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    Default Wendigo Race PEACH

    Ability Scores: +1 to Str., Dex., Cha. The wendigo is strong and fast, and wendigo sickness is a Cha. save
    Size: Medium
    Speed: Fly 30. Wendigo cannot walk.
    Alignment: Any non-good
    Languages: Common, Sylvan
    Natural Armor: Wendigo have a +1 to their AC
    Ravenous Bite: 1d4+Str. mod, Cha save 8+Cha. mod+proficiency or acquire cannibalistic urges. A creature that fails and does not have remove curse cast on them may eventually become a wendigo at DM's discretion.
    Wind Walk: Turn incorporeal 1/day, 1 round per two character levels (minimum 1)
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