Bala: Vicente's Bala are notably stronger than average, approaching the strength of his (admittedly somewhat weaker than normal) Cero, with no loss in his firing speed.

    Cero: Vicente fires cero by pointing his pointer and index finger straight, with all other fingers curled back. His Cero are rather weak for a Fraccion (55/100 out of 65/100 would be one way to picture it); however, he is able to continuously fire one for 10 seconds. Combined with the comparatively thin size (perhaps 6 inches across), this makes his cero into a sort of "cutting beam", fitting his precision-based fighting style.

    Hierro: Decently strong, though certainly not his strongest asset. Vicente might not be able to continuously block sword blows (except of someone notably weaker than himself, such as a low Numeros or fresh Unseated Shinigami), but neither will he be sliced in half upon the first or second blow.

    Sonido: Fairly quick. Each jump carries Vicente a good distance (up to a couple hundred yards) at fairly high speeds. More than that, his endurance allows him to string together a few dozen jumps, and if given time to recover for a few minutes, he can repeat such a string a few times.
    Oddly, despite the technique name, his sonido are completely silent.

    Garganta: Basic capability.

    Pesquisa: Excellent. Not only does he get a decent picture of enemy positions, and a hint at their strength, he's able to navigate in completely normally via a modified version of this skill. It only works within about 50 feet, and is mostly effective in enclosed spaces (open areas allow the pulse to dissipate more easily, and things like sand tend to just absorb the pulse), but it's a unique ace up his sleeve.

    Sealed form: A katana with a plain steel blad. The guard is a solid oval, placed so that the longer dimension is parallel with the blade's orientation. The handle is wrapped in leather, with a simple metal pommel cap. The guard, grip, and pommel are all a dark brown, with flecks of lighter brown and white mixed in.

    Resurrección: Soar, Ave del Atardecer (Dusk Bird).

    Upon release, Vicente's sword disappears, and his whole body glows for a moment. After the glow dies, it reveals a radically changed man.

    At a glance, Vicente may remind some people of a humanoid Great Horned Owl. Almost all of his body is covered in feathers, most of them a deep black, with some (such as his front abdomen) colored a lighter gray. He retains his pants and belt, however.

    Vicente's feet now resemble 5-toed bird's talons, with everything past his ankle being covered in an odd scale-like iteration of his armor. His toes each have a 5-inch long talon that's as strong and sharp as steel. Just as capable as any sword. He also has such a talon at his heel, albeit only 3 inches long. All are fully retractable. His hands gain the scaled appearance, but do not change in overall structure. He sprouts 5-inch talons from his fingers, as well.

    Attached to his back are two large wings, midnight black, shaped similarly to those of his "totem creature".

    His head has changed rather drastically. It not generally resembles the head of a Great Horned Owl, with a squatter neck, rounded skull, and a Hollow Mask that covers the entire front of his face, forming a beak at the front, as well as extending over the sides and up and out into the distinctive "horn" shape of an owl. His eyes are about 4 times larger than before, protected by a transparent membrane that acts as a weaker version of Hierro (mainly to protect his eyes from debris, both from fights and from flying at high speeds; it cannot protect his eyes from dedicated attack). He can turn his head nearly 180 degrees both left and right, giving him approximately 330 degrees of vision.

