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Thread: Human gods

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    Default Human gods

    Every other race gets their own pantheon, so it's time humans did too! Following along the lines of Zarus, and credit to Blue_C's Urbanus (My Theopolis was originally developed as a male Urbanus independently ages ago, but you beat me to the posting punch and the parallels were too obvious so I refluffed him/her).

    Art shamelessly stolen from Magic: The Gathering

    Theopolis, Goddess of Civilisation

    Ephara, God of the Polis by Eric Deschamps
    Greater God (Lawful Neutral)
    Holy Symbol: A golden castle

    Of all the races, it is Humans who have advanced the fastest and furthest from their primitive origins. They are the quickest to band together into towns, cities, and kingdoms; the great works and advances (whether in science, the arts, or in magic) all ultimately derive from their innovations. Humans invariably remake their homeworlds in their own image, for good or ill, and Theopolis is the personification of this drive. The goddess of Human civilisations, technologies, and advancements, it is she who inspires humanity onwards to greater and greater heights. Some say Theopolis created humanity herself, others say that humans conjured her into being through a lack of their own gods... and there are a few who contend that the truth is somewhere in-between.

    Theopolis holds no enmity towards the non-Human races, but contends that it is the destiny of these older societies to be supplanted and absorbed into human culture. She encourages intermixing with other races, so that humans might acquire (and improve upon) the innovations and bloodlines of the demihumans. Her priests teach that while other civilisations are to be respected for their ancient accomplishments they are but stepping stones on humanity's path to greatness.

    Theopolis appears as a colossal animate stone sculpture of a woman, as might be found in the most impressive human metropolis. She bears a scroll (the symbol of knowledge and technology) and a jug of life-giving water (the symbol of culture) and is imbued with a divinely cosmic radiance. She rarely assumes other forms.

    Portfolio: Humanity, civilisation, commerce, high culture, technology.

    Domains: Artifice, Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility.

    Cleric Training: Theopolis's priests are expected to be well-versed in the inner workings of cities rather than in warfare (they are almost always cloistered clerics). They serve as administrators, advocates and ambassadors for civilisation (sometimes even in quasi-secular roles in particularly large cities devoted to Theopolis).

    Quests: Theopolis regards warfare (the destruction of civilisations) as anathema, something to be avoided at all costs. To that end her priests are often sent as ambassadors on peace-making or other diplomatic missions.

    Prayers: Theopolis accepts prayers and grants spells at high noon, when the hustle and bustle of a city is at its zenith.

    Temples: Theopolis prefers that her temples be as central as possible in their respective cities (often doubling as the castle of a town or the palace of a capital city). Her altars are scaled-down versions of her usual manifestation.

    Rites: Theopolis's worshippers pray to her for breakthroughs, for favourable trade deals, or for help with diplomatic efforts. Ceremonies are elaborate but not overlong, and generally require that documents be signed or speeches be performed.

    Herald and Allies: Theopolis has no particular herald, but may send a Trumpet Archon and a Horned Devil together to represent her as mediators. She typically sends Inevitables in response to planar ally spells.

    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff.

    Cardius, God of Passion

    Purphoros, God of the Forge by Eric Deschamps
    Greater God (Chaotic Neutral)
    Holy Symbol: A heart made of both red and blue flames

    When they first came into being, Humans were left to fend for themselves. Unlike all the other races they had no deity to protect or guide them, no cosmic entity to advocate on their behalf. They warred and loved amongst themselves, often in rapid succession - and sometimes at the same time. The raging passions of the Human heart burn fiercely even to this day, and have driven them to achieve even their wildest ambitions. Cardius is the god of the Human spirit, and it is he that has fanned the flames of their desires and hatreds. He was born the day a Human first shed another's blood, and the night a Human first caressed its mate.

    Cardius is the god of Human passions - love and war, life and death. He personifies battle, slaughter, and fire - but also tenderness, art, and renewal. He cares little for the other races, viewing them as potential sources of conquest at best. If it were not for their alignment differences he and Zarus might be terrifying allies, but as it is Cardius is too tempestuous for such a pact.

    Cardius manifests as a towering, muscular warrior with obsidian flesh and golden armor, wreathed with flame and smoke and gleaming with divine energies. Unlike his "sister" Theopolis he is often mercurial in his appearance - sometimes appearing as a desirable Human male or female in a golden breastplate or a revealing robe. He delights in personal combat and in fathering (and mothering) demigod children with mortal Humans of exceptional valour or lust.

    Portfolio: Humanity, passion, warfare, the arts.

    Domains: Chaos, Charm, Destruction, Fire, Healing, Madness, War.

    Cleric Training: Cardius's priests are expected to be great lovers or warriors or both (they are typically variant clerics with the Sacred Prostitute feat).

    Quests: Priests of Cardius serve as muses or patrons for artists, and as champions in battle. They encourage local leaders to act swiftly and on their intuition rather than in fruitless debate.

    Prayers: Cardius accepts prayers and grants spells at blood-red sunset, when the tedium of the day has passed and inhibitions are lowered.

    Temples: Cardius demands places of honour in military barracks and art galleries. His altars depict himself in gory combat or passionate intercourse - the more shocking and arousing the imagery (and the more at-odds with the temple purpose e.g. an image of love in a barracks), the better.

    Rites: Worshippers pray for Cardius's intercession or blessing in matters of the heart, for artistic inspiration, and before battles. Ceremonies are quick and vigourous, and generally require fiery outbursts or carnal acts.

    Herald and Allies: Cardius is served by Sanguine, a headstrong crimson-scaled and -feathered lillend advanced to 21HD (Huge size, 20th-level bard spellcasting and songs). However, she is as benevolent as all of her kind and refuses to obey Cardius's more cruel commands (and in turn he respects her for her stubborness). He typically sends demons, salamanders, and fire elementals in response to planar ally spells.

    Favored Weapon: Warhammer
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