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    Hayashi Goro, 7th Seat of 10th Division, Commander of Zaraki Patrol

    Age: 127

    Goro is much older in appearance than he has any right to be, as a shinigami. His hair is graying, and worry lines cover his face. His hands are extremely heavily calloused, identifying him as a swordsman to anyone who looks. He has a certain wiry strength about him, and something about the way he holds himself makes one think of a highly compressed spring.

    He wears the standard shihakushō of 10th Division, with a badge on his arm to indicate his rank, along with a sakkat (wide-brimmed straw hat). He is very seldom seen out of uniform.

    Hayashi Goro is an extremely dour, duty-bound man. His sense of humor seems to have been surgically removed at a young age, and his attitude toward jollity is one of mild annoyance. He is, in short, exactly the sort of officer that leads to adolescents disrespecting the police.

    He is extremely loyal to the laws of Soul Society, as well as those precious few who can tolerate working with him for any length of time. He is devoid of mercy, but not necessarily of compassion, as he seems to have a soft spot for the downtrodden. He’ll arrest a man for stealing bread, but he’ll buy food for the man’s family until he gets out of prison.

    Because of his unbending nature, he has been one of the rare 10th Division members assigned to patrolling Zaraki for the last seventeen years, to prevent him from harming the image of the Seireitei in the more ordered districts. This has done little to change his attitude, in fact requiring him to become much more vicious toward threats than he might otherwise be.

    Hayashi Goro spent several months in District 79 of North Alley, adjacent to Zaraki, before he was found by his relatives in the afterlife, and taken in. The experience has never really left him, as he could not come to grips with the viciousness of life in that region. He became determined to improve the lot of those on the outside.

    His elders in the Hayashi family channeled that fervor into a respect for the laws of the Seireitei, and convinced him that the reason for the misery of the outer Districts was due to a lack of enforcement of these laws. To correct this problem, Goro joined the 10th Division. Over time, his initial idealism has begun to wear a bit, but he continues to try to pacify the region, and continues to believe that simply extending proper law and order into the region is the most efficient means of doing that.

    Zanpaktou: Wanizame na Satsui (Murderous Shark)

    Wanizame na Satsui is a fairly normal-looking zanpaktou, a katana with a shark-skin grip, further wrapped in white silk.


    Seek them out, Wanizame na Satsui!
    Wanizame na Satsui becomes a knife that resembles the jagged tooth of a shark. It bestows two sharklike qualities upon Goro.

    Blood in the Water: Goro is able to sense the location of any individual bleeding within five kilometers. If he has been exposed to the blood before, he can even recognize the individual based on the smell. This varies from a vague directional sense at the outer edge to borderline clairvoyance within ten meters. When reasonably close, he can determine the rough extent of injury by the strength of the smell.

    Feeding Frenzy:
    Whenever he successfully cuts an opponent with Wanizame na Satsui, Goro gains a boost in speed and strength. Accompanying it, however, is a vicious bullheadedness that gets stronger as he gains strength, making it difficult to prevent himself from killing anyone who gets in his way at the upper end. If this went on for too long, it is possible that he could devolve into a murderous lunatic. Because of these limitations, Goro is hesitant to use Murderous Shark’s released form directly in battle. However, he commonly has it released during his time on patrol in Zaraki, for the sake of the Blood in the Water ability.

    Zanpaktou Spirit: Murderous Shark manifests as a humanoid shark. It tends to encourage Goro’s ruthlessness, and sometimes suggests that he perform acts of needless carnage against those that oppose him.

    Inner World: Hayashi Goro’s mindscape is a lighthouse that is constantly being battered by a stormy sea. Just how well the lighthouse is weathering the storm depends upon Goro’s present mental state.

    Fighting Style: Goro tends to use a balanced approach, with emphasis on hakudo and kido. While his talents in Hohō are acceptable for his rank, they’re nothing special, and his zanjutsu is nothing but a strong grasp of the fundamentals. His hakudo is very good, including some of the best dirty fighting in the Seireitei, components of two Higher Hakuda styles (one taught by the Hayashi household, the other self-created) and considerably enhanced strength and toughness.

    Higher Hakuda

    Unending Waves Style
    Darting Shark- A scion of the Unending Waves cannot be exceeded in three-dimensional combat, in air or at sea. By rapidly forming temporary platforms of reiatsu, Goro can turn on a dime, and accelerate unpredictably at a great rate.

    Anglerfish Diversion- Scions of the Unending Waves are as unpredictable as the ocean itself. A modified form of Kyokko, this technique rapidly forms an illusory duplicate around the scion's own body, which becomes invisible. The duplicate and the scion can separate by a meter or so, allowing for highly effective mid-combat misdirection.

    Five-Tide Style
    Five-Tide Style
    Water percolates every corner of the world, flowing free and largely without constraint. Yet even it is beholden to the five directions. A practitioner of this style attempts to emulate the five Great Tides - the frigid Northern Tide, the expansive Eastern Tide, the fanciful Southern Tide, the constrained Western Tide, and the calm Central Tide, each a spiritualised ideal of the seas and oceans that surround Japan, though their basis in fact is... questionable.

    Central Tide Concentration: The Central Tide pierces the land, weaving its way across it in a thousand streams and rivers. Each is mighty, but compared to the fickle rage of the sea, each is as a still pond. This basic technique allows the stylist to calm and empty his mind, allowing him to throw off mental influence with greater ease.

    Nothern Riptide Atemi: Feinting in order to mimic the grinding of ice, the stylist follows his deception with a single powerful blow, reiryoku channelled to numb the target as though they had been submerged in sub-zero water for several minutes.

    Eastern Expanse Imposition: No matter how far you swim into it, the Eastern tide never ends. This technique attunes the stylist's motive reiryoku to that of his opponent's. Whenever the target utilises shunpo, sonido or a similar ability, the stylist automatically performs a shunpo of equal distance and speed. However, this technique requires hefty continuous reiryoku expenditure. The stylist may only attune to one opponent at a time, and may not elect to forgo a reactive shunpo whilst maintaining the technique.

    Southern Sunlight Reflection: The sun dances on the surface of the Southern Tide blinding and entrancing all who view it. Moving into a series of kata, the stylist flares their reiatsu aura to blindingly bright levels at opportune moments, disrupting the vision of onlookers.

    Western Winds Kata: Trapped by land on three sides, the Western Tide does not allow those who sail it to be freer than itself. Channelling reiryoku into their blow, the stylist's attack drives the target away from the force of the attack, regardless of physical laws.

    Five-Tide Form: The Five Tides flow and surge freely, though the Central Tide remains still despite all onslaught. This reiryoku-fuelled stance provides two benefits to the stylist using it: first, their reiatsu aura provides very minor cushioning of incoming attacks. Second, they may extend their reiatsu aura out to two feet when making an attack and transmit the full force of the blow through it.

    Favored Kido:
    Hado 11: Bullet Sho- a specialized personal kido Goro has developed, which concentrates all the force of a Hado 1: Sho into one square millimeter, resulting in an effect almost like an invisible bullet.
    Bakudo 9: Hainawa

    Beyond that, Goro is capable of Bakudo up to level 30, and Hado up to level 33. All kido above level 20 requires incantations for him.
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