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    A certain 'sexy shoeless god of war' gave me this idea.

    Adalgrim Brownlock

    Alias: Adal Brown, The Avatar of Kahla

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Halfling

    Age: 28 human years.

    Alignment: Adal is Lawful Good, Kahla is Neutral Evil.

    Class/Profession: While normal, Adal is a simple archaeologist. While taken by Kahla, he would best be described as a powerful Psion/Bloodmage.

    Power Rating: While normal, Adal is a straight E. While Kahla takes him, this can be bumped up to an easy B+.

    Description: Adalgrim is a halfling of soft, pleasant features and a face well-worn with laugh lines. His hair is of medium length, of a dark brown, stretching down to the middle of his neck. Long sideburns cover both ends of his face. His eyes are a shiny coal black.

    Personality: Adal is of an intelligent and inquisitive mind, a halfling always seeking answers. This can lead him to be a tad nosy or overly curious at times. He is kind, certainly, and is known to be generous with his earnings when asked for a good cause. His mind is an innocent one, as well: he might not understand crude or 'dirty' jokes and terms without explanation. You could call him, 'pure of heart'. He couldn't dream of lying, despite many halfling's aptitude at deceit. He can be rather moody, at times: going from a pessimist to an optimist in the blink of an eye. He is a man of good humor, always taking a chance at a good laugh. Finally, he is rather bookish, fascinated with the scholarly pursuits.

    Kahla is violent, deceptive, manipulative, and overall a bastard of a deity. Its only 'scholarly' tendencies are its mastery of military strategy and tactical pursuits, considering it is an ancient God of Blood and War. It does not necessarily enjoy the shedding of blood, only the thrill of violence. Death itself is not very fascinating, only the fight. Not that the deity can't get creative with the way it kills. Its mannerisms follow a blend of a brilliant military mind and a brutal barbarian, destroying enemies of Its followers with grace and finesse. Not that It has any followers at the moment. This bein exists only to fight and conquer.

    Equipment: Naught but archaeology equipment and anything else you'd expect a upper-middle-class halfling to have.

    Abilities: Adalgrim is good at reading and writing, as well as finding knowledge on a variety of ancient civilizations. He speaks a myriad of languages. Oh, and he has the abilities of a decent archaeologist.

    While Kahla is wearing his skin like a suit, It can use a wide variety of destructive abilities. This primarily consists of brutal, savage telekinesis and blood-magic. The telekinesis allows Kahla to tear its enemies literally limb-from-limb, crush their skulls, break their spines, pull them apart from the insides out. Of course, it needs a little blood to work with anything. These abilities also allow the stopping of projectiles.

    It can also do blood magic, creating sigils and runes for a variety of purposes, as well as banishing certain creatures or entrapping enemies.

    Backstory: Adalgrim grew up in a simple halfling family of twelve in the Nexus, his brothers and sisters moving out to explore the Multiverse soon after adulthood. He had a pleasant, joy-filled childhood.

    He took an interest in archaeology at an early age, taking it on as his career later in life. He developed his abilities at one of Inside's universities, learning his trade with skill and speed.

    Upon an expedition into what appeared to be a dead world, Adalgrim found the ruins of an ancient temple. Upon entering, his body was immediately taken possession by an ancient, forgotten god that called itself Kahla. It remained a minor feeling of unease for a while, a scratching at the edge of his consciousness.

    However, upon his return to the Nexus with a variety of artifacts from the Deadworld, Kahla has grown more and more active, influencing his actions and making him quicker to rage. It may soon break free, taking full control of his body, and if this occurs...

    Who can say what will happen?
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