    Specific Abilities:
    Generic Boosts:Vicente's strength, speed/sonido, Bala, and Cero all recieve a boost of about 50%.
    Flight: Most obvious. Vicente's wings allow him to fly, even if conditions are such that he normally couldn't air-walk. He can't go as fast as when he's applying Sonido specifically, but it's actually less tiring for him. As well, he can dive from great heights to achieve at least some measure of the same speed as his Sonido, albeit with less accuracy and a longer "set-up" time.
    Silent Movements: More even than with his sealed form, Vicente is utterly silent as he moves about. His Cero and Bala make only slight sounds. His voice is, of course, normal, so he has no trouble speaking if he wishes to. But otherwise, he's unnervingly silent. As a nocturnal predator should be.
    Enhanced Vision: Vicente's vision is incredibly augmented in this form. He's able to see incredible detail from over a mile away, with his overall vision (picking up at least general shapes) is often limited only by obstructions or the curve of the world. As well, he's able to perceive subtle motions with a great degree of clarity, as well has having the ability to visually process incredibly fast motion (meaning he can see someone who's moving faster with much more clarity than the average observer). He can now see in even pitch black conditions. He is not, however, especially sensitive to at least normal light levels, though sudden bright light can cause some issues.
    Enhanced Hearing: The "horns" on Vicente's mask, as well as the large rounded areas beside his eyes, serve a purpose: they enhance his hearing in a similar manner to a mortal owl. He is now able to pick up much softer sound than before.
    Softener Hierro: Vicente's base Hierro stays the same. However, it is augmented by the feathers all over his body. They serve to vastly soften any blow coming at his person, leeching an attack of movement-related energies. They also dissipate a small portion of the energies of attacks such as Cero and Kido. This is not an absolute defense, but it is definitely one of Vicente's more useful abilities. It does not actually enhance his Hierro more than is typical for a being of his strength; altogether, his Hierro in Resurreccion provides 150% of the protection he has in his base, unreleased form.
    Blackout Feather: Vicente has the ability to fling a somewhat limited (maximum of 20) feathers from his wings, out to a distance of 50 feet. These feathers emit a sphere of darkness 20 feet in diameter. Sufficiently powerful light sources can cancel this effect (special zanpakutou abilities, other such abilities, particularly bright kido, and the like). The feathers cannot cause physical harm being too soft for direct attacks. Instead, they can stick to any target. The darkness and "stickiness" last for a total of 1.5 minutes.
    Vicente can produce these feathers as long as he is released, with no cost to himself. He has no problems seeing in the darkness generated, though almost any other being's sight will be incredibly limited. If it functions at all in such darkness.
    The feathers can be "un-stuck" completely via a sufficient application of one's own energies. The feathers are also vulnerable to being physically destroyed, either via large-area attacks that hit them, or physical damage, typically via someone picking one off of themselves and tearing it in two. Damage to the feather itself negates the darkness effect. If you pull one off of you shirt with your hands, it will stick to your hands; it requires application of spirit energy to non-destructive remove.

    Segunda Etapa: Acecho Ave del Atardecer (Stalking Dusk Bird; working title)
    While Vicente's Resurreccion looks like a Humanoid Avian, his Segunda Etapa is an Avian Humanoid. The slightly odd proportions and such of his initial release is smoothed over, giving him an appearance more in line with his unreleased state.

    Of course, the fact that he seems to be coated in "living" shadow might cloud this fact a bit. He seems to be an androgynous figure with little discernible anatomy beyond basic features. His face is more detailed, but still rendered indistinct by his coloring. As well, there seem to be vague patterns on his skin, faintly resembling feathers, tribal tattoos, or even random lines. These patterns can be observed to slowly shift as time goes on.

    The only real break in this outline is his Hollow Hole, still about where a human's navel would be located; it's size has not increased from 1" diameter.

    Vicente's overall body shape is a normal human outline, barring his head and cape.
    His feet seem to be encased in "boots", with no distinctive toes.
    His hands are human as well, though they can change their tips into razor-sharp points as desired.
    At his shoulders seems to rest a cape with a distinct feather patter on it. However, at will, the cape flows and forms into a pair of dark wings, giving him an appearance not dissimilar to a fallen angel.
    Finally, his head is the part most obviously not human. Most noticeable are his eyes, which now seem to be simple oversized lenses, almost as if a mask. As well, the large "horn" protrusions from before have been greatly shortened, and now lay almost flat against his head. (OOC: Reference pic for general look.)
    His ability to turn his head remains, as does his overall field of vision.

