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    Default Some new Exalted Feats (PEACH)

    Bear Burden [Exalted]
    You are able to bear another creature's suffering in its place.
    Prerequisites: Stigmata, Heal 6 ranks.
    Benefit: With a touch you can take another creature's suffering onto yourself. This functions as a Heal and Restoration spell on the target, except that it does not heal hit point damage and you suffer the effects of any affect removed from the target by this effect (for example if you heal them 4 Con damage and 2 Str drain you suffer 4 Con damage and 2 Str drain). Your immunities and resistances do not apply to effects placed upon you by using this feat.

    Bear Burden [Joke]
    You are carrying a bear.
    Prerequisites: Strength 15+.
    Benefit: You have a bear which will not let anyone else near it and will hang onto your back allowing you to carry it. The bear never moves anywhere on its own and will attack any creature you attack. Regardless of its size the bear somehow fits within your space. You must be able to lift the bear overhead to gain the benefits of this feat, otherwise it ignores everything. A black bear weighs 250 lbs, a grizzly bear 700 lbs, a polar bear 1000 lbs, a dire bear 8000 lbs, and a dire polar bear 64000 lbs.

    Blessed Weapon Specialization [Exalted, Fighter]
    When wielding a weapon that you have devoted yourself to reaching the highest pinnacles of skill in you are able to use it to strike down evil and repulse it from the world.
    Prerequisites: Weapon Specialization.
    Benefit: When wielding a weapon you have Weapon Specialization in you deal +1d10 damage against Evil creatures and any damage you deal is considered to be Good aligned for the purposes of overcoming DR and regeneration. Finally when wielding such a weapon you automatically confirm critical threats.
    Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of their bonus feats.

    Celestial Radiance [Exalted]
    You shine with the purifying light of the sun itself, your brilliant light spreading forth from you to brighten the darkest hour.
    Prerequisites: Cha 15+, Holy Radiance, Nimbus of Light
    Benefit: Your Nimbus of Light extends, reaching out now to 10-ft per point of Charisma bonus you possess bright light and shadowy illumination out to twice that length. This light suppresses magical darkness within the area with a level less than 1/2 your character level. In addition this light has a purifying effect against evil. Undead are affected by the bright light it as if it were true sunlight, and evil Undead, Outsiders, Aberrations, and Dragons are Dazzled within the area of bright light.

    Cleansing Blade [Exalted]
    Filled with righteousness, your blade slices through the protective wards and spells of evil.
    Benefit: The first time each round that you attack an evil creature you may attempt to dispel magical effects upon it as if you were casting an area dispel magic on them. Your bonus to the dispel check is equal to your Base Attack Bonus. This dispel effect takes place before your attack roll is made and may dispel an effect which would have protected them from your attack.
    Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of their bonus feats.

    Crusader's Precision [Exalted]
    You are adept at facing the foes of Good, your blade finding weak spots that would otherwise go unnoticed, striking deep into a foe and bringing them down.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Sneak Attack or Crusader's Strike.
    Benefit: You may deal precision damage (sneak attack, sudden strike, etc) against Undead and any Evil creature regardless of whether or not they are vulnerable to critical hits.

    Crusader's Strike [Exalted]
    A foe against evil you face it straight on, your blows finding weak spots that others' could not.
    Benefit: You may critically hit Evil creatures and/or Undead regardless of any immunity to critical hits they may possess, and whenever you score a critical hit the damage is considered to be Good for the purposes of overcoming DR and regeneration. This feat does not allow you to inflict Precision Damage to such creatures.
    Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of their bonus feats.

    Exalted Spell Channel [Exalted]
    When you channel your spells through your weapon they both strike as one to devastate evil.
    Prerequisites: Channel Spell.
    Benefit: When you use Channel Spell your weapon deals damage as if Good aligned and you gain a +2 bonus on checks to overcome the spell resistance of Evil aligned creatures, increasing to +4 on checks against Evil aligned Outsiders.

    Honest Living [Exalted]
    You live an upstanding an honest life, your righteousness reflected in your daily business by efficiency and clean skill.
    Benefit: You gain a +1 perfection bonus to all skill and ability checks made outside of combat when there is no imminent threat of combat. This bonus increases to +2 on Craft and Profession checks.

