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    Default Granted vs Self/environment-powered Spell Slots variant PEACH

    Part of me doesn't like the way that Warlocks, whose power comes from a specific source that would likely prefer to keep a tight rein, are the ones whose power is limited only by how many breathers they can take, while Wizards, Sorcerers, Bards, and personal belief or immediate environment divine casters (yes I like the 3.5 rules about divine can be either from a deity or not), whose power comes either from within or from their immediate environments, are instead only limited in their daily total regardless of how many breathers they take. So in the vein of addressing this, here's my proposal of a house rule to swap daily and short rest spell slots for several classes:

    Prepared versus known spells stay the same, as do ritual magic rules, spell level progression, and casting ability scores. Multiclassing remains mostly the same (just changing which classes contribute to short rest recharge versus long rest recharge for spell levels 1-5), as do spell slots of levels 6-9 (for those that recharge on short rests, these levels of power are governed by the deities of magic, limiting your ability to invoke them too often even by combining lesser energies; epic or divine powers may be able to work around this but definitely not mortals).

    Warlocks, Clerics and Paladins whose power comes from a specific deity or pantheon, or Druids and Rangers whose powers come from specific deities or powerful spirits use the traditional spells per day tables (replacing Pact Magic outright for Warlocks) at appropriate progressions, and all will require some form of ritual observance be performed to recharge their spells (specific rules varying depending on the deity or other patron but should amount mostly to fluff).
    • Eldritch Master becomes a short rest ritual to recharge 10 levels worth of level 1-5 slots once per day.
    • All invocations that specify using a pact magic slot to cast some specific spell once per day (with the exception of Minions of Chaos) instead simply add to spells known.
    • Undying Servitude instead adds all spells that create or summon undead to the class spell list, but not to spells known. For roleplay purposes, I'd recommend forbidding this to Archfey and Celestial patrons.
    • Mystic Arcanum is now merely a limit on how many spells a warlock may know of levels 6-9, compared to their other spells known which can be anything of levels 1-5. They still acquire and use their 6-9 slots normally, including upcasting.

    Artificers, Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards, Arcane Trickster Rogues, Eldritch Knight Fighters, Clerics and Paladins whose power comes from a personal belief or worshipping one's immediate environment instead of a deity, or Druids and Rangers whose powers come from local nature in general instead of from a specific powerful deity or spirit, replace level progression for levels 1-5 with Pact Magic style slot progression and recharge on short rest.
    • Arcane Recovery is a 10 minute ritual or meditation to recharge all level 1-5 slots and can be done half the proficiency bonus times per day.
    • Sorcery Points are halved (round down, minimum 2) and now recharge on short rests.
    • Flexible Casting can be used to generate lower-level slots, so long as the total number of slots does not exceed your total for level 1-5 slots and you keep track of which slots are what level. If lower-level slots are created, they cannot be upgraded later without converting them back into sorcery points at a loss.
    • Sorcerous Restoration now requires a 10 minute ritual or meditation instead of a short rest, and can be done as many times as desired.
    • Circle of the Land Druids of local nature change Natural Recovery to a 10 minute ritual or meditation to recharge all level 1-5 slots and can be done half the proficiency bonus times per day.
    • Bloodwell Vials now require a 10 minute ritual or Meditation to regain Sorcery Points, not rolling Hit Dice.
    • Arcane Grimoire grants +1 spell prepared instead of improving Arcane Recovery.

    New Eldritch Invocation replacing Minions of Chaos:
    Master of Summoning
    Your patron has taught you the art of summoning.
    Recommended Requirement: Pact of the Chain
    Benefit: Add all creature summoning spells to their class spell list (but not spells known; also, spells that animate something already present do not get added as part of this).
    I would strongly advise, for roleplay and balance purposes, that limitations for conflicts with patrons be used, such as the examples by resultant creature type below (exception granted to Summon Shadowspawn as that is the only monstrosity at date of post afaik and it is described as a shadow creature so I am treating it as something from the Shadowfell; DMs feel free to adjust as you see fit, and to allow exceptions e.g. adapting 3.5's Malconvoker into a Warlock):
    • Fiend: Beasts, celestials. Depending on exact patron (that is, if they regularly traffic with undead or aberrations) and intended type (e.g. seelie or unseelie), fey. Also devil patrons will not be able to summon demons and vice versa.
    • Archfey: Aberrations, shadowspawn, or undead. Note any fiends summoned cannot be of a type known to traffic with or create aberrations or undead, and some Archfey will forbid all fiends.
    • Celestial: Aberrations, shadowspawn, fiends, or undead.
    • Great Old One or Undying: Beasts, celestials, or fey. Note some such patrons may refuse to traffic with (or be refused by) specific types of fiends.
    • Genie and Fathomless: Opposing elementals (fire vs water, air vs earth).

    Thoughts? TBH I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something, especially something obscure, that recharges slots on a short rest or would otherwise have a weird interaction here.
    Also, I know this allows a Necromancer Wizard to create and maintain control over an insanely large undead army, but then again I like the feel of Wizards being the masters of undead hordes.
    Last edited by Avigor; 2021-02-21 at 01:45 AM. Reason: added peach; clarified a couple forgotten, untouched features; modified Natural/Arcane Recovery rules after some thought, realized I'd missed summon beast in the conflicts list

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