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    To blindly follow a single path
    To narrow one's focus on one goal
    To disregard hazard and consequence
    Is Death

    El Voz de la Legión

    (Behind the name:

    Voz = voice, Legión = Legion. Thus, "Voice of the Legion")


    Age: Died as a mortal ~320 BC. Became Adjucha ~401 AD. Became Arrancar ~1404 AD.

    Height: 6'0'' (182 cm)

    Weight 210 lbs

    Speech/Reiatsu: Silver

    Mask Fragment: White, bone-like version of the bottom half of a full Phrygian helmet covering the jaws and cheeks.

    Hollow Hole: Throat, over the vocal cords

    Aspect of Death: Devotion/Loyalty

    Appearance: Voz wears a bone-white version of an Ancient Greek linothorax body armor, with cloth covering the upper torso and shoulders, and scale-like bone covering the lower torso. Underneath his armor he wears the standard Arrancar white uniform.

    Personality: Voz is a serious fellow, showing little emotion. He doesn't come off as apathetic as some stoic people would, but instead exhibits an intensity and an aura of determination. His mouth is obscured by his mask, but given his constantly furrowed eyebrows, one can easily assume that Voz's face is in a perpetual frown. Underneath his intense exterior, though, is a shrewd, analytical man, skilled at tactics and with a passion for chess and similar games. He also has a tendency to address himself as "we", and his voice sounds as though a thousand people were speaking at once.

    What people know most about Voz, however, is his apparent inability to resist the commands of the orders of someone he recognizes as a "superior". If he's given an order by someone he serves, he will carry it out to the letter, regardless of what happens to him or others in the process. Order him to commit suicide, and he will do so. Order him to attack Seireitei by himself, and he will attack without hesitation. He lives and dies for his master.

    Eyes: Voz's eyes are solid black voids that seem to drink in all light.


    Bala, Cero: Voz's ranged attacks are decidedly mediocre for an Arrancar of his power.

    Hierro: Compensating for his lack of skill in ranged combat, Voz' hierro is unusually strong for an Arrancar of his level, especially around his torso (where his armor is).

    Garganta: Voz's Garganta is unremarkable.

    Sonido: Voz is on the slower side for an Arrancar of his skill.

    Zanpakutou: Voz's zanpakutou when sealed takes the form of a Makhaira sword (figure 4 on the picture), sheathed on his left hip. As far as swords go, it's on the shorter and lighter side, but still cuts very well.

    Resurrección: March, Legión.

    Upon activation, Voz's attire changes into his battle garb. His left leg becomes wrapped in white bone and heavily armored; he gains a billowing black/white striped cloak that reaches down to his ankles; his mask grows into a full bone-white Phrygian Hemet with two white feathers along the helmet crown; his left arm grows a white shield 2 feet in diameter (connected directly to his arm); his right arm becomes a 20 foot long sarissa pike; white, bone-like growths cover the rest of his body like a second skin. Engraved on his arm-shield are the Kanji 傾注 (けいちゅう: "Keichuu"), meaning "Devotion/Concentration". His zanpakutou remains a short Makhaira sword.

    Despite the pike's unwieldy length, Voz is more than capable of using it to great effect in single combat.

    Legión's activation grants Voz the following abilities:

    1) If Voz clashes together his pike and his shield, he will mold ambient Reishi into 8 entities identical to him in appearance and equipment, save for the helmet feathers. Each entity has the overall power of a mid-to-low seated Shinigami officer. These are called Argyraspidai.

    2) If Voz plants his pike into the ground, he will mold ambient Reishi into 112 entities identical to him in appearance and equipment, save for the helmet feathers and cape. Each entity has the overall power of an unseated Shinigami warrior. These are called Pezhetairoi.

    3) If Voz gets into a crouching combat position, with his left shoulder pointed forward, his shield covering his torso, and his pike pointed forwards, then he will mold ambient Reishi into 1000 entities identical to him in appearance and equipment, save for the helmet feathers, cape, and linothorax (which disappears, leaving only the regular Arrancar jacket uniform). Each entity has the overall power of an athletic, mundane mortal. These are called Phalangitai.

    If necessary, all Phalangitai, Pezhetairoi, Argyraspidai, and Legion can reform their limbs into normal humanoid arms, but this cuts down on their combat power.

    Legión has the following limitations and conditions:

    1) The greatest weakness of Legión is Voz himself. Should he ever fall, the rest of the legion goes with him. No entity can survive Voz. Also, Voz's Resurreción does not give Voz himself any significant boost in power--his combat strength lies in his ability to command great numbers of minions.

    2) Each entity, regardless of power, has the combat intelligence of Voz himself, but is unable to speak, has little to no creativity, and must be given specific instructions to deal with radically new developments. Although they each have their own separate minds, they cannot resist the commands of Voz himself. It is impossible to take mental command over any of the entities.

    3) When Legión is resealed back into Zanpakutou form, the sealed entities' knowledge and memories are given to Voz. However, Voz cannot sense through his entities. Voz must also provide instructions to his entities by voice or visual commands; he cannot communicate with them telepathically.

    4) However, Voz is aware when one of his entities are killed.

    5) When an entity is killed, a part of Voz's total Reiryoku is lost. The overall power of the killed entity determines how much of Voz's Reiryoku is gone; the loss of an Argyraspidai results in Voz losing 1/8th of his Reiryoku, while the loss of a single Phalangitai will make him lose only 1/1000th of his Reiryoku. As Voz recovers his Reiryoku (which he does so through normal Arrancar means), he regains any lost Reiryoku entities.

    6) Some entities are capable of ranged attacks, while others are not. Argyraspidai can fire (weakened) cero and bala, which are shot from the center of their shields. Pezhetairoi can shoot bala from the tips of their pikes. Pezhetairoi cannot fire any projectiles at all.

    Approximate power level: Fraccion
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