    Invoke Healing [Exalted]
    You are capable of healing a creature with a touch like a paladin.
    Benefit: You gain the ability to heal a living creature (or harm undead) with a touch. This functions like Lay on Hands except that it only heals up to 2 hp/character level each day. If you have Lay on Hands you may instead add this pool of healing to that granted by your Lay on Hands ability.

    Knight-Protector [Exalted]
    You fight to protect those weaker than you, your devotion and dedication to their safety driving you to greater heights.
    Prerequisites: BAB +3.
    Benefit: When fighting to directly defend a threatened creature (it must be in immediate danger from your opponent) which has a CR of 3 less than your character level or 1/2 your character level rounded down (whichever is higher), has 3 or higher Intelligence, and is of a non-Evil alignment you gain a suite of benefits. You gain a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws increasing to +4 on saving throws against Death effects, immunity to fear, and 1 temporary hit point per 2 character levels at the beginning of each round (these temp hp only last 1 round). In addition creatures attempting to tumble through your threatened area suffer a penalty equal to 3/4th your character level, and any creature attacking the creature you are defending provokes an attack of opportunity from you and suffers a -1 penalty to provoking attacks for every 3 points of damage you deal with your attack of opportunity. You may defend multiple creatures in this way at once, the effects do not stack, and for the purposes of this feat you are only defending creatures which fulfill the initial criteria.
    Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of their bonus feats.

    Living Shield [Exalted]
    You have been anointed with the seven oils of the righteous knight, and given the blessed ability to suffer the wounds of others to preserve them.
    Prerequisites: Cha 13+.
    Benefit: Once per round, as a free action, you may designate a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier within 5-ft + 5-ft per 5 character levels to be under your aegis until the beginning of your next turn. Whenever a creature under your aegis would take damage, your divine might shields them and you take half that damage instead of them. The damage is lethal, nonlethal, or vile as it would be for the original target and cannot be reduced or negated in any way. This does not apply to ability damage or other forms of harm than hit point damage.
    Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of their bonus feats.

    Sanctified Maneuver [Exalted]
    You have meditated upon the way of the blade, developing your style to harness and focus your inner righteousness as a sword against hose who would use their powers to harm others.
    Prerequisites: Ability to initiate at least 1 martial strike, character level 3+.
    Benefit: When you ready maneuvers you may select one Strike maneuver to be a sanctified maneuver. When you initiate this maneuver the first successful attack made as part of it deals +2d6 damage against Evil creatures and automatically overcomes any DR they may possess.

    Song of Hope [Exalted]
    You are able to produce an upwelling of hope and joy in those who hear your music, stirring the spirit to heights of wonder.
    Prerequisites: Perform (any instrument, Oratory, Sing) 8 ranks.
    Benefit: As a standard action you may begin performing with any auditory performance which you have at least 8 ranks in and play a song of hope (or orate a sermon of hope). Any Good aligned creature within 30-ft which can hear this song of hope gains a +4 morale bonus on saves versus Fear, or spells or effects which create or function off of sadness, grief, or despair. You may not combine this Song of Hope with other special songs unless you have a feat or ability which allows you to use a bard song in conjunction with whatever sort of special song you're using.

    Unicorn's Grace [Exalted]
    You are blessed by the noble and graceful unicorn, gaining a portion of their blessed power.
    Prerequisites: Nymph Kissed.
    Benefit: You gain a +4 competence bonus on Wild Empathy checks, and may make Wild Empathy checks even without levels in druid or ranger, and a +4 bonus on saves versus poison. Once per day you may Neutralize Poison with a touch.

    Touch of Glorious Rising [Exalted]
    You are able to guide a soul back to its body allowing it to momentarily rise again and fight alongside you.
    Prerequisites: One of Wisdom or Charisma 15+, the other 13+.
    Benefit: Once per day, plus once per day per 5 character levels, you may touch the corpse of a Good aligned creature and pray. Opening a conduit between the dead creature and the Upper Planes you call celestial energy into its body, even as you call out to its soul to return and rise again to fight the fight of victory. If the soul is free and willing to return the creature rises as a deathless with the augmented subtype of its former type. All stats are the same as when it died except its Con is now -, and its current and max hp are 1/3rd what its maximum hp was when it died. The creature gains deathless traits and immunities (see BoED or ECS). After a number of minutes equal to your character level the conduit is closed, the soul being pulled back to its eternal reward, and the body crumples to the ground. As it was never truly alive it does not die again and using this ability does not reset the timer for when Raise Dead or Revivify may be used.

