Landa~Ora Septima Fraccion
Name: Landa~Ora

Rank: Fraccion to the Septima.

Gender: Female

Age: 276 (Looks 17)

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 89 lbs.

Speech color: Plum

Reiatsu: Ivory, feels like snowflakes, and the temperature in the atmosphere drops slightly.

Zanpakuto: Blade Of Light. A straight edge katana with no guard. The weapon is very simple, with a velvet soft purple wrapping on the hilt. The letters LO are inscribed in her hand on the flat of the blade 2'' from the tip.

Resurreccion: Magnificent radiance, Espada de Luz!

after her release command, Landa's eyes immediately roll back and put off a bright purple light. Within a second she becomes completely engulfed in purple light. The radiant flash is blinding to any who see it, leaving Landa's enemies momentarily awestruck. When the light is gone, Landa is standing, mostly herself though with a purple striped white tail, that of a bengal tiger. She also has purple markings on her mask, framing the eyes. The purple light when she releases encompasses the viewer(s), making them haggard and numbing the muscles, thus slowing the enemy slightly. This effect lasts until she suppresses her power or is incapacitated. Although it's difficult to time, the light can be avoided if the Enemy covers their eyes before Landa uses this power.

She retains her Zanpakuto in this form. Her speed and strength are increased greatly in her resurrecion, with minor increases to her bala and cero.

Apperance: Landa~Ora is small, almost child-sized. Purple is her color. Piercing purple eyes, that seem to look straight through anyone or anything. A button nose, gingerly placed under a simple white mask, that outlines Landa's eyes. Cropped purple hair falls at her ears, with bangs gently pushed to the side, and her lips remain pursed into a sweet smile. Her slender face leads to a thin neck, wrapped with a necklace, a simple gold chain with a purple stone pendant. Landa~Ora has thin shoulders, draped with a white laced cover that hides her deep purple corset (which hides her hollow hole in her left ribcage.) The corset falls just low enough to tease the eyes with her medium bust. Her shoulders blossom out to two lanky arms, garnished with bangles. Small hands are to follow, wielding her Zanpakuto. Landa's thighs are covered by a tight, short, white leather skirt. Short legs lead to delicate feet, dressed in white sandles.

Personality: The smile that's been stamped onto the mouth of the lovely Landa~Ora isn't for show, she is a very bubbly, cheerful person. Although she is sweet, Landa is very cunning. Taking advantage of her Resurreccion to attack while the enemy is stunned, and using her appealing looks as an asset in dealing with others.


Cero: Landa fires a purple cero from either hand. It is of average power though travels slightly faster than average.

Bala: Landa's bala is also purple, though otherwise unremarkable. She uses her bala more than cero.

Pasquisa: Very non precise. Landa uses it in order to not be jumped during a fight, as it is otherwise weak. It is capable of keeping track of multiple opponents though not with pinpoint accuracy.

Unarmed: Used less often than her sword, her unarmed attacks are still a force to be reckoned with. Sereg has taught her personally to fight unarmed, stating that it could save her life.

Sword: Landa mostly uses her sword while fighting, as she rather likes seeing her enemy bleed. She uses fast and brutal attacks, often ignoring her own safety in order to get the upper hand. She is extremely adept at fighting one on one.

Garganta: Average for her level. She often uses her garganta to transport Sereg.

Sonido: Faster than average, she can only use it a few times in succession, saving her energy for fighting or following Sereg.

Hierro: Slightly below average, able to block the attacks of most unseated or low seated shinigami. She is able to localize it on her skin, though not as much as Sereg.

Regeneration: Landa kept her regeneration, though it is slightly weaker than average. She can easily heal over time, though most of the time she cannot heal during a fight.