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    Default New Domain, Moon

    I made this domain for the moon goddess Elune for my new game
    i didnt make up any new spells but i did come up with the granted power

    Deities: Elune
    Granted power: Once per day you gain lowlight vision or darvision (60ft) for one hour. If you arleady have lowlight or dark vision, the effect of your natrual vision ablity is increased by x2.
    1. Nimbus of light (complete divine)
    2. Mirror Image
    3. Invisibality sphear
    4. Resurgenece mass (complete divine)
    5. Raise Dead
    6. Commet Fall (complete divine)
    7. Reverse Gravity
    8. Death Pact (complete divine)
    9. Metor Swarm

    Elune is the LN goddess whos domains are Moon, Law, Magic, Death, Fate(complete warrior), Oracle(complete divine), Exorsism(Eberron campane setting
    ), and Healing

    \/ uhh ive never played any warcraft game... o0?
    Also i dont have acces to the books you guys sugested but im glad most of you like the flavor of the domain

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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    Warcraft D20. ;) ?

    Gotta wonder what on earth the trolls worship. Let me double check if Elune is already present. I think theres already domains...

    Yep "The ancients of the night elves" get to choose the Animal, Healing, and War domains.

    Doesn't really help you any. And Warcraft d20 domains may be diffrent then DnD domains..In Warcraft D20 they seem more like areas of study under your faith, rather then seperate gods to worship.

    Oh Im using the 2nd version. World of Warcraft the roleplaying game. Dang fools remade it and didn't indicate the revisment with numbers. ><
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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    Shouldn't some more gods grant this domain ?

    Mask to name one.

    Otherwise, nice work, seems flavorfull and balanced

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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    If you can get access to a copy of the Spell Compendium, there's a Moon domain listed in there, along with a couple of really cool moon-based spells. Many of the spells have subtle effects on lycanthropes (one of them forces a lycanthrope to assume animal form) or on casters (one makes it so that casters struck with the spell have to make concentration checks to cast spells). All in all, it seems less overtly powerful than yours (no meteor swarm, not reverse gravity, etc) but more subtle. I really like the granted power you've created however.

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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    I'd advise looking at the Moon Domain from FR (which may be the same as in Spell Compendium, I don't have that so I can't be sure). I've played a couple of characters with that in it's pretty good, with a similar feel to what you seem to be after.
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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    My current world doesn't even have a moon, but I have to say I like this domain a good deal on its own merits. I agree with the opinion on the granted power. Very flavorful.

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    Default Re: New Domain, Moon

    I like the domain, too, except the granted power. I don't think it should grant darkvision if for no other reason that moonlight is the example used for low-light vision, so darkvision doesn't seem to make more sense.

    I'd suggest just increasing the amount of use they can get from the low-light vision. Maybe a number of hours/day equal to 1/2 their caster level, with a minimum of 1. I don't think it'd be overpowered, if you consider the vast array of ways a PC could get a similar effect by, let's say, level 6 where they are just then able to use it for three hours.

    Just my 2 cp.
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