    Specific Abilities:
    Generic Boosts:Vicente's strength, speed/sonido, Bala, and Cero all stay the same as in his initial Resurreccion, leaving them at 150% of their initial powers.
    Enhanced Vision: All previous abilities, plus an increased ability to see despite obstructions, such as mist, smoke, darkness, or the like. One has to present fully opaque visual obstacles (they can be visual illusions, so long as they present what looks like a solid object) to actually block his vision now.
    Softener Hierro: Vicente's Hierro changes dramatically in Segunda Etapa. Whereas before it used a combination of the normal "hard skin" and a sort of "cushioning" effect, it is now entirely a "blow softening". This is acheived by making the upper layers of Vicente's "skin" in this form rather malleable. Rather than stiffly resisting blows, it instead molds around it, spreading the force out dramatically until there's no effective damage. As it's made up of a sort of "living shadow", it can easily repair itself if it does take damage, at least to a point.
    Energy attacks seem to roll over his form, thus dissipating much of the damage.
    All told, his Hierro in Segunda Etapa provides 200% of the protection he has in his base, unreleased form.
    Vicente's only major light. Specifically, light approaching the intensity of direct, unblocked sunlight will weaken his Hierro, leaving him with protection equivalent to his unreleased state. Such light does not negate his Body of Shadows ability, or the derived attacks.
    Blackout Feather: Unchanged overall. He can now put out 25 feathers, which still cover 20-foot-diameter areas. He can throw them 60 feet, and they will remain active until he is 100 feet away. They will stay active for 2 minutes. Otherwise the same.
    Body of Shadow: The most distinctive power that Vicente posses is that of his body's makeup. The upper 1/8th of his body seems to be made of living shadow. Not only does it provide an excellent variant on his hierro, it actually allows him to mold his body to a degree.
    Specifically, he is able to shape the shadow into spikes, blades, and other such simple shapes. Most often, this is used to plade blades and/or spikes on his hands and feet to enhance his melee attacks. He can extend blades up to 1 foot out from the end of his hand or foot, and his wings can be morphed into large, sharp blades as well.
    Even more, Vicente is able to fire shaped bits of shadow from his hands or feet, though they can only be roughly the size of his clenched fist. Typically he fires small, sharp blades or needles at a foe with impressive speed, though such projectiles can never impart huge amounts of force to their targets. They can, at maximum, deal approximately 20% of the damage of one of his bala; he can only fire on full-sized shadow projectile every 2 seconds.
    Shadow Blade Bala: This is a unique mixing of Vicente's Bala and his Body of Shadows. He forms a sharp, hollow blade over his flattened hand, leaving some space between it and his skin. He then charges a Bala inside of this blade, firing it out at higher speed. This achieves the result of the projectile actually penetrating the target before the Bala releases its energy (dissipating the blade in the process). He experiences a 25% reduction in firing speed, but the projectiles have 50% more penetration capacity, with roughly the same amount of damage.
    Shadow Drill Bala: This technique functions similarly to his Shadow Blade Bala, except it forms a small point the size of 2 of his fingers over the tip of the Cero, and then firing it forward. Vicente experiences a 10% increase in charge time, a 10% decrease in how long he can maintain the blast, but a 25% increase in penetration capacity, maintaining the same damage.

    Other Equipment:
    • Acid Pellets: Small balls containing a comparatively potent acid. Roughly equal to half the strength of one of Vicente's Bala. 10 stored in belt.
    • Blackout Bomb Pellets: Produces a momentary effect similar to the feathers he uses in Resurreccion out to 10 feet. The effect only lasts 5 seconds; just enough for a quick escape. 20 stored in belt.
    • Tear Gas Pellets: Produces about 15 seconds of moderate coughing, tears, and nasal irritation. Effect is lessened if subject does not breath in for the 3 seconds gas cloud is effective. Can be avoided by immediate departure from area of forming cloud. Cloud covers 10 feet. Less effective on those of sufficient strength. (OOC: Not a license for every single PC out there to completely ignore them.) 5 stored in belt.
    • Tanglefoot Bomb Pellets: Produce ~6 feet of tanglefoot substance on any surface it strikes. This substance notably hampers the movements of anyone touching a fair sized portion of it. Substance dries in 15 seconds, making it very easy to break away. Can be broken by someone exerting enough force. 5 stored in belt.
    • Chaff Pellets: Inspired by some of Serazel's tactics, the frustration of Serazel's Bala, and a bit of research on mortal technology, these pellets are a decidedly defensive measure. When tossed outwards, they have a 2-second delay before a small explosion throws a Vicente-sized cloud of anti-spirit-energy chaff into the air. This chaff is excellent for disrupting lower-energy attacks by bala, as well as for misdirecting any attacks that home in on spirit energy. Cero are typically barely affected, unless they have a homing component, or are already comparatively diffuse. Vicente typically carries 5 of these pellets in his belt at all times.

    Razor Discs: 4 inch wide discs. Between their razor-sharp edges, and the momentum Vicente imparts, they are capable of doing approximately 50% of the damage of one of his bala. 15 stored on belt.

    Grapple Gun: Seemingly anachronistic for a being that can fly and walk on air, Vicente nonetheless seems expert in its use. Not only can he scale fairly large buildings with it, he seems expert at using it to nab unsuspecting victims. 1 stored in belt.

