The Feljen


Feljen are a race of creatures that inhabit the minds of sentient beings. They exist on a mental layer in a similar manner to ethereal creatures inhabiting the ethereal. Many people mistake Feljen for ghosts or poltergeists, but that is very incorrect.

Personality: Feljen have the same personality dynamics of the human species. They are varied, no two have the same personality though they can share traits, just as humans can share personality traits. One Feljen can be wicked to the core while another can strive to be a paragon of good.
All Feljen however are protective of whoever serves as their Host, even the evil ones begrudgingly or otherwise protect him or her, hell or IT so long as its sentient.

Physical Description: Feljen do not have true bodies, spiritual or otherwise, they are pure mental essence made sentient on its own. They exist mentally, and need to sustain themselves by connecting with a Host. Feljen can interact with other Feljen like a human interacts with another human. Two Feljen can even reproduce together.
What they look like varies greatly. Generally, they can look like whatever they please and its considered their true form, they do not have a single set "True form" like a physical creature.

Alignment: Varies just as a human's.

Land: Feljen inhabit the mind, that is rather unique to them, otherwise Feljen do not have lands to call their own.

Religion: Feljen vary in religion, but generally Feljen do not believe in deities.

Adventures: Feljen can adventure for a variety of reasons. To find purpose in their life, to find a host they can be happy to protect and bond with for the rest of its life, or perhaps because it cant find a decent host and the one its stuck with happens to be an adventurer.

Outsider [Imaginary]
+6 Wis, +4 Int, +2 Cha

Size: Special, see abilities.
Speed: Special, see abilities.
Manifestation: Feljen exist, and yet they don't exist. Feljen have no body or any physical or spiritual form to speak of. They can look like whatever they wish to whoever they wish (Two people, or more, can see something different), they can be whatever size they wish in direct correlation to their personal power. The maximum size they can appear is 100xHD or level. Instead of size, they can simply appear anywhere in that range. Which must be in contact with its Host (Ie, the range starts adjacent to the Feljen's host), as read later on.
However, they do not really exist.
Feljen have no strength score, no constitution score, and no dexterity score. Thus, they cannot physically manipulate anything, they cannot be harmed by conventional means, they are immune to anything requiring a reflex or fortitude save.
A Feljen can only be seen by people with True Seeing or people with a Telepathy communication ability. Spells and powers count if it has a duration, but things like Sending or Message that relay only one line of communication at a time do not, it must be a constant and active ability.
As a free action, A Feljen can invade somethings mind, forming a link with it. They can only link with one sentient creature at a time. When linked, the host can see the Feljen normally and even interact with it.
A linked creature can effect the Feljen normally despite its immunity and lack of a real body. However it cannot be killed by its host creature. As long as it is linked with a host, the Feljen will reform itself from its mind.
Any image taken or drawn of a Feljen becomes a new Feljen of its own. This is not true of any image another Feljen makes, as its not really real. These image born Feljen just find a host within a week or they will fade away.
A Feljen who cannot bond with a Host for a number of weeks equal to their HD will fade away and become nonexistent, as they require the mental energy to sustain themselves.
As a swift action, the Feljen can merge back into the mind of its host, becoming immune to anything and completely undetectable unless someone succeeds in using Detect Thoughts.
A Feljen, merged or otherwise, is still vulnerable to Mind-Effecting attacks and psychic damage and effects. Such as Deja Vu, Disable, or Mind Thrust.
Willpower: The will of a Feljen is strong. They add their charisma modifier to will saving throws, the Feljen's charisma is also added to its Host's will save.
They can channel their willpower through their host to effect the world around him or her, moving objects at a range equal to twice the size it can appear as ( Range = 200 x HD or Level ) using its Wisdom in place of strength. This force can act as unarmed damage and perform maneuvers such as bull rushes, charges, or trips. It can only concentrate this force in a limited way, effecting one object or creature but not multiple. It can, however, make multiple actions as normal such as with bonus attacks with a high BaB.
Whenever a Feljen makes use of this effect, which is considered a Force effect, it leaves a mental opening until the start of its next turn any creature who knows it exists in some way can use to channel any conventional spell or even a nice fist the Feljen would normally be immune to. If the spell targets that opening, it becomes a mental Mind-Effecting effect and focuses direct against the Feljen who must save as normal using Charisma in place of Constitution or Strength. This opening is also created when the Feljen tries to use any ability that isn't Mind-Effecting, otherwise it would still be mental in nature and not real, and unlikely to even be seen by its target.
Feljen can appear as whatever they wish, as stated, when a Feljen makes an Intimidate check, they can give themselves a +10 by assuming a frightening form and focusing their willpower to appear in the targets mind to become visible to it. It also gains a +10 when trying to bluff to make an enemy flat footed, or to disguise + bluff to appear as someone the host creature knows or that it can see through someone else's mind by alternate means, such as a Feljen Psion or Wizard who can use Probe Thoughts, for example.
A Feljen can use its willpower to touch the minds of anyone in range of its normal force effect of Willpower, instead of manifesting through to the material, it remains mental and can be used as Telepathy, and be used as an at-will detect thoughts.
Possession: Similar to its ability to bond with a host, a Feljen of 10HD can outright possess a body instead of bonding with a host. It can possess even if it has a bonded "host". The body's own mind is moved to the back burner and displaced to the mental layer just as the Feljen was. Effectively switching roles forming a mental triangle: The Feljen, The Possessed, and The Host. If the body is killed, the possessed becomes "Imaginary" but has overwhelming mental energy and does not require a host to sustain it and can go as it pleases like a ghost. It is still bound with its spirit and is not technically dead- it just needs to find away to gain a physical body if it wishes. The Feljen is also simply ejected when this body dies IF it has a host. If it does not have a host still, it dies with the body.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Autohypnosis, +2 Intimidate, +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy
Automatic Languages: Common:
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Wilder, Sorcerer
Level Adjustment: ?

Imaginary creatures do not have a set life span, they become ageless unless their creature entry says otherwise in the case of creatures inherently Imaginary as opposed to gaining the subtype later in life.
Imaginary creatures have no strength, dexterity, or constitution score but move about on whim on a mental level, appearing however they wish within 100ft x HD, including rapid movement appearing within that distance instantly, and repeating ranged jumps like that until it gets somewhere quite quickly. Three such movements count as a Move action for an Imaginary creature.
Imaginary creatures cannot on their own effect anything unless it can manifest Telekinetic abilities, such as Telekinetic Sphere, or Telekinetic thrust.
Mind-Effecting abilities effect an Imaginary creature normally and the Imaginary creature itself can use Mind-Effecting abilities normally.
Creatures born with the Imaginary subtype can generally change their appearance within the 100ft x HD range as they wish, but creatures who gain it later on retain the appearance they kept when they were physical unless they force change using spells/powers such as Alter Self.
Any spell or effect created by an Imaginary creature, unless stated otherwise, is also on the mental layer and cant effect anything.