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    Name: Amore Love
    Age: 134 (20's/younger)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Arrancar
    Rank: Fraccion to Edward Callahan, Segunda Espada
    Hair: Sharkskin Gray
    Eyes: Black
    Cero: Ultramarine Blue
    Aspect of Death: Loss

    Amore is an attractive but small man, barely topping 5 feet tall, he looks to be quite young, and somewhat girlish in appearance, often being mistaken for a younger female, and his somewhat subdued personality reflects this, often sheltering himself behind superiors and friends, he appears somewhat shy. Amore's Hollow Hole is in his stomach/lower back. Amore dresses more as a servant or a janitor, he wears the uniform colors traditional to Las Noches but it is cut down into a vest and baggy pants with curl-toed shoes. Overall Amore is very thin and willowy, not looking very strong at all. The remains of Amore's hollow mask appears as bony ridges along his spine, and bony fan-like fins over his ears


    Amore is shy, and somewhat withdrawn, he is also somewhat of a germophobe -slash-perfectionist, always working to keep his room and surroundings clean, and he is often upset if the cleanliness of his surroundings is disturbed, especially by battle, and he will often try to fix things. He does not appear strong, and often relies on those around him to help him out, painting himself as somewhat of a coward in the eyes of some, however Amore is not afraid to help his friends out if he thinks that they're in danger.

    Amore Love has always been somewhat small, weak, and more than a little bit effeminate, at least physically. He was able to survive Hueco Mundo by traveling with more powerful Hollow, one of which in particular he became attached to, and who also became rather attached to him. He fought beside this friend, or perhaps more than friend, for years, becoming more powerful largely through his help, but their friendship was not to last. Eventually, they faced an opponent they could not defeat, and both Amore and his friend fought as hard as they could against their foe, but to no avail. However, as the battle seemed finished, Amore discovered his ability to aid his friend by boosting his strength, but by then it was too late. Already weakened and broken, his friend fell to the more powerful hollow, but Amore was lucky, if it could be called that. The one who defeated his friend noticed his talent, and allowed him to live if he would use his abilities for him. Reluctantly Amore agreed, but this alliance would not last either. And so, Amore went from Hollow to Hollow, until Amore rose to the level of Menos, and finally, Adjuchas, always tagging on to more powerful Hollow until they, in turn are defeated. Eventually, one of the many he was to attach himself to faced the possibility of joining Las Noches, of becoming an Arrancar, but sadly in the end, he too fell. However, Amore's abilities would once more avail with him with the means to survive and to raise himself up, for his peculiar abilities were noted and valued, as a means of attributing more power to other Arrancar. Amore has become afraid to become committed to any one friend or relationship, always afraid he will have to face the loss of someone he had become attached to because they would be destroyed by another.


    Zanpaktou: Remora Custodia
    The Remora Custodia appears as a long wooden zen rake with long ocean-like patterns carved into it's sides, the wood is at least as resilient as steel, and the wood is of a somewhat grayish caste, and appears like driftwood.
    Ressureccion: Adservio, Remora Custodia
    Amore's Resurreccion makes the ridges on his back grow, and the fins on his ears to grow, his body also shrinks in size, and he continues to change until he appears as a somewhat large, bony Remora. As well as boosting his abilities and making him hard to target, Amore can attach himself to one of his teammates. Amore's main ability in Ressurreccion form is to give a substantial boost to the powers of his host, while also benefiting from this boost, making him tougher and harder to hurt, as well able to keep up with his host. He can also project defensive fields of cero around himself and his host, either a complete bubble with it's power spread over it's whole form, or smaller area's with far greater strength.
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