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    Default [PEACH] Alternate Craft Point system

    This is an alternate craft point system; it was inspired by the craft point alternate rule found in the UA.

    goals: this rule setup is meant to
    a) work fine in a game without enough downtime for other crafting methods.
    b) encourage use of consumables
    c) make sure each type of craft feat you get sees use
    d) not be too much work to manage/track.

    You gain Craft points from various sources, to be detailed later.

    Creating something using craft points costs 1 craft point per 10 gold in the cost. There are NO other costs when creating an item using craft points; neither gold nor xp are required.

    Generic Craft points can be spent on anything you're able to craft. Some Craft points are tied to a specific use; in particular, the magic item crafting feats always have a portion of their gains be dedicated to that item type.

    Craft points are only gained and spent at level up. This happens at the end of the level up process (after all other steps, like skill gains, feats, etc); you gain the appropriate craft points, then you decide how to spend them. Any left over craft points remain, but will not be useable until the next levelup.

    You can use craft points on anything you'd be able to craft without rolling (as most magic items are) or by taking 10 on the roll.

    Sources of craft points:
    the craft skill. You gain generic craft points equal to the number of ranks in craft, multiplied by your character level. e.g. if you're a level 5 char with 8 ranks in craft, you'd gain 5*8=40 craft points. If you have multiple craft skills, add them together, but the total amount can never exceed the maximum skill rank of craft (so if your max rank is 12, and the sum of your various craft skills is greater than 12, reduce the total to 12 before multiplying by level); so having multiple craft skills maxed provides no benefit.

    magic item crafting feats.
    each magic item crafting feat provides craft points detailed in the table below. You gain the specified amount of points twice: once to your generic crafting pool, and once to a crafting pool specifically for items of that type. If you have multiple magic item crafting feats, each one provides its bonus separately (which means you'll have a large generic crafting pool, as well as a smaller pool for each individual crafting feat)
    You gain the craft points specified for the level on levelup.
    When you learn a crafting feat, you get to use the crafting points you gain from it that same level. (this is because adding craft points happens after learning feats in the levelup process)

    Level Craft points gained
    1 1
    2 8
    3 18
    4 27
    5 36
    6 40
    7 60
    8 80
    9 90
    10 130
    11 170
    12 220
    13 220
    14 400
    15 500
    16 600
    17 800
    18 1000
    19 1400
    20 1800

    a magic item crafting feat produces value at each level equal to 20% of the expected WBL increase from the prior level.

    New feat:
    Extra crafting you gain generic craft points at levelup equal to twice the amount on the table for magic item feats. This feat can be taken an unlimited number of times and stacks. (it gives the same net amount of craft points as a specific item feat, but they're all generic points so can be spent on anything)

    Design issues/problems/undecided questions:
    should craft points from the craft skill be dedicated to that skill?
    should I loosen the restriction on having multiple craft skills? (I'm a little worried that someone could get a lot of craft points by having 10x different craft skills in games where skills are not so needed)
    should there be some bonus for the level where you first get a magic item crafting feat?
    are the values chosen balanced well?
    should the skill-based point gain be subject to modification based on other things that affect the crafting, like having a good stat for it, skill focus (crafting), and such?
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