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    Default Plain, Highland, Marsh, and Forest [Domains]

    I was working on a prestige class that gets domains by environment, and I noticed that there wasn't anything that really captured Forest, Marsh, Plains, Mountains, or Hills (I grouped Mountains and Hills together as Highland). Sand and Thirst cover Desert, Water/Ocean covers Aquatic, and Cavern pretty much sums up Underground, but that was pretty much it. So I became inspired to create my own domains. Please tell me what you think.

    List of all (or at least most) D&D spells

    Granted power(s): You can run twice as long as normal before becoming fatigued.
    1st level spell: Traveler's Mount (CDiv)
    2nd level spell: Bear's Endurance (PGF)
    3rd level spell: Vigor (CDiv)
    4th level spell: Sustain (BoED)
    5th level spell: Overland Flight
    6th level spell: Anger of the Noonday Sun (CDiv)
    7th level spell: Sunburst
    8th level spell: Create Crossroads and Backroad (MoF)
    9th level spell: Nature's Avatar (CDiv)

    Granted power(s): You are immune to the effects of altitude, and you get a +4 bonus on Climb checks made to climb a rocky surface.
    1st level spell: Fist of Stone (CArc)
    2nd level spell: Gembomb (FR)
    3rd level spell: Walk the Mountain Path (RoS)
    4th level spell: Air Walk
    5th level spell: Shout
    6th level spell: Stone Metamorphosis (Und)
    7th level spell: Hardening (MoF)
    8th level spell: Earthquake
    9th level spell: Obedient Avalanche (PGF)

    Granted power(s): You can swim in quicksand as if it were water, and you get a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against poison.
    1st level spell: Smell of Fear (MoF)
    2nd level spell: Decomposition (CDiv)
    3rd level spell: Amorphous Form (Und)
    4th level spell: Solid Fog
    5th level spell: Vitriolic Sphere (CArc)
    6th level spell: Drown (Und)
    7th level spell: Acid Fog
    8th level spell: Poison Vines (CDiv)
    9th level spell: Creeping Doom

    Granted power(s): ??
    1st level spell: Camouflage
    2nd level spell: Wild Instincts (RoE)
    3rd level spell: Treeshape
    4th level spell: Commune with Nature
    5th level spell: Phantom Stag (CDiv)
    6th level spell: Curse of Lycanthropy (CDiv)
    7th level spell: Find the Path
    8th level spell: Phantom Wolf (CDiv)
    9th level spell: Nature's Avatar

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    Default Re: Plain, Highland, Marsh, and Forest [Domains]

    Nice. The spells really go with the terrain types, as I'm sure they were intended to. (at least, the spell names do. Some of the spells I'm unfamiliar with.) And as for a granted power for the Forest, I suggest a bonus to Hide checks in wooded areas.

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    Default Re: Plain, Highland, Marsh, and Forest [Domains]

    That's a good suggestion. I need to think about it some more, though.

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    Default Re: Plain, Highland, Marsh, and Forest [Domains]

    Just a note, I've added all of these to the compendium but forest. Once you have an ability for it, I'll add it in.
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