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    Le˛dhas Wyllt
    Aliases: Lewis Wyllt, Louis DuGalles, Sir Lewis of Thistle , Lou.
    Gender: Male.
    Species: Pixie
    Age: 550 years (Looks about 21)
    Alignment: Good, but most likely insane.
    Professions: Scholar, Alchemist, Jester, Tea server and car mechanic.
    Power Rating: C-D
    Description: Short and skinny, light skin and reddish hair. A very normal and jolly little fellow. That is, unless the beholder can see through the veil . Then they will see the green luminescent eyes and insectoid wings characterisisng pixies. Lewis is rarely found without a pair of flight goggles and a green scarf, oftentimes coupled with outdated clothing, mainly appropriate for the 1970s.

    Updated picture

    Personality: Adventurous and careless, Lewis really have nobody but else to blame for getting lost in the depths of reality.
    Like most humanoids older than the industrial revolution, Lewis has acquired an interest in the obscure arts of alchemy, the ancient art of tea-making, honourable entertainment for the nobility and high-speed flying acrobatics
    Maybe only pixies act like that.
    Equipment: Flight goggles, green scarf, peace necklace, several vials of something that might have once contained milk or the colour purple, seventies and sixties era clothing, coinage of various dates and countries of origin, basic tools of tea-making, alchemy and car fixing, a mood ring and a bouncing ball. Unfortunately lost the lava lamp, was too heavy to haul around anyway.
    Abilities: As all pixies of Lewis' home universe, Lewis has the ability to fly, rather well actually, and adept at minor magic. Lewis possesses the natural abilities to create minor illusions and bless objects and areas, be it in making old car outspeed a new racecar or just adding pine scent. Illusions and mind altering magic has a harder time affecting Lewis and other pixies as their minds are far more synchronised with magic itself, this unfortunately also makes the more physical magic all that more painful as well.
    There are few things beyond sorcery itself that do any more harm to a pixie than to any other being but there are some. Holy water or other repellent made by one of strong faith are among the most potent but an item of near-pure iron is not high on Lewis' wish list. Interestingly, divine magic is not required for the faith, merely the strong conviction that it will work.
    Backstory: Lewis originates in a world much like the one of Northport but in this one there was no friendly skeleton bartender and the troll stayed under the bridge. This was a fine and dandy world until suddenly while flying around over the waters of the Caribbean during the summer of 1974 a storm suddenly appeared out of the psychedelic nowhere! And before Lewis knew better, it had placed the Pixie in this strange new land where anything form any world walks the land. It took about three hours for Lewis to notice the difference as his own world already had zombies, aliens, the Beatles and Gremlins aplenty.
    Miscellaneous: Acquired boots of invisibility and a colour-changing cloak during the Winter holidays.
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