Zeikobuburakku (He goes by Zeiko) Arrancar: Numero #22
(I decided to make his name follow a more Japanese sound...

Gender: Male

Personality: He is very feminine. He also *is an artist, loving to paint and very good at it as well. He tends to be fiendly enough, but mess up his artwork, and you're dead.

Appearance: Zeiko is tall and slim, his colorful clothes are very lovely and stylish. He wears a a skin tight sleevless shirt and a skirt. His long silver hair reaches his waist, and is the same color as his eyes. The remains of his mask form a white headband that holds his hair down. Gold lines spiral down his arms. *His skin is normally a plain tanned color, but as his mood changes, so does his skin. Anger is red, joy is yellow, sadness is blue, fear or alarm is orange, etcetera.

Abilities: His Sonido is slightly below average skill, so he relies on his expert swordfighting skills and his strong Hierro to protect him. He tends not to use Cero and Bala often, though he doesn't totally neglect their use, but he isn't to skilled in them.*

Zanpaktou: Pincel Dorado

Pincel Dorado is a plain katana with a brilliant gold hilt, and multicolored ribbons attached to said hilt. A little bump is sticking out of the bottom of the hilt, which when pulle on, comes out and turns out to be a paintbrush.

Ressureccion: Paint a brilliant masterpiece, Pincel Dorado!

When his ressureccion is activated, Zeiko grows a long tail, which he grips in one hand. His hair also lengthens, as the white headband spreads over it, making it all white as well. The tail is razor sharp, and he swings it. His hair he grips in his other hand, the end of it now coated in some black liquid, it resembles a paintbrush with black paint on it.

Ressurection ability: Pintura Místico.

If he is able to paint a circle with an "X" through it on his opponent's chest using his hair, it will temporarily immobilize them for about 5 seconds. This immobilization means that his opponent cannot move from that spot, but still has full control over their body, able to use a weapon and so on. Then it will fade away once they regain mobility, and must be applied again to renew the ability. It cannot be used while the last symbol is still on the person's body.