Name: Dante Hiyama

Hair Color: Dark brown, complete with manly sideburns that give his face a rather rugged look, no beard though.

Occupation: Former Ace Pilot, now signed up as the number 1 candidate for a certain project.

Description: Tall, and leanly built with biceps that look like you could place a quarter in them, and shoot them out like bullets, he leaves his hair in it's natural state, not bothering to fuss with it thus resulting in a "wild" look. He has deep brown eyes that are slightly bordering on black near the iris, and usually wears loose fitting clothing off of duty ranging from jean jackets with a white undershirt, and blue jeans, to black pants, and a button down shirt if it's a special occasion... you'll never catch him DEAD in a suit though.

Personality: Rather lackadasical, he sees even his profession of being an Ace Pilot as nothing more than a game, something new to challenge him, and push him forward to new heights, he has even been caught antagonizing the inner city mafia just so they would send some guys to his house so he could have some "Fun" one weekend. Needless to say, this man is a psychopath, but he's a dead loyal one, refusing failure even if it would cost him his life.


Jeet Kun Do Master: Ever since he was a young boy, Dante has been all but homicidal, and bent towards the fight, and the feel of his blood boiling as he smashed a mans face in. He found the almost impossible to read, and deadly style of Jeet Kun Do to be perfect for his desired fighting style. Many years later, he is now licensed to be an instructor... if he'd ever find anyone willing to take a beating to learn it.

Ace Fighter Pilot: Saying that he's an Ace would be an understatement, calling him merely an ace is like calling an Olympic Figureskater merely a person with fancy footwork.. What he does with a fighter jet, his few surviving enemies have called an art form, every move, every barrel roll.. is like some sort of symphonic dance, never pausing, never stopping, and always pursuing it's goal.

Quick Thinker: Despite his rather brawny appearance, it takes quite the brain to both master a martial art, and fly a fighter jet like he does. Dante is able to quickly adapt to situations, a most for any would be ace fighter pilot, or anyone who frequently gets involved in street fighting.