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    Default Unfettered (3.5 Template, PEACH)


    Some creatures, though no fault of their own, are born with a resistance to time and its machinations. These creatures have strange gifts, and are far faster and stronger than average, but tend to be less intelligent, somewhat hasty, and their strangeness is offputting.

    Abilities: Change an Unfettered's ability scores as folows: Str +4, Dex +8, Int - 4, Wis -2, Cha -4. Unfettered are strong and quick, but not very bright, hasty in their actions, and their speed and haste are rather unsettling.

    Movement Speed (Su): An Unfettered increases all their movement speeds by 5 feet per two hit dice they have, rounded down.

    Actions (Su): At ECL1, an Unfettered has an extra swift action each round. At ECL8, he gains an additional move action each round. At ECL16, he gains an extra standard action each round.

    Immunity (Su): An Unfettered is immune to time altering spells and powers unless he chooses to be effected by them. This includes psionic powers such as Time Hop and Time Regression, and spells like Time Stop. For spells or powers that don't affect him and only affect one creature, he can see through the effect (for example, he would know that the round was reset by Time Regression and be able to act on that knowledge, or be able to act during a Time Stop spell) out to a range of 500 feet.

    LA: +3
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