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    Default Promising Student [3.5, Feat]

    Promising Student [General]

    A sufficiently gifted teacher can adapt your unlocked potential.

    Prerequisites: Dormant Talent class feature, Metamorphosis class feature.

    Benefit: You can change the class(es), feats and skills of your dormant talent. This requires 1 week of training from a teacher who has Endurance, Iron Will, 8 ranks Sense Motive, 17+ Constitution, 17+ Wisdom, and 17+ Charisma.
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    Dude, we're geeks. Overanalysis is our job.
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    You are funny, ideasmith.
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    I really like the way the Awareness school came about. I created a Detection subschool, which you reinterpreted into a conceptually distinct Awareness subschool. Then I misinterpreted what you meant and created yet another conceptually (slightly) distinct Awareness subschool. Teamwork!
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