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    Default Domains of Conquest

    Two domains that a LE god of mine had. He was god of tyranny, conquest, and power (as well as strong connections to Baatezu). Also any advice on how to better word the Conquest domain power or something good to replace it with?

    Army Domain:
    Granted Power: 1/day as a standard action you may create a Blessed Warding, you and all allied creatures within 20-ft of you gain a +1 sacred bonus (if your deity is good/neutral) or profane bonus to saving throws per 5 levels of cleric (minimum +1, max +4) this effect lasts 1 minute per cleric level.
    1st: Bless
    2nd: Mass Snake’s Swiftness
    3rd: Prayer
    4th: Mass Shield of Faith
    5th: Mass Fire Shield
    6th: Blade Barrier
    7th: Fire Storm
    8th: Mass Charm Monster
    9th: Mass Heal
    Note on Domain Design:
    The army domain was made to have spells that empowered allies as its focus with a few area effect attack spells. These spells needed to be able to effect large numbers of allies and have some direct combat enhancing power. Bless adds to attack rolls of your allies, prayer is a better version with the secondary plus of weakening enemies. Mass Snake’s Swiftness can allow all your near-by enemies an extra attack that round during your initiative. Mass Shield of Faith raises all your allies’ AC, and Mass Fire Shield is both protective and destructive in melee. Blade Barrier is a damaging wall that can be used to separate enemies and has battle-field control, while Fire Storm is a shapeable attack spell giving the domain its requisite directly offensive spell and making it one that has no chance to hurt allies. Mass Heal heals all your allies making it a fairly given, and any deity that would have this domain understands the need for armies. Mass Charm Monster can give you a small army of what were once your foes, and also I couldn’t find anything better that was 8th level.

    Granted Power: Whenever you fell an enemy in melee you gain a +1 profane bonus to melee attack and weapon damage rolls per enemy felled in this action until the end of your next turn; keep track of bonuses gained separately for each round meaning an enemy felled the next round does not increase the bonus. For example you are a 15th level cleric with this domain and the cleave feat and take a full attack action, your first attack reduces an enemy to -1 hp knocking it out until the end of your next action you gain a +1 to melee attacks and damage. With your cleave feat and second attack (both made at +1) you reduce another enemy to -1 hp, this means your last attack is made at +2 and so are all attacks the next round. If on the next round you reduce another enemy to -1 or less hp you gain no further bonus that round but next round would still have the +1 to melee attack and damage.
    Spells (those marked SC come from the Spell Compendium, CM indicates Complete Mage and CC indicates Complete Champion, PHBII indicates Players’ Handbook II)
    1st: Divine Favor
    2nd: Infernal Wound (SC)
    3rd: Ring of Blades (SC)
    4th: Divine Power
    5th: Meteoric Strike (PHBII)
    6th: Spiritual Guardian (CC)
    7th: Infernal Transformation (SC)
    8th: Stormrage (SC)
    9th: Lash of Force (CM)
    Notes on Domain Design:
    With this domain I wanted spells that improved your combat ability or gave you new attack options. Zealot Pact was considered for the 6th level slot but in the end I decided to go with Spiritual Guardian which allows you to create a warrior out of force to parry blows and attack for you, able to be either linked to you (giving you a standard action force attack) or to be loosed to fight on its own. I liked this as it showed a bit of the commanding aspect which was otherwise missing and continued on the creating weapons which is used in Ring of Blades and Lash of Force. Ring of Blades and Lash of Force are also the closest to attack spells, the first creates swords that automatically slash anyone adjacent to you and the second gives you the ability to spend an immediate action to deal 5d6 force damage or can end the spell to deal 15d6 in a line and knock creatures prone. The domain primarily gives you new combat actions or improved melee abilities. Righteous Might was considered for the 5th level slot but I decided that Meteoric Strike which gives a melee attack the ability to deal 3 to 6 dice of fire damage to a creature struck and things that are adjacent to it was more appropriate for this domain (partially because Enyalius has a connection to fire and hellfire).
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    Default Re: Domains of Conquest

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydos View Post
    Also any advice on how to better word the Conquest domain power or something good to replace it with?
    How about something like "Whenever you reduce an enemy with Intelligence 3 or higher to -1 hit points or less with a melee attack, you gain Temporary Hit Points equal to their Hit Dice until the end of your next turn."

    Adds a little longevity to a Cleric fighting multiple opponents in melee.

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    Default Re: Domains of Conquest

    Dragon Magazine 317 has an Army domain on page 78.

    Army Domain
    Granted Powers: You have the spell-like ability to inspire allies within 30 feet, giving them a +2 morale bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. Allies must be able to hear you speak for 1 round. Using this ability is a full-round action. It lasts a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus and can be used once per day.
    Deity: Tempus

    1 - Bless
    2 - Lighten Load*
    3 - Prayer
    4 - Divination
    5 - Easy March*
    6 - Heroes' Feast
    7 - Scrying, Greater
    8 - Heal, Mass
    9 - Teleportation Circle

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