    While his body as an Arrancar allows Vicente to throw his pellets with great accuracy and power, he has found that it can be difficult to deliver them rapidly, as he hast to manually retrieve each pellet. Thus, the Omni-Gauntlet. (Rough image here. Colored all black, and lacks the obvious screws, the 2 hose connectors, and the 4 very small holes near the front. Slightly smoother lines.)
    First and foremost, the Omni-Gauntlets incorporate a system for launching the various pellets that Vicente has invented. Through serious work, they can achieve roughly 80% of the velocity his own muscle-powered throws can, and have essentially the same accuracy. The rate of fire is notably increased, as the gauntlets can cycle the next pellet to fire within 1.5 seconds. Through some serious work with specialized compression and "micro-dimensional pockets", Vicente has a store of 5 of each pellet in each of his gauntlets, giving him 50 pellets overall, not counting his additional stores in his belt. He cannot reload in the field, due to the time-consuming nature of the storage mechanism. The launchers are triggered by precise muscle movements and miniscule pulses of spiritual energy.
    Second, the Omni-Gauntlets have slightly smaller versions of his Grapnel Gun. Whereas the independent gun has about 300 feet of rope, these only have 50. However, as with the pellet guns, they are more easily triggered, as well as being much more difficult to remove from his possession.
    Finally, the gauntlets possess a small variety of tools that Vicente can use in the field. Simple lockpicks, wire cutters, a small acid projector on each gauntlet (useless for combat, but precise enough for melting locks, glass, etc), and sundry other simple tools.
    All in all, the Omni-Gauntlets stand as his finest invention, right alongside his Reiatsu Cloak.

    Reiatsu Cloak, Model 4: Vicente's trump card, and his most prized possession. This cloak, the one he seems to wear at all times, helps "muffle" his energy signature, making him much harder to detect. Shinigami instruments might well perceive him as a glitch, so long as he isn't using too much power. It cannot cloak the signature of things like his Cero and Bala, and if he raises his reiatsu too high, the effect is partialy nullified, giving away his position. It disguises 100% of his full power to average detection; those with extraordinary Pesquisa, such as the Quinta Espada, can detect him when he is using 50% or more of his full power. This model of the cloak is fairly resistant to damage, and has some redundancies that mean it still has at least partial functionality when damaged.
    It is "absorbed" during his release (along with much of his clothing), rendering it non-functional.
    It is keyed to his unique energy, so no other being can use his cloak.
    He has a couple of "general use" cloaks, but they have only 60% of the effectiveness of his cloak; their primary use would be disguising the reduced signature of a defeated opponent, to prevent tracking.
    Future Cloak Models:
    Reiatsu Cloak Model 5: Works up to 100% power, or up to 75% for extremely sensitive detectors (such as Quinta Espada). Cloak now shrinks into special storage unit around shoulders (becoming inactive while doing so), allowing Vicente to more easily dispense with its effects, if and when he desires.

    Battle Stats:
    Offense: 75; Vicente is rather skills in both armed and unarmed combat, rendering him an opponent others must take seriously. His ability to grow and throw blades and spikes in Segunda Etapa makes him even more dangerous.

    Defense: 70: Between his Hierro's strength (especially in Resurreccion, and even more so in Segunda Etapa) and his own learned skill, Vicente isn't an opponent someone can easily harm.

    Mobility: 60: Vicente's sonido is on the high end of average; it is more his endurance than his speed or distance that stands out. As well, he has exceptional reflexes, allowing him to do startling last-moment dodges of various attacks (especially with his augmented vision in Resurreccion). Flight becomes even easier and more fluid in Segunda Etapa, due to the malleability of his form.

    Intelligence: 90: Vicente is, frankly, a genius. Not only does he have a knack for combat, he has great invention skills, a strong sense of scholarship in many fields, an inquisitive intellect, excellent observation interpretation skills, and the ability to quickly process new ideas and circumstances. He is definitely something of an intellectual giant. Fitting for the Fraccion of the Cuarta.

    Cero/Reiatsu: 65: Vicente's energy attacks are on the high end of average. His over-strength Bala are compensated for by his under-strength Cero. The continuous fire ability doesn't fully compensate. However, his Shadow Blade Bala and Shadow Drill Cero are notably potent attacks.


    Possible connections:
    -Ghost King Von Geister
    -Cuarta Espada

    Lawful Evil: He's a bad guy. But he's orderly about it.
    What is Evil: Doesn't care about such labels. Just power. And hunting.
    Cool Chair: Has one in his lab.
    Utility Belt: Of Course!
    Grappling Hook Pistol: Helps sneak around.
    Smoke Bombs: In a couple of different ways.
    Crazy Prepared: Or at least he hopes so.
    Properly Paranoid: Las Noches is kind of a scary place...
    Stealth Hi Bye: Between his cloak, and his unusually silent movements, Vicente can pull these pretty easily.
    Evil Twin: Maybe he's an alternate universe one of Satoshi?
    The Combat Pragmatist: Always.
    Pragmatic Villainy: He pretty much does all the horrible things he has and will do for a reason. Mainly to advance the power and safety of himself and his people.
    Scary Shiny Glasses: Of Course!
    (OOC:More to possibly be added later.)
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