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    Default Mythos Compendium 2.0

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    3.5 Base Classes
    Name Description Author Additional Content
    The Achalinotos Moral, Amoral, i am beyond such concepts. Inevitability
    The Agios Defender, Guardian, Martyr, whatever they are called you will never forget. Lanth Sor
    Akastarepti ShadowFireLance
    The Anakitos Mythic Paladin Xefas
    The Archikos Nature is older than any would ever suppose and sometimes it can slip into the cracks even the sun does not know. Lanth Sor
    The Askopar Mythic Explorer Temotei
    The Bachus Mythic Bard Rogthnor
    The Bellator Mythic Fighter Xefas
    Spoiler: Bellator Additions
    Name Description Author
    "I can see the worlds unseen." Extra Mythos caledscratcher
    The Dinyomi Power by any means. 7th Son of Sons
    The Mythic Dragonslayer Zenna
    The Duine Mythic Armor Lanth Sor
    The Dysoikos Mythic Building Kymme
    The Epifovian Unnatural horror who wields Terror and Flesh in equal measure 7th Son of Sons
    The Fabulauirtis Parody and shinanigans Jormengand
    The Jagannatha Mythic Antipaladin Xefas
    The Jäger Mythic Sportsman Lanth Sor
    The Kalthorros Mythic Determinator roko10
    The Kathodos Mythic Elementalist Xefas
    Spoiler: Kathodos Additions
    Name Description Author
    Additional Mythos Additional Mythos Kymme and company
    Planetary Lifestream Manipulation 1 Additional Mythos Xefas
    The Kreikiri Mythic Fleshwarper ThredNecro5
    The Magos Magic Inacarnate, their power coming from research and understanding Lanth Sor
    The Megaligeti Mythic Leader Jakman217
    The Olethrofex Mythic Necromancer Xefas
    The Phileotheysia (WIP) Mythic Martyr DracoDei
    The Proidos (WIP) Mythic Craftsman and Innovator Roko10
    The Setgetzen Mythic Psion Slawth13
    The Syntrofos Mythic Weapon Xefas
    The Temppóti̱s Mythic Templar Jaded Mask
    The Teramach Mythic Barbarian Xefas
    The Trofodotis Mythic Soul Feeder Sgt. Cookie

    5e Base Classes
    Name Description Author Additional Content
    The Adversary Mythic Adversary Xefas
    The Cynosure Mythic Leader Xefas
    The Kalthorros Mythic Determinator Roko 10
    The Mechanikos Mythic Mechanikos Xefas
    The Swordbearer Mythic Swordbearer Xefas

    WIP Base Classes (Probably not playable in it's current state, but is included to show what exists)
    Name Description Author Status
    The Allemendet A swift and tough combatant, the product of two titans who couldn't bear to live without each other. Caledscratcher Playable to lvl 13(Unknown)
    The Aedifex NineOfSpades Nonplayable(Unknown)
    The Calgurant (WIP) Tanuki Tales Non Usable(Unknown)
    The Eno̱ménos (WIP) Mythic Symbiote TraceChaos Non Usable(Inprogress Possible Rehash to nonclass)
    The Eoteras (WIP) Embodying the best or worst of nature and all things natural PeacefulOak Playable to Fantastic(Writer Hiatus)
    The Efev̱réti̱ (WIP) Crafting and Mad Science Lanth Sor Non Usable(Writer Hiatus)
    The Epithymia (WIP) Mythic Thief Sgt. Cookie Non Usable(Writer Hiatus)
    The Thaumaturgos (WIP) Mythic Priest and Prophet Agrippa Reference(Writer Hiatus)
    The Umbramendax(Complete to lvl13) Mythic Rogue (int) darkness Abandoned

    Feat Paths

    Mythos Races/Templates
    Name Description Author
    Agalma Mythic Bound Angel(K6BD angels) Xefas
    Changeling Mythic Changeling Primal Fury
    Daonna'Feabhsaithe Mythic Enhanced Being (Claymore/Witcher) Lanth Sor
    Duomite Mythic Rare-ware caledscratcher
    Foulspawn Tainted Gaean Child (see below) Primal Fury
    Genetic Deviant Mythic Weapon X 7th son of sons
    Gaean Child Mythic SOLDIER (Final Fantasy 7) Xefas
    Hollowing Ones Mythic Hollowing One (Dark Souls) Lanth Sor
    Melanier Mythic Squid Kid (Splatoon) 7th son of sons
    Omphalion Mythic Gem (Steven Universe) Xefas
    Qi'e Mythic Prinny (Disgaea) Xefas

    Mythos Prestige Classes
    Name Description Author
    Mythic Dragon Mythic True Dragon ShadowFireLance
    Craftsman of Legendaria Fantastic Craftsman Adam1949
    Steel Emperor Forge Master part 1/2/3 Epic Prc TimeLegend
    Tiger-General Sovereign Part 1/2/3 Epic class 7th son of sons
    Holocaust Sun (PRC) Epic, ToB, The Sun Xefas
    Uttercold Retributor (PRC) Cold, Undeath Network
    The Wild Wright(PRC) Gramarie Arcanist
    Evolved Devastation (PRC) Gramarie, Anabolist Zarthrax
    The Regent Dominus (PRC) Mythic Lord of the Castle Arkanist

    Mythos Bloodlines
    Name Description Author
    Splinter of the Monster Teramach Bloodline Yasahiro
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    Default Re: Mythos Compendium 2.0

    Just got to ask, but where's the Google-doc with the accepted homebrewed mythoses? Also, it's good to see that this is alive and well!

    EDIT: Found it! It's the Random Mythos Document!
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    Default Re: Mythos Compendium 2.0

    Added thanx.

    My Homebrew: Here
    Competitions and Substystem Compendium: Here
    Mythos Stuff
    Index Discord

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    Default Re: Mythos Compendium 2.0

    I haven't missed anything, have I?

    My Homebrew: Here
    Competitions and Substystem Compendium: Here
    Mythos Stuff
    Index Discord

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    Default Re: Mythos Compendium 2.0

    My old-as-hell mythic rareware: here.

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    Default Re: Mythos Compendium 2.0

    Huh... Reading through that, I feel like it's making a reference I'm not getting.
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