    Vow of Animal Kinship [Exalted]
    You have sworn to protect and preserve animals, foregoing eating meat and vowing to cause them no harm.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Vow.
    Benefit: You treat yourself as having ranger or druid levels equal to 1/2 your character level for the purposes of making Wild Empathy checks (this does not stack with actual range/druid levels and use only the better) and gain a +4 perfection bonus on them. Wild animals will never willingly attack you unless compelled to magically or directly ordered to in which case their handler must push the animal to do so regardless of tricks it knows. Finally you may Speak with Animals as the spell as a supernatural ability.
    Special: You must never cause undue pain or suffering to animal, and must not inflict lethal damage to an animal or eat meat. if you willingly break this vow you permanently lose the benefits of this feat, with the exception of if you intervene to prevent an animal from killing a sentient creature which cannot effectively defend itself, even then you must do whatever is possible to avoid killing the animal in the process. If you unwillingly or unintentionally break this vow, or harm an animal in the aforementioned circumstance, you lose the benefits of this feat until you atone.

    Vow of Healing [Exalted]
    You have sworn to heal all those who need it, giving freely of your divine powers.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Vow
    Benefit: You may cast Conjuration (Healing) spells with a range of touch as if they had a range of Close (25-ft +5-ft/2 caster levels), if you do so you may only affect willing creatures. You may do the same with Lay on Hands or other healing touch abilities (CL = class level for Su abilities). In addition when you cast a Conjuration (Healing) spell it heals 2 additional hit points per spell level.
    Special: You must heal any creature which asks for it as long as you are able and you have no evidence they intend to commit evil acts in the immediate future.

    Vow of Romance [Exalted]
    You have sworn yourself to another, a pact of love and faithfulness. This loyal faith grants you a variety of bonuses when your beloved is in danger, and if they return it they gain the same such when you are in danger.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Vow.
    Benefit: When you take this feat select a creature who is your beloved. Whenever your beloved is at less than 1/2 hit points and threatened in some way (such as being in combat) you gain a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls, AC, saving throws, ability and skill checks. If your beloved returns the affections and you are at less than 1/2 hit points and threatened they gain a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls, AC, saving throws, ability and skill checks.
    Special: You must remain faithful to your beloved, if you cheat on them, betray them, or otherwise break the faith with them then you lose the benefits of this vow. For your beloved to gain its benefits they must have remained faithful to you for at least one month. If your beloved betrays you, you may choose to give up the effects of this feat for 1 month to select a new beloved. If your beloved dies you must attempt to revive them and failing that wait at least 3 months before selecting a new beloved.
    Special: If your beloved also has this feat in regards to you then the bonuses from this feat are doubled.

    Vow of the Protectorate [Exalted]
    You have vowed to protect a community and its inhabitants, serving to preserve it and to protect the rights and happiness of those within.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Vow.
    Benefit: When you take this feat select one community (thorp, town, city, etc) or location no more than 10 miles in any direction. You are sworn to protect this area. While within the limits of the community/location you gain a +2 perfection bonus to Will saves, Wisdom checks, and Wisdom based skill checks, as well as a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls. If something directly threatens your community or location these bonuses apply when opposing it within 5 miles of your protectorate.
    Special: You must never act in a way to bring harm to the community or its people, except to enforce its laws and rules or to protect more of its people. If you do so willingly and knowingly you lose all benefits of this feat, if you do so by mistake or compulsion you lose all benefits of this feat until you atone.
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    Default Re: Some new Exalted Feats (PEACH)

    Fixed Song of Hope (it stopped mid sentence) and added Unicorn's Grace, Crusader's Strike, and Crusader's Precision which allow you to critically hit and deal precision damage respectively to crit immune Evil.

    This brings me to the real reason for this post. Exalted feats are very much class based, but only certain classes get Exalted feats. So what classes would you like to see new Exalted feats for?
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    Current Projects:

    Group: The Harrowing Halloween Harvest of Horror Part 2

    Personal Silliness: Vote what Soulknife "Fix"/Inspired Class Should I make??? Past Work Expansion Caricatures.

    Old: My homebrew (updated 9/9)

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