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    Default [3.5 D&D Cursed Artifact] The Blindfold Of Sight [Peach]

    The Blindfold of Sight
    The Blindfold of Sight originally appears as a piece of black cloth. When held for the first time The Blindfold of Sight transforms into a perfectly sized blindfold. The Blindfold's design ranges from person to person, but it always has one thing in common, somewhere on the blindfold is the acronym “N.I.N.E.”.

    The Blindfold is one of eight pieces of “The Equipment of N.I.N.E.” The other seven pieces are as follows.

    • The Gloves of Fist
    • The GasMask of Breath
    • The Hood of Voice
    • The Boots of Step
    • The Amulet of Spirit
    • The Coat of Body
    • The Helm of Mind

    All abilities on this list are at will abilities.
    • Detect
      • Magic
      • Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
      • Poison/Disease
      • Living/Undead/Dead
      • Animals/Plants
      • Secret Doors/Snares/Pits
      • Thoughts/Lies
      • Scrying
      • Metal/Minerals
    • Identify Magic
    • Read Magic/Comprehend Written Languages
    • Know Protections
    • Deathwatch
    • True Seeing
    • Analyze Dweomer
    • Arcane Sight Greater
    • Prying Eyes Greater
    • Find The Path
    • Visions
      • Darkvision
      • Low-light vision
      • X-Ray vision
      • Thermal Vision
      • Blindsight

    Ultimate Power - Analysis Vision
    When the wearer focuses on any one person or object and says “My vision is exceptional”, A display appears, visible only to the wearer, show all of the details pertaining to person or object the wearer is focusing on. The details can be anything from its entire history or what its made out of or wearing, it is up to the DM to decide. Usable once a week.

    The Curse
    Once you wear The Blindfold you are robbed of your sight, permanently. The blindness is attached to your body and soul. Nothing has the power to restore your sight. The only way for you to see is wear The Blindfold.
    The Blindfold is not bound to you in any way, so you are capable of losing it, having it stolen, or selling it. You cannot be forced, coerced, mind controlled, or tricked into wearing The Blindfold.
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